Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Hey hey everyone,

So today has been a weird day. Today is my brother’s birthday. As you may or may not know my brother passed away just this past August. It’s been a hard and strange year to say the least. And today he would have been 22 years old. Now me and my brother are/were 18 months apart. And not having him around has been very strange at times and sad at other times. But his memory lives on, therefore to my family and I, he’s not really gone.

But what’s strange about today is for one simple fact. Most people would assume today would be a horrible day and that I’d be crying all day. And I was actually more sad on my own birthday than I am today. On my own birthday I was sad, because I had another birthday and he didn’t. Which I didn’t think was fair. But today I feel jittery.

The way I chose to honor my brother is to live my life to the very fullest. To do incredible things and appreciate the time I’ve been given. And today I feel very ambitious. I feel like I should be out in the world doing things. Like for example I haven’t made a video in 6 months. Which I have missed. And I have a lot of footage I need to edit. I sort of hate editing, it’s so hard! But today I feel like I could be at home editing videos. Or organizing my room which is a mess, because of the move. Or doing all sorts of other things. So because of all that I feel like sitting in a desk, answering phones is so not how I should be honoring him. And with all that I feel empowered and actually optimistic about the world.

I could be sad and I could be crying all day. But I’m choosing to do exactly what my brother would want. Which is to really live my life and be happy. I am planning exciting things for my life and I want to make them a reality. So I guess for now all I can do is plan. But that doesn’t take away the fact that today I want to be productive in my own life. So it’s looking like my channel will finally have a new video up! 

Anyways, I hope you are all having a wonderful life. And as cliche as it is, you do only live once so enjoy it and live it to the fullest.

Much love always,



World Cup Jerseys Ranking (in my opinion)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the World Cup starts tomorrow. As a Brazilian I am ecstatic!!! My home country hosting my favorite global event! Even though there is so much controversy associated with it, I want to focus on the excitement and happiness associated with it. (I am slightly sad I can’t be there to watch in person.) So today an article (Click here) on Facebook caught my eye regarding the World Cup. This guy wrote an article ranking the different country jerseys. I obviously disagreed with quite a few so I thought I would make my own rankings. ENJOY!! :)



Okay so this is the ONLY one I’ll be completely biased about. But let’s be honest, they’re beautiful. The home jerseys are our classic staple yellow and green but done so beautifully and elegant. And the away ones are gorgeous. The dark blue done with tiny dots, gives it an awesome illusion. Like I’m indecisive about which one to buy. I like them both so much. Plus we’re the hosts, so let it be number 1!

2. France


So even though they are one of our rivals, there is no denying these jerseys are clean and beautiful. The French aren’t ones for crazy over done things and I think this captures them perfectly. And once you see them in the field, you will be able to recognize it immediately. The subtle stripes are very elegant.

3. Ghana


I actually really like this set of jerseys. They kept ties to their traditional African roots with splashes of brightly colored patters. But its done in a very tasteful way. The home one is classic with hints of fun. The away one, even though it has a pattern throughout the whole shirt it’s done a very subtle way. Good job Puma.

4. Holland


The oranges! One thing is for sure, only the Dutch can pull off orange jerseys. I like that it’s a plain orange, or else it can get really bad really fast. The away one has a great pattern and gives a normal blue shirt a pop.



It is quite an eye full, but its memorable. As soon as you say “oh the team with the red and white checkers shirt,” you immediately know they’re talking about Croatia. They used a bold pattern and made it in a great way.

6. Portugal


Even though I’d still like to a see a bit more of a hint of green on their home jersey, their jerseys are still pretty sweet. I really like the pattern on the home jersey.

7. Korea


Clean, simple and incorporates all the flag colors in both jerseys.

8. Australia


Even though their home jersey resembles my home country, you can’t deny that they are good looking jerseys. Personally I prefer the away jersey. (So that Brazil could be the only yellow gold shirt. )

9. Greece


Nothing special but the collars add a bit of elegance to these otherwise plain jerseys. Still they look good.

10. England


Can you tell I have a preference of simple versus busy shirts. But I actually really like the collar on the home jersey.

11. Switzerland


Again clean and subtle. I actually really like the red cross in the middle of the home jersey. And I am most definitely not opposed to the skin tight shirts. ;)

12. Ivory Coast


I agree more could’ve been done. But with these colors, it’s hard to keep a balance of good and too much. I do like the pattern on the shoulders and in the underarms.

13. Ecuador


Looks like a good old traditional soccer jersey. You can never go wrong with a traditional look. And I rather like the small elements this jersey sports.



I know some people might actually not like the crown on the bottom of the jersey but I actually kind of like it. It makes the red jersey stand out. If there was one thing I would change it would be logo placement. Other than that I rather like the jerseys.

15. US


It took me a while to place this jersey mostly because I’m not a fan of the away jersey. The home jersey is very similar to the old ones which work. I can’t explain why I don’t like the away much because it’s just block colors but I just don’t. Other than that they’re relatively good jerseys.

16. Argentina


As much as it pains me to put Argentina rather well qualified, they’re traditional light blue and white stripes are a staple. They have been revamped with the hint of gold, and sadly they look good. (okay maybe this one is biased too…) But I’m not sure how i feel about the multi tone blue stripes. I guess they look good?

17. Uruguay


Yay more tight shirts! This one is simply placed lower, because of the v-neck on the away one and the weird cut on the neckline of the home one (it almost looks medieval). Other than that they look good!

18. Chile


They would definitely have been ranked higher up if not for the extra red line on top of the away jersey. It looks like a tank top under a shirt. Other than that the home jersey is what I remember the classic Chilean jerseys to look like.

19. Bosnia and Herzegovina


They look like traditional ordinary soccer jerseys. So even though they don’t stand out much, they don’t look bad.

20. Costa Rica


Not crazy about the design in the middle but I don’t hate it.

21. Nigeria


Don’t love it, don’t hate it. They look like traditional jerseys.

22. Algeria


Really not a fan of a logo on each chest. I think one logo and the puma logo would have been enough. And it is lacking some design to it. It looks like a plain Under Armor shirt. I would have actually made the away shirt the home shirt.

**The next few ones were a struggle because they have good home jerseys but horrible away jerseys.**

23. Mexico


Great home jersey, but what is happening with that away one? I actually would’ve made the black dark green? Maybe it would’ve looked better? I guess all i can say is ??



The home jersey is the same one we saw last world cup. It’s the Germany jersey we know and love to hate. :) Take it as a compliment Germans. But the away jersey is just confusing. I don’t get it and I don’t like.



Spain why, oh, why? Must you do this to me? Spain is usually the 3rd team I root for (after Brazil and Portugal). The first Jersey is beautiful. I love the gold accents. But the away one is just a big no, no. It looks like a practice jersey or what goalies wear (which never match the team). You are the reigning champs, you could have done so much better!

26. Russia


For this one I’ll use the line of the original article: “The home kit features an elegant design that ultimately looks good. Unfortunately for Russia, the pair is let down by the away kit. The white shirt features a blue arc at the top of the chest that is a reference to the curvature of the Earth as seen by Yuri Gagarin in space. But this is the World Cup, and after a few beers you’re not thinking about space. You’re thinking it looks like some drunk tie-dye that you attempted in your backyard.” (Original Here)

27. Italy


All I can say is this: It’s supposed to be a soccer jersey not a baseball one!

28. Japan


The home jersey is actually pretty cool with the rays. But the away is just awful. NEON SHOULD NEVER BE PART OF THE WORLD CUP! Enough said.

29. Colombia


Sorry Colombians but this jersey just doesn’t do it for me. It looks like a generic soccer jersey and not even a good one at that.

30. Honduras


This is the big leagues, and that is not up to par. The home jersey honestly looks like a school uniform. Maybe something you’d be required to wear to gym class. There is soooo much you can do with white and blue. 

31. Cameroon


I give an A+ for effort. But the truth is this jersey looks way too busy and distracting. Maybe if the contrast was more like the yellow one, I wouldn’t dislike it as much.

32. Iran


Again I give an A+ for effort but this was a fail for me. And I’ll tell you why. You see that not so subtle cheetah, yeah I have that same design on a dress of mine. Take that in. That design is on my dress. That should tell you that it probably shouldn’t be on a World Cup soccer jersey. I get they wanted to do something different and cool. This was not the way to go.

I hope you enjoyed my expert fashion opinion (NOT). Either way, let’s all just get super pumped that the World Cup starts tomorrow! :)

Let me know what you think! If you agree or disagree with my jersey ranking!

Much love always!

Expressions are everything in Dance


So often times when people talk about a great dancer they will say things like “you dance from your soul” or “all your lines were perfect.” And all those things are very important when you dance. But there is one thing that very often gets overlooked, facial expressions. Now, I am by no means a dance expert (regardless of how many hours I watch SYTYCD, DWTS or youtube videos) but I can offer an honest spectator opinion. When I watch someone dancing, I go on the journey with them and feel what they express. Therefore, if its a sad dance I feel sad or if its a celebratory dance I feel enthusiastic. But if you watch a dance performance, watch the dancers face. A good dancer will wear their emotion on their face.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a post that was floating all over Facebook. I watched it once, then I immediately watched it again. I went on to watch the video another 3 times. It’s a whole crew dancing to several different songs.The dancing throughout the entire video is just absolutely perfect. All the dancers are perfectly synced, which is incredible difficult when you have about 10-15 dancers. Then I realized one of the songs they danced to, is a song I really really like. So I watched that clip another few times. The clip is from 2:45 to 3:35. All in all I have watched this one specific minute over 20 times. The thing about this specific dance is the main dancer. He dances to the violin version of Drake’s Hold On, I’m Coming Home. Which in itself is just beautiful. But what got to me was throughout his dance, his facial expressions basically made him irresistable. This song is a love song, and he treated the dance as a love song. In the song Drake is longing for someone he loves, and the dancer treats the spectator as exactly that. My two favorite bits are actually the simplest dance moves. At 3:12 his hands and in the air, he has an adorable smile on his face while he lowers his head and gently moves side to side. It’s almost like he is taking in the music and just enjoying it. Similar to what you would see someone do in the moment at a party with the girl you like. Then he pulls some incredibly amazing dance moves. At 3:24, he has his hand on his head and slowly raises his arm to point at “you.” But more than that he bites his lip as if to say “you are so incredibly sexy and I can’t believe you’re all mine. I’m so damn lucky.” And then some more awesome moves and the dance is over. In my opinion this dance is way too short. But in the one minute that boy danced, he went from not even close to my type to being so irresistible in my eyes. And honestly, he steals the show for me. I have to make an effort to see the other dancers because I can’t stop watching him.

From the Front Row:

From a different angle.


I hope you enjoy it!! :) Let me know what you think.

Much Love always!



PS- Here’s another one of my all time favorite performances:

When Life Gives You Signs

Hey Guys,

So for the past few weeks, I have been begging life for any sign of what direction I should take. And up until today I had not seen anything promising. Nothing that could give me any answer of what I should do. And then today something amazing happened. I believe I got a sign.

My best friend from high school texted me. Before I say anything else, let me preempt by saying the first three things we bonded about when we met was: Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney and England. We went to a Jonas Brothers concert together, which was my first concert ever. We talked for hours about Jesse McCartney. And now I can finally say we are willing to share an experience of a lifetime together regarding the third thing that bonded us together from the minute we met.

About 3 hours ago she sent me a text, where my jaw literally dropped. This is how the conversation went:

Her: “Do you have any plans for January?”
Me: “Um none that I’m aware of. Why?”Her: “Wanna go live in London with me for 2 months?”
*Jaw drops to the floor.*

It has been my dream to go to London, since I can remember. I have dreamed about visiting, but never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to go live there. Even if it is for 2 months. That would be such an incredible experience. And who better to share it with than someone who has the same appreciation as me for all these things.

I’ve always envied people who are not afraid to just take a leap of faith. I have done it a few times in my life, but I’ve always had some sort of safety net. This time it would be simply jumping. No safety net, no security, nothing. But that’s what makes it exciting. The fact that I have no idea what could happen.

As soon as my friend suggested it to me, I immediately went into “responsible Vicky mode.” Which means, I have no idea where I’m going to be? How will my parents ever be okay with this? How am I going to sustain myself? Will I even be able to get a visa? What if I have a job and I can’t take time off? Should I even get this excited, if there is a chance this wont be able to happen?

And so I immediately turned to someone who has recently become a life coach/guru of sorts, my cousin. She is the type of person who takes chances and takes leaps of faith. And more than that, she’s been my cheerleader in whatever it is I decide to do. So, of course, I turn to her for advice on what I should even do. Thankfully, her response was simply: GO! She pointed out the fact that I have no real obligation right now and that now is the time for me to take opportunities like this. Something I’ve always said to my parents to support any decision I try to make. But more importantly, she pointed out how I’d been asking for a sign. And this was my sign. “You never know what could happen. You could end up getting a job there and living there permanently.” OMG how amazing would that be!

I then proceeded to talk to my co-worker bestie here. She also said “I think you should do it.”

So taking in what everyone around me is telling me, and what my heart is screaming: YES, I’M GOING TO DO IT.

Even if my parents are unhappy about it. Even if it means for the next 7 months I will have no life to save up for this. Even if it means that at the end of 2 months I come home jobless. I WILL DO IT. Because an experience like this, with your best friend is not something you can easily pass up. Not when it makes you so happy just thinking about it. Not when everyone around you is saying YES!

And the best part is: I plan on vlogging the whole thing! And it will be the best experience of my life.

I’m ready to strap in, and take that plunge! And I am so excited!

Let’s take on this adventure.

Much love always,

23 and Tired

For the most part, I consider myself a relatively happy person. But funny enough the hardest part of my job is pretending to be happy all the time. As a receptionist, you are the face of the company. You have to constantly deal with anyone that walks in or calls and all the employees and you have to seem happy all the time. And I say “have” because if I don’t then I get the question of “what’s wrong?” or “are you okay?” And let’s face it those are as annoying as ever. Because my genuine response is not one people want to hear. My genuine response would be; “No, I’m not. I work at a job that I am way too over qualified for. I have to answer phones which i something I hate. I deal with rude people sometimes. I am living at home. I have no idea what I want to do with my future. And I’m more lonely than you can imagine. So no I’m not okay.” But I put up a front, because it’s what you expect.

By now I imagine, at least one of you is going “Why don’t you just find another job?” Well, here’s the truth: I’m tired. I’m 23 years old and tired. That must sound absolutely ridiculous. Right? Well it’s true.

Since 6 months before I graduated I’ve been constantly on job searches. After I graduated I spent 6 months searching only to get a contracting position that lasted 7 months. And within those 7 months, every month was uncertain if I’d be continuing. Once that I ended, I started on something else for 2 weeks before tragedy striked ( I lost my brother). I then quit that job, and moved back home. I did nothing for 2 months while I grieved and figured out my life. Then for about 2 months I did a lot of temporary things. And I stumbled upon what I’ve now been doing for 5 months. But I still am doing some job searching. So I got comfortable. But the past 2 years have been constant job searches with many, many fails. And I’m tired and miserable. I’ve been trying to figure out what I even want to do, because that is still uncertain to me. Sometimes I just hope I get some sort of sign of what I’m supposed to do. I’m not saying hand me a job on a silver platter, but at least an indication of what direction I’m supposed to head, would be nice.

So after that rant, I want to tell you all I’m not entirely miserable. We’re moving to our own house and that’s awesome. (Even if I am still living at home I am honestly trying to find happiness within it.) I am planning trips and enjoying the little things in life. So I’m not depressed, just tired of life a little bit. I know that I should be happy and thankful for my life. But today I’m just a little tired.

Thanks for listening internet!
Much love always! :)

It’s Never Too Late…


This week has been quite interesting to say the least. On Monday, when I was beyond exhausted after a long weekend in Chicago for a bridal shower, I sat and talked with my parents. I began Facebook searching people from my childhood. I had quite a few of the people I went to elementary school with already on Facebook. But much like a lot of people, I wasn’t keeping up to date with any of them really. And I began looking at where they were in life and what was their current situation. I found some to be in different parts of the world, some were married, and some looked exactly like how I remembered them as kids. But my brain didn’t want to stop there. The next day I began researching some more of them and even sent chats to a few. What really got going was posting a status about it and tagging everyone. Some liked the status and others responded. It didn’t really hit me until I found the profile of a girl I used to be best friends with. Her profile picture was her in her wedding dress, and she looked amazing. I immediately felt so absolutely happy for her, but I also felt something else. I felt like I missed out on the lives of people I knew from the ages of 3 to 12.  People I considered dear dear friends. She was such a good friend and because we lost touch we grew apart and of course I missed out on such an important time in her life. But this is not about attending a wedding or not. It’s about wanting to still be a part of people’s lives. But with time and moving around you lose touch with people. Also when I moved away, we exchanged e-mails and who still has the same e-mails or AIM chat names 10 years later? No one. 

So with all of this I embarked on a new journey. It is 11 years later, and it’s not too late to reconnect with these people. I decided I would do everything I could to get back in touch with as many of these as I can. Even if we didn’t get along as children, we’ve all grown and changed. I created a Facebook group to give us all a chance to stay in touch. I sent chats to the girls I used to be besties with. Those who want to give reconnecting and being friends again a chance, will respond. And those who don’t well that’s too bad, because I feel renewed and wish nothing but the best for every single one of them.

Also now I’m so excited because there is a reunion scheduled for next year with the school I used to go to. And on top of it some of us want to have a separate reunion just for our class. It’s so exciting to me, because I had one thought remembering these people now I have a chance to regain all these friends who knew me growing up. Also my feelings toward this reunion are entirely different than the feelings I have toward my high school reunion. This one, I am excited to get to know everyone over again and in a way they knew the real me. When you’re a kid you are exactly you, you don’t try to do things to impress people or pretend to be something you’re not. So in a way even though they haven’t known me for 10 years, they know the real me. As opposed to my high school reunion, where I feel, for some reason, I need to be better off. It’s almost like a competitive vibe and like I have to show them that I am successful and that I am competing with them. Which is a ridiculous feeling I’m aware.

Either way, I am so excited for these new things in my life. Also, some feelings that come attached may shock you. So take a chance and reach out to people you maybe don’t talk to anymore but wish you did. It is never to late to bring back people into your life.

Hope you all have a happy happy Thursday!

Much love today and always!


One More Try

Hello Again,

So as I was driving home yesterday, when something occurred to me: an analogy for my love life. Actually, an analogy for love lives in general. Often times you watch a movie, and a writer is constantly struggling to come up with the perfect story. As he begins writing his story, he suddenly realizes it’s not as good as he wants it to be. So, he crumples up the paper and throws it away. You usually never see him just scratch it out and rewrite a piece of it that he thinks could be better. He often starts fresh, on a clean slate. But the ideas from the previous papers are still on his mind. He is constantly searching to make it better, to make it perfect. Because as a writer he won’t take pride in anything less than his best effort.

What if our love life is exactly that? Whoever is writing our story, whether that is you, God, or something else, they won’t accept anything less than perfect. So they begin writing your story with someone, and then they realize the story shouldn’t be like this so they suddenly and abruptly end it and start again. And it might have been a great start to a beautiful story, but it’s not the perfect story. So we restart that love story over and over again.  Sometimes that beginning gets the end of the chapter, and sometimes it’s almost like the carpet gets pulled from under you, ending mid-sentence leaving wondering where that was going. But it’s okay, because that means the perfect story is being created and maybe in a few more tries we’ll get it right. Every new relationship is that clean piece of paper, and you never know if it’s going to be the right one until you begin writing it. After writing several tries, the beginning to the perfect story will feel so rewarding. Because all those re-writes taught you what not to write and how hard it was to get to the story you wanted to tell. All the struggles and pain you went through to pick yourself back up and try writing a new story, will be worth it in the end.

So if you are feeling discouraged in the love department, because it seems like nothing ever works out, don’t worry. You’re perfect story might just be taking a while for the author to cook it up. You deserve nothing less than the perfect story.

Much love always.


“Don’t Get Attached.”

Hey Guys,

“Don’t get attached.” 

At one point or another I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over again. Regardless of what subject it is relating to, at some point in your life you have been told that either by a friend or family member or even a stranger. And I’m here to always give my honest opinion, so here it goes.

It is a bunch of garbage. It’s something people say when they don’t know what other advice to give you.

We are humans, we like, we dislike, we love, we hate. There are few things in life that we are completely indifferent to, that you will have no feelings about it. You will always have a feeling towards something, whether good or bad. So to say to someone “don’t get attached” is to basically say “don’t have feelings about this.”

The times I hear this the most is in relation to boys. I see a boy I like, automatically I hear: “Don’t get attached, you don’t know him that well, you could get hurt.” Well here’s a newsflash about myself, I always think with my heart and not my brain. I do what feels right, not necessarily what may be the easiest or smartest decision. Therefore especially when it comes to boys I often think with my heart. And to be honest, I like that about myself. I like the way it makes me feel, and I think it makes me unique. Does that mean that I get hurt sometimes? Yes. But do I grow from it? Yes. And why would you do something if your heart wasn’t in it? Recently I have been going on dates with a boy. (ooooooo)  As time goes on and I get to know him, feelings start to develop. And as time goes on and we keep talking and keeping getting to know each other, I keep seeing things I like and don’t like. But as I start doing that, I get people telling me: “Don’t get attached.” Umm, so you want me to have no feelings towards this potential boyfriend? So why go on dates if you are not going to develop feelings? It just doesn’t make sense.

So yes, I am going to get attached. I am the kind of person that gets attached to a cute puppy I see across the street, because it’s adorable and I want it. Also I know what I want, and when that happens I put my heart into it to get it. So I will keeping getting attached, and I will keep getting hurt. But at least I know, I’m putting everything I have into it and will never wonder “what if I had put more into it?”

Truth is, I know everyone who does this just wants me not to get hurt and not to be upset when it doesn’t work out. But life is a roller coaster. And a roller coaster isn’t fun if it doesn’t have ups, downs, loops, upside downs and flat points. Because if we didn’t have the hurts and the downs, we wouldn’t appreciate the highs as much as we. So as much as it sucks to be hurt and upset, I’m okay with it because I know that that just means I’m one down closer to the final stop, prince charming.

Now, that is not to say things are going sour with the new boy. In fact, they are going really well. So I’m happy. But the next person who tells me “Don’t Get attached” I might have to lecture them. 

Remember, it’s okay to get attached. It’s human. And honestly, I encourage it.

Much love always!


Why is Job Searching Stressful?

Okay so let’s tackle a topic that unfortunately has been a reality for me way too many times in the short two years since graduation.

Why is job searching so darn stressful?

Well let’s review a few things.

1) I graduated from a top 30 college. (Worldwide). Even I forget how good it was.
2) I have only graduated 2 years ago. I should’ve graduated with a job and should probably still be at that job.

But unfortunately/ fortunately my life has not been like everyone else. The positive is that with all the different things I’ve done, I’ve met different people, gained different experiences and have been able to move around. (Also, as you may know I’m a strong believer in things happen the way they’re meant to.) Now the negative, It is really damn stressful, tiring and discouraging. While all your friends are happily in a secure job with a steady pay and living on their own, you’re sitting here working a temporary job living at home and definitely not making enough as you should.

So here’s a few reasons I believe it’s so stressful to go on a job search.

1) You’re having to do a lot of research over and over again.

2) When you get no response or get rejected, you always feel you’re not good enough. It’s an draining emotional experience, because you put your all into it. You want to feel validated and that’s not always the case when nothing is sticking.

3) If you’re like me and have no idea what you want to do its good and bad. The good is you have a large pool to fish from. The bad thing is, you have a large pool to fish from. It’s hard to focus on one thing when you’re not sure what you want. And nothing sounds entirely exciting or exactly what you want.

I guess in conclusion, it’s an incredibly draining process and hopefully it works out in your favor and you find something you’d love to be doing. So if you’re like me, reentering the job search process, lift your head up and be excited for the opportunities that might come with it. Don’t forget, you’re amazing and you will find something unique and incredible that other people will be jealous of. It might not be the first job, but you’re willingness to continue searching and not settling will be sure to take you to incredible places.

And here’s a little something my dad just said to me this weekend: “Stop watching other people’s lives, and start living your own life.”

Remember, you’re not the only one going through it!

Much love!

I’m Yelling Tinder

Hello Hello,

So for quite some time I’ve heard about the app called Tinder. I never really knew what it was about or what happened there. So three days ago, a very slow day at work, I decided why not download it. I thought about it for a bit because these things are not really my cup of tea. But i figured I had nothing to lose. So I got the app.

If you don’t know what Tinder is, let me explain. It automatically connects to your Facebook as soon as you click to sign it (don’t worry they ask your permission first). So from that it gathers your information like your first name (it does not give out your last name, a great thing if you ask me), age and a few pictures. The point of Tinder is to find people close to you. Even though I’m not 100% sure how it does it, I think it gets the location of your phone, because sometimes the distances change if I go to different places. Your home page shows you a picture of a guy and then you either like it or not. Simple as that. If you both like each other then its considered a match. If either of you doesn’t like the other then you are not put in touch. It seems simple right? And I immediately thought: “Man if only real life was actually like this.” But the funny thing is as soon as I began, I felt really bad rejecting people. Because you are basically judging someone by their looks and then the little information that is provided on their profile. Their profile shows you a few pictures, an about you of about 1000 characters I believe, your shared interests (based on what you have selected on FB), and if you have any FB friends in common. So there I was on my phone rejecting guy after guy. They simply didn’t appeal to me. Go ahead judge me for judging a book by its cover. I’m all about knowing a person on the inside, that is why I have friends of all different walks of life. But the bottom line is in order to start something you must be physically attracted to the other person. And that’s the whole point of this app, find people you want to connect with (for more than friends, I think). Because you can select what gender to find and age and how far away.

Now when I told my coworker about this, she said something I really listened to “take everything with a grain of salt”. And I did. So here I was, on an app that I wasn’t really all too comfortable with. And no I did not expect to find prince charming or love on it. Haha, not at all.  I was just a lonely girl, looking to talk to some cute boys. Nothing wrong with that. (Guys sometimes think they’re the only ones who can have innocent fun. And that we’re slutty if we do. I’m here to tell you that it is not slutty and that we are entitled to the same thing.)

And then a few cute guys began popping on my screen. But I did somewhat stick to my thumb rule of them being good people (as far as I could tell). Any hot or cute guy that seemed like a genuine jerk was a definite n-o (No matter how gorgeous they were). So as I began liking pictures, I began getting matches. And then came something I didn’t expect, a certain self-confidence. It has been a very long time since I have been approached by guys and been told I’m pretty or what not. Now, don’t get me wrong I like myself a lot and do think I am beautiful. But its very different when guys approach you and tell you so. And then it started that every single guy I like, had liked me too. I mean every single one. And then even though I was gaining a confidence boost, my skepticism also arose. And all I could think was “man if this reflected real life, I would never be single.” And so until now my record remains that every guy I’ve liked has liked me. (like I’m not exaggerating. Its been about 30 guys.) But I am not here to boast or talk about how I’m being liked. (That was just something I had to share because it does not seem real or accurate.)

From those likes, there have actually emerged some pretty nice guys. And of course some dirty boys who I ignore or block, but lets focus on the good. I do not plan on meeting any of them alone soon because I am very aware that bad things happen in the world. (I watch too much Law & Order) So if I was to ever meet any of these guys in person it would be with friends, and in public places. But it just made me think that, as crazy and as weird of an app that it is, it’s a great tool to meet people. You just have to be careful, don’t give out too much information about yourself. ( I swear I don’t watch that much Catfish….) But there’s nothing wrong with making new friends.

The hopeless romantic in me, is always hopeful as you never know what could happen. (I mean isn’t this relatively similar to all those dating sites?? Finding someone attractive and wanting to connect.) To my skeptical friends reading, don’t worry I am fully aware that the chances of that happening are extremely rare.

Another point I’d like to make is to the girls. I wanted to prove something to myself and to the other girls out there. All the pictures I picked are for a reason. I wanted them to reflect me in the best way possible. Do I drink? Yes I do. Do I go out dancing in skirts and tight dresses? Yes I do. Am I a modest girl who even when I do go out don’t reveal too much? Yes I am. Will boys not like me because I don’t dress slutty and tend to dress more conservatively? No, they will still like me. (Proven by the fact that every guy has liked my profile even with the pictures below as the only pictures of me. I have no pictures with alcohol or with anything tight or revealing.) So girls, be you. Don’t dress with more skin showing or tight dresses because you think that’s what boys want. The truth is, boys may like to look at the less or tight clothes, but they respect a girl who respects herself. So take this as a lesson or proof, if you’ve been needing it.

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So was this all a social experiment? I could classify it as that. But let’s be honest, this began from boredom and loneliness. And it evolved into more as it went along. It’s been an interesting journey on these apps. So many guys own dogs (which is definitely a weakness for me). But so far I’ve had pretty cool conversations with the guys.

I will keep you posted if anything does happen to work out. ;) But for now, let’s all just have fun.

Much love.