Ghosts of the Pasts

Hey Guys,

I could write a whole long post on so many things that are whirling inside my mind, but to be perfectly honest I’m tired. And not the I’m physically tired because it’s 3pm, but the I just don’t want to deal with this anymore. You guys know that on here I write a lot based on my personal life, today’s post is no different. The only exception is I won’t write in detail what happened in my life. So let’s get into it.

So a lot of things happen in your life that allow you to grow and mature. Some good and some bad, but you learn from all of it. Throughout all the different stages of your life you meet people. Something I’ve been learning along the way is sometimes those people need to stay in those stages of your life. And maybe a few people out there are shaking their head like “No! I’ve been friends with my best friend for 15 years.” And my response is, how many of those do you have around? 1? 2? The bottom line is yes, we have a few select really good friend that go through several stages of life with you. And that is absolutely wonderful because you know you have found a true friend. And some, you really wish could be a part of that group but unfortunately circumstances happen where you realize they were really good for that stage, but they just aren’t a fit for your life anymore.

The hardest part is realizing that they no longer fit your life and letting them go. I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to do that. People are meant to come and go in your life. I’m a believer that each person comes into your life for a reason, and sometimes they accomplish that reason and they have to move on to other things. But the sad part is they don’t always realize when they have to move on.

This topic was brought into my life because today 2 people from my past that I have moved on from messaged me. I may not be doing the most mature thing by not responding and instead writing a blog post about it, but I want them to realize that it was great when they were in my life, but that time has passed. Also, I’m holding myself back from going off on them and wasting my time and energy on something I don’t want back. And maybe you think “How could she be so cold?? Just telling people off like that! She has no heart!” And I’m here to tell you, I do have a heart. A big one at that. I like to think I am a kind person. But once you have upset me and disrespected me, I no longer have space for you in my life. And that’s okay, because that is more of my attention and love I can share with new people.

So if you need to take a moment and reevaluate your life and take people out of your life, that’s okay. You may have been really great friends at some point, but even best friend relationships end sometimes. I’m here to tell you my life is now drama free, and full of happiness and excitement. It’s a really great time for me and I’ll be damned if I let ghosts of my past ruin it for me.

So I hope you have a wonderful day and take a second to really think if there are any toxic relationships you need to eliminate from your life.

Much love always,


Walking Away is Hard, But Your Heart Will Thank You

In every girls life there are certain pivotal moments that change us for the rest of our lives. Moments that involve a certain matter we would all like to be experts on, love. Love is a driving force behind a lot of what we do. Anything from great leaps of faith to the biggest mistakes of our life are usually driven by love. And at the end of the day that’s okay, because our intentions are good even if the outcome isn’t. And if we get an outcome that we didn’t want, we learn and we grow from it.

Once I was asked “How do you do it? How do you just get back out there?”
And my answer is very simple. If I don’t, then what’s the  point. What’s the point in life, if you’re going to live scared and closed off. Life demands to be felt in every way. It wants to bring you exhilarating moments, as well as detrimental ones that make the good ones stand out. If you don’t put yourself out there in love, you never know what could have happened. And I am a person who can’t live with the ‘what if’s of the world. It would kill me to think of possibilities instead of living them.

But, what brought on this discussion? Why did I decide to write about this? Well, as I sat one night this week talking to a friend, reminder her of a piece of advice I have given her a million times, I decided there are probably a few more girls out there who need to hear this too.

As much as I am telling you to put yourself out there and love, there is one thing that is vital to grow. If a boy has wronged you, has made you feel less worthy or simply used you (and that goes for any sense of the way used) walk away. Walking away from someone you care or love, is quite possibly one of the hardest things you will ever put yourself through. Walking away, is final and means there is absolutely no looking back.

This friend of mine fell for a boy who used her and she couldn’t let him go. There is definitely some of you out there that can identify with her. I told her, stop talking to him and let him go. She said yeah sure thing no problem. I’m cutting him off for good. Two weeks later she gave in and was talking to him again. They became friends again and the whole thing happened again. She swore him off and next thing I knew she was still talking to him. It was a toxic detrimental relationship and in the process I saw her being broken down and I began to lose her. As a friend, it’s a hard thing to see. You feel completely helpless, like what your saying is in a different language and she just can’t understand you.

But here’s the bottom line, when I told her stop talking to him, that meant don’t talk to him for at least 6 months. Well, you may be thinking I’m all talk right now. Right? Well, here’s my argument: I’ve had two major relationships in my life and both of them were ended by me. In both cases we were crazy about each other, but for one reason or another I knew that relationship wouldn’t work. And I knew that I needed to end it. To be honest, it killed me a little. So I ended it, and with that I cut off all communication with them. My luck was both boys were very understanding and upset that they had no desire to talk to me. But trust me when I say, more than once I wanted to call them and tell them I was sorry and that I wanted them back. And chances are they would’ve taken me back. But deep down, I knew it wasn’t the right thing so I decided to suffer for the time being rather than all over later on. All of this is also true for little crushes that rejected me here and there. I wanted so badly to keep trying to reconnect with them but I knew it was better for my own heart not to.

I’m not sure if everything I’m saying is making sense or if it’s all coming out to rambles. What I’m trying to say is this:

If you’ve been hurt and you’re trying to move on from this guy, stop talking to him. Don’t text him, don’t call him, don’t Facebook chat him. If he reaches out to you, do NOT respond. Ignore him until you know deep down that if you talk to him you won’t fall back into your old ways. You need to give your own heart time to heal and move past this guy. And when I say you know deep down, that means it’s been 6 months you are completely and utterly over him and if he proposed to you right then and there you’d say no. That’s when you know, you’re over them. This is vital to make you stop falling back into the same patterns.

Just remember, there is someone out there who will value you and cherish you and love you unconditionally. This guy who uses you and keeps you around for his ego is not the guy.

Take care of yourselves first always!

Much love always,


You See Excuses, I See Explanations

Hey Hey,

So you may or may not have noticed that I have started publishing blog posts every Tuesday and Thursdays. I was doing so well for a bit until I slacked last week. I have very good reasons for that, so I figured today’s post would just be a little update.

The first Thursday was missed because I spent most of the day on Facebook thanking people for wishing me a Happy Birthday. So technically you can’t be mad at me for not posting on my birthday.

That weekend was Halloween weekend and I went on an epic adventure to New Orleans with my cousin. It was all kind of crazy and epic. We had an amazing time and created life long memories.

Then i came back to the grind of normal work. That Tuesday more than anything I really just wanted to quit everything and travel. Just travel everywhere and all the time. So I was in no mood to write anything.

And then sadly on Thursday I got so sick I left work early and missed Friday and was basically in bed all weekend. (I’m better now thanks for worrying! :) )

Which brings us to today. I am finally writing a blog post. Not necessarily a good one but one none the less.

Today I have spent the day finally getting my life back in order. There are lots of exciting things happening and I am trying to finally get myself on a schedule. Hopefully I will.

The plans for this week include: creating schedules, budgeting, organizing presents for birthdays and Christmas, a new story chapter, a new video for Sunday, and helping organize two events next year. I am so very excited for those projects and hope to share on here about them as soon as I can. But for now, all you can know is that it’s exciting and a lot of fun! :)

I hope this has given you a little update on what’s going on in my life!

Much love always,


The Man in the Gray Suit

It was our last night in New Orleans, and we were just looking for fun. We were called to dance on stage and we did so for hours on end. We were loving the spotlight as well as the room to dance. Boys with their arms stretched out towards us, begging to be shown some attention. But I just carried on, sometimes smiling at a few and singing along with others. It was as if we were prizes they needed to have. I didn’t feel degraded, I felt powerful. As if I could pick any guy and that was entirely up to me. I had all the power and in my hazy state I was loving every second. I aimed to make the girls feel as beautiful as I did. I pulled them up on stage. Big, small, short or tall every girl was beautiful and deserved to feel the love like I was. And they loved every second of it. Then after many, many songs something caught my eye. There he was, the man in the gray suit. He danced with his friends but with such sophistication that it was a breath of fresh air. I saw him before he saw me. I took a few seconds to admire him. His blonde hair perfectly intact, his gray suit perfect for a formal occasion and suddenly his eyes were on mine. His enchantingly green eyes, captivated me in the sea of people and colorful lights. While every other guy was drunkenly making a fool of themselves he held himself with such poise. I looked away immediately. After a few more minutes, I built enough courage to look at him again. This time our eyes met again. I smiled at him and he smiled back. His eyes were full of mystery and yet kindness. They erupted with sexiness and yet had a hint of humbleness. In my silly attempts to gain his attention later on, i pointed to him. I had not done so, at all, the entire night. But I wanted him to know, I had my sight set on him. He pointed back and I smiled. I kept dancing, and from this point on I was dancing for him. Every other guy had disappeared in the room and I wanted only him to look at me. I danced sweetly, I danced boldly, I tried the sexy and the fun. I was obviously having fun for myself, but I wanted him to be completely mesmerized by me. I was slowly building up the courage and waiting for the right song to come on to go dance with him. I was nervous because I had no idea what I would even say. Maybe, it was the fear of rejection or that he wouldn’t live up to the expectation I’d created in my head, but either way I had missed my chance. He left and I was again left to wonder about that man. Out of an entire crazy weekend in New Orleans, my only regret was not talking to him and getting his name. But if life intended for me to know him, our paths will cross again.

Much Love,


PS- This story is completely 100% true. And the funny part is he came out in picture I took, and he was looking at us.

A Pizza Love Story

It’s another beautiful day in Italy as Emma and I explore one of the my favorite Piazzas, Piazza de Trevi. As we are sitting on the the fountain steps, a smooth but excited voice with a hint of an accent erupts a few steps behind me.

“Dude, I swear this is the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life!” It felt a bit early to be eating lunch, so to confirm I check my wrist watch.

“Someone is clearly enjoying their lunch. Or should I say breakfast.” I say to Emma and we both giggle.

He continues telling his friend how he’s never going to leave Italy because the food is just too amazing. A guy after my own heart, a foodie. His voice was soothing to my ears while full of wonder. I could tell he was the kind of person who truly lived in the moment and was absolutely loving everything about this one. He seemed full of life and energy. A happy man. At this my curiosity is burning, I must see this man. I turn around to look from where the voice, that had been bringing a smile to my face, was coming from. I’m not sure what exactly I was searching for, but as soon as I saw him I knew it had to be him. Aside from the fact that he was holding an almost non-existent piece of pizza, there was something about him.

His friend was definitely more the guy that if i saw at the bar I would have my eye on. He was quieter, tall but not too tall, skinny, white, and blonde with blue eyes. He seemed so sweet. But after being taken on this food journey, I needed to know this other guy. Not surprisingly but by the time I stopped looking at his friend, the pizza was gone. Pizza-man stretched his legs and turned his face to the sun. He was admiring the beautiful weather we had thankfully gotten. He sat there in silence, which allowed me to take a good look at him.

He was not at all the type of guy I would go for. He easily stood at 6’5″ with a tan well toned body. His face sported a well trimmed beard, and a well defined jaw and some classic RayBans. His hair tied back into a bun. A white t-shirt hugged his torso, while a grapefruit colored pair of shorts hung perfectly at his hips. A hint of a six pack appeared when he stretched. And the Sperry’s on his feet completed a perfect look. I took in every inch of that man and I was completely enthralled.

I hadn’t even noticed how long I’d been starring, until Emma spoke up.

“Had enough of that view yet?” She says nudging me.

“No. Never.”  I joke back, but I do turn back around to face the fountain. As I did so I just caught a glimpse of his friend pointing me out to him. Probably telling him how this weirdo had been starring at him for what felt like seconds but had actually been quite a few minutes.

“I think his friend noticed.” I say to Emma. “He’s probably telling him how this weirdo was checking him out.” At that she laughs. We take in the view and after a few more minutes we decide to leave. But before we left there was one thing I wanted to do, the hopeless romantic in me couldn’t help it. I grabbed a coin from my wallet, turned my back to the Trevi Fountain and made a wish. I wished that if it was fate, that I’d run into Pizza man once again. It was a long shot, but what’s the worse that could happen? I mean, I was already pretty sure I wasn’t going to see him again.

We continue on our trip around the city, exploring every inch of the city we could. A small part of me kept hoping on every corner I turned that I’d run into him. But the whole day I had no such luck. We went to dinner and it was the same. A lovely dinner with no sight of that beautiful man, just a lot of very fit Italian men. But none of them were Pizza-man.

The next day was our second to last day in Rome. We went about doing all the touristy things. At the end of the day, we were both so exhausted we considered just calling it a night. But something inside me told me, not tonight you need to be out there tonight. So l, of course, followed my gut and got ready to go get some dinner. It took some convincing to get Emma on board, but once she did we headed out. We were just going to go to a restaurant have dinner, and some after dinner drinks.

We did some research and found what seemed like a great restaurant. As I sit down in my seat, with my back to the door, I hear a familiar voice.

“Table for two.”

It can’t be. Had my wish actually come true? I quickly turn around and find my beautiful Pizza-man standing there. Today he was sporting jeans, a dress shirt and the same Sperry’s. And this time around his hair was down. It hit just below his chin and just seemed so smooth and perfect. I wanted to run my hands through his hair. Most of dinner was spent discussing with Emma whether or not we should approach. The decision was made, after dinner and after we’d ordered our drinks and paid we’d go say hello. The time came and my stomach was a mess. But the truth was, I had made a wish and it had come true. It was fate that brought both of us to the same restaurant and when a chance like that happens you have to take advantage. We both get up holding our drinks and walk over to their table. We had waited til they were done eating as well. We approach their table and they both look at us.

“So I hear Italy has the best pizza in the world.” I say hoping he realizes the reference.

“Well, I can’t disagree with you on that.” He replies with a smile.

“That’s Fountain Girl.” The friend replies softly, but loud enough so I can hear.

“Fountain Girl?” I say back.

“Well yeah. We didn’t know your name and apparently you had been looking over at us. It was only fitting. But I hadn’t expected you to be so beautiful.” He said looking me straight in the eyes.

“You caught me. But I just had to see who was the guy that was enjoying that pizza so much. And thank you.” I say smiling back.

“Please, take a seat Fountain Girl.” He says.

“You can call me Vicky.” I say taking a seat and Emma sitting next to me.

“Nice to meet you Vicky, I’m Theo.”

SPECIAL FRIDAY: The Evolution of One Direction

It’s no secret One Direction has taken over the world and wormed their ways into millions of hearts all over. With the release of their newest music video today, I felt a sense of longing. I’m about to fully disclose how true of a Directioner I am. I first heard them my Senior Year of college in my dorm room late at night. I was browsing the Youtube, as one does, and happened to stumble upon a video of a group of guys in fall attire singing. Once I learned they were Brits I was hooked. The more I dug the more I fell for them. Their goofy loveable personalities were just the right amount. That night I went on to watch every single performance from them on X-Factor. A few weeks later, I drove 6 hours to Detroit and 6 hours back to see them in concert. I own every album, every DVD, and have gone to at least one concert every tour. That basically sums up my dedication to them. I am NOT the type of Directioner that would do disgusting things for them or be glad if they ever did anything disgusting on me. (There are some of those out there and it’s terrifying.) I’d love to meet them some day, but that’s a hope I will keep for quite some time. So I thought today would be fitting to do a Flashback Friday and look over all those past music videos. ENJOY!

Aug. 2011- What Makes You Beautiful

The one song everyone knows by 1D. Catchy fun summer tune. And for us long time fans, just puts a smile on our faces remembering where it all started. It was also the anthem for girls on learning to feel beautiful.

Nov. 2011- Gotta Be You

This one was the first one I ever saw. The lovely tune mixed with the visual of boys suffering over love got to me. The fashion in this one is probably my favorite one out of all of them. Also, let’s be real, this looks exactly like you would imagine a boarding school to look like and the boys at them. PS- Still miss this Liam hair….

Jan. 2012- One Thing

This one gave every American girl major feels. Not only did it have the boys, but it showed them all around London. And from this video we all learned the essential dance moves that were later performed at concerts. And are still performed til this day. And it was actually incorporated in a later music video, can you find which one? One more thing, the fashion on this one is on point.

Sep. 2012- Live While We’re Young

This is the one that drove all the girls crazy. They are just chilling, when all of a sudden they’re in a lake. This is by far the video with the most innuendos. Big balls, microphones, bananas, you get the picture. Then they have a party and then a kiddie pool comes into play. There’s basically a lot of wet clothes and a shirtless Niall. And the classic, historic rowing dance move.

Nov. 2012- Little Things

This was the video that made every girl cry their eyes out. We took a good look at ourselves in the mirror and really appreciated every flaw we had. These boys really have a way of making us feel so perfect and beautiful it’s surprising. After this music video you really can’t do anything except wish that you meet a boy that makes you feel like these boys did. Also, just to point out this is the first video the boys strip back, are basically acoustic and the video shows them sitting around singing. Gotta go recover from all the dead on stares they gave to the camera. PS- in the midst of all this seriousness they never fail to include at least one inkling of why we love these silly boys.

Jan. 2013- Kiss You

This one takes the cake on ridiculousness. The costumes, the backdrops and the props are just so beyond our expectations that this one quickly got us dancing in our seats. And basically by the chorus we all wanted to take them home. And from this one we all got the blessing of Nialler doing the “chinny chin chin” and don’t lie to yourself…you do this at every concert. And in this one we got a lot more shirtless, when they pretend to be surfing. And We got the magical dream one 1D replicated so many times. But the highlight is Louis incredibly orange spray tan. Kiss us already damn it!

Feb. 2013- One Way or Another

This one made us see how generous and kind and selfless these boys truly are. NIALL IN A SHOWER. Also the additional footage of them in Africa made us cry to no end, because they showed us how bad things really are there and they cry so in turn we cry. The cool thing about this one is the video takes place in Japan, Africa, NYC, and London. Louis pelvic thrust.

Jul. 2013- Best Song Ever

This was the first one we saw their acting skills and a story line. Also, this was a shocking one. Niall and Louis dressed as old fat men,and Zayn is a beautiful woman. Zack…oh yes boys check out Zayn. MARCEL is the most precious thing in the world. “Cute as a button every single one of you.” Is a tag line I’ll remember for quite some time. Leeroy was too fab. “Liam you stay exactly as you are because you are Purr-fect.” And then they break everything. Brilliant. It was also the theme song to the movie. Marcel’s freaking out/crying face became the most popular meme on the internetz. And here it is the music video that incorporated a whole dance routine, but one only 1D could pull off.

Nov. 2013- Story of My Life

This is by far one of the most creative and well done video of theirs. I love that it incorporates their family members and really showing us their personal life more than we already see. The evolving pictures really makes for a great video.

Jan. 2014- Midnight Memories

What a horrible party they’re at. And this is where they turn it around and really go have some fun. I’m glad their idea of fun is at a restaurant Also a girl turning down Niall, would NEVER happen in real life. That Irish cutie is too irresistable. And these boys are so resourceful finding alternative modes of transportations. Also elderly people in the boys video is just perfect. And then stealing a cops boat, classic. Ending with the tower bridge is just so great.

Apr. 2014- You & I 

Multiplying boys, every Directioners dreams. This one again so simple, just them walking down a pier. But how many girls wouldn’t kill to be walking down hand in hand with these boys. Also another Directioner dream, the boys turning into each other. (As creepy and weird as that is)

Oct. 2014- Steal My Girl

This one is also incredibly ridiculous. But it portrays all the boys in their own unique ways. It incorporates all these hillarious events. The outfits were just as crazy and it really just put a smile on my face. It made me sing along, dance along and really just enjoy the video. But let’s be honest, that chimp steals the show entirely.

Bottom line is, no two 1D music videos are the same. They are so different and range from crazy funny to deep and meaningful. I think I covered all the music videos but if there is any of them I missed, feel free to comment. Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane like I did.

Much love always,


Dream Home

Growing up many girls dream of two things: their perfect wedding and their perfect house. Today I will be talking about the latter and hopefully giving you a visualization of my dream house.

On the outside I like the look of big stones, and a dark door. Almost looking like a castle. On the inside, as soon as you walk in there is a foyer with something hanging on the wall for keys and mail. Under that would be a small bench to take shoes off and put them on with little baskets to keep shoes. Behind the door would be a closet for the coats.

To the right would be the living room. I love when a living room is open til the ceiling, meaning there is no room above the living room. A big beautiful chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The living room would have neutral colors with throw pillows and blankets that would change colors whenever I felt like the room needed a new look. The TV lies above a fire place and there is plenty of seating.

Across the foyer to the left of the front door lies closed wooden sliding doors. In most movies, TV shows and real life situations an office or a library tends to be the men’s escape room. But in my house it is a place where we can all go. The color scheme for this room is dark brown wood, light blue and beige. As soon as you walked in you would be met with a beautiful room. Straight ahead are decorative book shelves holding some of the favorite books at the moment. To one side you would see a bay window with pillows and a blanket. Next to that a light blue old fashioned desk sits with a beige leather chair. The desk is filled with my notebooks for all the different projects I am involved in. On the other side of the room you would find my husband desk with all of his important documents. Next to his desk is a  small stair case that leads to a balcony. Again this room is taller than most to add to the grandeur of the library. In this balcony you can find bookshelves lined with books and other shelves full of movies. On the balcony there are also pillows on the floor that would allow our kids to enjoy a good book. This space would allow the kids to build a puzzle, or read, or draw, or write or even just listen to music. This room has a place for every family member and tends to their specific needs.


(Just an example of the desk and chair I would have.)

Behind the living room you’d find a beautiful dinning room. A gentle mint color on the walls, with whites and blacks would make this room a very elegant room. A black wood table would take center stage with a glass vase holding orchids in the middle of it. To the side would have a small glass cupboard that could also serve as a small buffet area. This would be perfect for throwing dinner parties.

Next to the dinning room you would find the kitchen.The kitchen would be big with an island and stools on one side of that island. I like the idea of having people keeping each other company while just sitting down. The appliances are all stainless steel. The color scheme I’d like is warm colors, so maybe along a warm yellow or orange. There would always be a bouquet of sunflowers to bring the room a warmth and friendliness. Kitchens are places that bring me a lot of joy. I would like as much counter space as possible with the idea of being able to have people be in there and talk to me as I cook.

Outside the dining room you’d find the backyard. A deck with seats that would allow for night time parties or weekend barbecues would be a classy comfy location. To one side you’d find a great pool with lots of swimming space. The pool would have a rock waterfall to add a realistic look. To the other side you’d find a rock fireplace, that would be perfect for late night talks with friends or a family marshmallow nights.  In the backyard there would be enough room for the kids and dogs to run around. And lastly there would be a small little area for a homey garden. I would be able to grow veggies, and spices (Basil, green onions, etc).

On the second floor you’d find a master bedroom that would be decorated with blues and greens. The master bathroom would include two sinks and two mirrors and a large shower. And for those stressful days a Jacuzzi is the perfect getaway from the kids. I would definitely like to keep the bed I have now, because it is the most perfect bed I have ever laid on.

The number of kid rooms depend on the number of kids. As babies their nursery would break from stereotypes. When I was born my mom, thankfully, dressed me in  yellows, greens and blues and not in pinks like tradition. She didn’t want me to fall for the stereotype of girls wear pink and that certainly influenced me to love all colors and have blue as my favorite color for most of my life. As they grow up I would allow them to exercise their creative abilities within the room design. If my son likes dinosaurs, Dinosaurs will be a big part of the room. If my daughter loves pirate ships, then that would be a part of the room decor. I’d like to think, I’d given them the freedom to design their room to express who they are. We would probably have to change it every 5 years as they grow up and enter different phases, but I think it would be fun.

By no means this is exactly how I would like my house, because my mind changes. So for now, this is what I would realistically love to do. As you can tell, it’s nothing incredibly expensive and out there. I’m not asking for a mansion with 20 rooms, because realistically I wouldn’t even know what to do with that much space. But I think it’s a nice idea of how my home would be encouraging to physical activity as well as exercising the mind. Just writing this out gave me such joy and brought a smile to my face. I just imagined how homey my dream home is.

Hope you enjoyed!

Much love always,


One Can Only Dream…

So sometimes our dreams take twists and turns that feel so real, that even after being awake for several hours you still remember them as if it actually happen. Today I’d like to tell you all about my dream from last night.

Much of the beginning of the dream is a haze. What I do remember is being in a mall and seeing Jack Harries from afar. Except of course i had my hair in a bun, was in a bathrobe and slippers. Needless to say I was not in a condition to be in public much less to meet Jack Harries. All of a sudden I get a text to my phone that Jack had just tweeted. He had played a prank posting a picture of a girl that looked like him as a “selfie.” I laughed and kept walking. Somehow walking out past the doors, transformed me. I was decently dressed to be in public now. I keep walking and suddenly I see Prince William (yes the actual Prince Will of England). He seemed super nervous for something and surprisingly I was able to stop close to him, and I said “Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and everything will be fine.” I have no idea what he was even getting ready for but he smiled and thanked me for the encouragement. I was now in a parking lot and I kept walking. Suddenly I see a small group of people with a camera facing a bus. Inside there he was again, Prince William. Except he was on the phone and yelling and hitting the poles of the bus. No idea what was happening so I stayed and watched. Somehow I was standing next to the bus door and when it suddenly opened and he ran out towards me, it scared me so I screamed. He went behind another bus while the whole crew around and myself started laughing. They explained to me how he was playing a practical joke on someone. (I know the dreams is full of pranks and weird things) So i begin walking behind the bus and he’s there crouched down, so I take a seat with him. He apologizes for scaring me and begins talking to me as if we were old friends. He thanks for me for all the kind words and that he was thankful I had been there helping him through it all. And then somehow my parents show up and I’m giving them looks like ‘DO YOU SEE WHO I’M TALKING TO!!!’ But my mom gives me a look of like ‘really? him? he’s not attractive at all.” And I’m like “Mom, Dad, meet Prince William. THE PRINCE WILLIAM.” And finally they’re both like “OH!” So then after making a fool of themselves they disappear. So I keep talking to Will and I’m like ” I’d just like to say, with all due respect, Kate is just absolutely beautiful. Like stunning.” And he’s like “She is isn’t she?” And I’m like “YES! Flawless. And her fashion sense is just perfect.” And he’s like “She really is beautiful.” And I’m like “And honestly she looks like she is just so kind.” And he’s like “She is a absolutely lovely. Kindest woman I know.” And basically we were gushing over how perfect Kate is. And then as I asked him for a picture, and he agreed, I woke up. Saddest waking up I’ve had in a while.

Hope you all enjoyed my crazy dream. Feel free to share some of yours.

Much Love Always,


Brits vs Americans

Good Morning Everyone,

So let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects today…BOYS! More specifically, I want to explain to people why British boys make girls weak at the knees and what makes us go crazy for them. Now I am basing my comparisons not only based on the American boys I personally know but also American Youtubers and Celebs to British boys I’ve met and Youtubers and Celebs. This post by no means applies to all boys and it is simply my opinion, not a worldwide accepted truth. I can classify my preference in British men in three categories: Manners/Charm, Look, and Accent. Allow me to explain.


While there are plenty of American boys with good manners, most tend to either be rude or neither rude nor polite but something in the middle. However, and I’m not sure why, British boys tend to be so well mannered. Not saying they are all super proper and perfect but more likely than not they say “please” and “thank you” and “excuse me.” Plus let’s be honest, even their swear words sound better than ours. The Brits that tend to be more proper usually are the posh ones from London.


There is no denying that in general the Brits have a natural beauty to them. And once their sweet accents reach your ears, your eyes immediately adjust to a a level or two more of hotness. But this category is mostly centered around Fashion. You heard me, Fashion! There is a MAJOR difference between American boys and Brit boys. Brit boys know how to dress themselves. American boys yes you can get dressed up for an event or something but on a day to day basis, a t-shirt and jeans is good enough. And while a Brit boy can wear the exact same outfit, his choice in t-shirts are a bit better, better fitting jeans, and perfect. From an everyday look to a special event, the Brits know a man should look. To me how a man dresses can say a lot about himself. They care about physical appearance but it isn’t everything they think about night and day. While I feel American boys that tend to dress well, more often than not are extremely conceded. ( I know this one from personal experience.) Fit Americans care about every calorie intake and check themselves out in every mirror. (Sure, there is a little exaggeration here but you get what I mean.) Fit Brit boys know how to eat and work out and dress well without that being all their focus. They understand the balance.

Americans:                                                                                        Brits:


Even Google agrees. Same outfits, styled completely different and look so much better. Also, I’d just like to add as I googled ‘typical british boy fashion’ and I got countless pictures of One Direction. (Just pointing it out.)


This one is a given. Every girl and guy knows that as soon as you hear the hint of a Brit accent, knees automatically get weaker and we feel like melting into the ground.

Anyways that’s what goes on in this twisted mind of mine. Like I said this is my opinion and by no means the only right one. Let me know what you think.

Much Love Always


What Has Society Come To

More often than not I find myself yelling at my sister to put her phone down and talk to me. Or looking disapprovingly to my friends who are on their phones instead of watching the movie playing in front of us. And more than anything judging strangers who are sitting at the dinner table looking at their phones. It is so sad how in today’s society your likeness is measured in the number of followers and likes you get. My sister sometimes turns to me and says “I got 100 likes on my insta pic.” And I feel a sadness inside because today’s young girls measure their self worth on how many likes a picture got. It’s no secret that since the beginning of time, young people feel the necessity to be validated by their peers and “friends.”  With the technology today that acceptance can be quantified which only adds to the pressure of being a teenager.

I personally try to live my life balancing both the technology that allows me to communicate with friends who are far, and the day to day interaction. If I am at dinner with someone, you will find my phone in my purse totally ignored. And more and more I try to avoid taking out my camera at concerts because I’ve noticed how involved I get with taking a good picture instead of enjoying the music. So I take a few pictures and maybe record a song for 30 secs and enjoy the rest of the concert. In the back of my mind, I know someone else is recording the whole thing so if I really want to relive it, YouTube allows me to do so.

I just wish today’s generation would realize that there is so much more to life than the brightly lit screen in front of them. For proof that today’s generation is so out of touch with people, allow me to retell an experience I had. I went to the beach with my sister and some of her friends. We were sitting at the beach on a beautiful sunny day with the beautiful ocean in front of us and they were all on their phones. I looked at all of them in complete disbelief. How could they be so out of touch with reality to appreciate the beautiful day in front of them and actually talk to each other. I told them all to put their phones away and talk or play a game. They all looked at me like I had 3 heads. I’m sure the train of thoughts were “Talk to each other. What do you think we’re doing on our phones.” “This girl is crazy. Who even has conversations face to face?” My guesses at least. I can tell  you this, once I convinced them all to put their phones away and play a scattergories style game, we all laughed until our abs hurt. This story just proves one thing, that if people actually take the time to show the young generation that there is more outside their phones they can really interact and enjoy life like we grew up.

Most often, I wish I could go back to being a kid not only because you lived a carefree life, where your biggest worries was doing your cursive properly or your addition homework right. But because that was a time that nothing was a stupid idea and your imagination could run wild. Running outside with your dog was the best time of your life. And playing with other kids was essential. Today’s kids are growing up in a world of isolation where your interactions with others happen on a screen.

So this is what I have to say to older generations, we have an obligation. Whether you are an older sibling, a parent or friend to a younger generation kid, show them what it’s like to live a life where people interaction is normal. And if you yourself happen to live glued to your phone, put it down for an hour or so. I can promise you it’s an incredibly liberating experience. I love traveling abroad for the simple fact that I am forced to rely solely on myself and my ability to communicate with others without technology. You don’t have to get rid of technology altogether but just limit the use of it so you can truly enjoy the life that is happening right in front of you. Go out and live your life! Have amazing experiences alone or with people. Whatever you do, just makes sure you are focused on that and not on the technology you carry.

So after a lot of rambling I shall end this with a perfect quote I read this morning: ” Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” –Ferris Bueller