Food For Thought: Books are the Reason for Our Generation’s Daring Nature?

Recently I read an article on how my generation isn’t afraid to break the mold and isn’t afraid to be broke in order to do what we love. The older generations don’t understand and we don’t know how to explain to them.

Today I realized why we might be more willing to break free and to be true to ourselves. It came to me as I was reading a Buzzfeed article about banned books that actually changed your life. As I read through the list there was one thing in common for a few of these. Some of these were books I had been required to read while in high school. A few examples are: Diary of Anne Frank, The Giver, Fahrenheit 451, The Catcher in the Rye, and Brave New World (1984 is not on the list but it is very similar to Brave New World). Most of these have the common theme, they reflected a society that scarily resembled what we were turning into. A big brother society with too much controlling us, where everything you do is being watched. The reality that our society was closer to this, than the time these books were written truly shocked us. Dare I say, that might have been our wake up call to break free from the mold and be bold? I obviously can’t attribute it only to that, but I do think it had some affect on us.

Others were book that we read for fun. For example The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Harry Potter. These taught us that it was okay to be different and to embrace it. They taught us that with the support of love and friendships you can fight evil, or in this case the challenges our lives would bring.

One way or another these books that we were exposed to growing up have affected us and made us realize that we do have the power to make a change. But it also showed us what we didn’t want to become. And i truly think that’s what motivated us to change. You won’t see anyone quoting these books while they break the mold, but books shape us, they affect how we see the world. That’s their magical power. And maybe that’s why Fahrenheit 451 was written? Because books have so much power that they can be dangerous for those afraid of change. And the adults who showed us these books, probably didn’t noticed just how much we would change because of these books. Hence creating this generation that is daring, bold and motivated to be true to ourselves.

Just a little food for thought.

Much love always,


Vicky or Victoria?

Hello Hello,

Over time you’ve read, heard or imagined how a trip can change you or your life. And some try to go on trips and adventures to find themselves in a time of identity crisis (Eat, Pray, Love anyone?). What you don’t realize or imagine is that every trip, every adventure does change you in either a small way or big way.

While sitting on the plane headed to our England, Ireland, Iceland & Northern Ireland adventure I could only imagine all the things we would get up to and how that could potentially change me. Funny enough, sitting alone on the way back I tried to think about what had happened and if I had in fact changed. At the time I thought I hadn’t, I thought I was the same old Vicky. What I didn’t expect is, after a good night’s sleep I realized just how much I had changed. I felt like a whole new person and that shocked me, because a mere 12 hours before I thought I hadn’t changed. But, honestly, how could I have not? My cousin put it best when she said, “grandpa used to say: when you go on trips you leave a little bit of yourself behind, but you also gain a little bit of each place.” I did that, I left bits of myself in every country, every city, every place I visited. But I also gained so much. I gained new perspectives, new adventures, new friends and new lessons. Let’s talk about a few of the changes I’ve noticed in myself, shall we?

Firstly, my fire has been reignited. When you enter a daily routine, you get bored with life. You actually just get comfortable with it. The people I met and places I saw in this trip, made me realize just how big and amazing this world is and how much it’s just waiting to be explored. The fire within me to travel and explore has now been exploding. So much so, that it causes one to question what you’re actually spending money on, and if it isn’t worth saving the money for more trips. Now, that doesn’t mean don’t live your life, because adventures can be big or small. Just go out there ready for adventures and unexpected happenings. Life is full of adventures, you just need to make sure you’re paying attention.

Secondly, be kind. I like to consider myself a very kind person in nature. But sometimes either I’m too preoccupied with life or too busy and let my frustration get the best of me. While on my trip, everyone we encountered was always so kind and willing to help no matter if they were in a rush or not. It was a nice reminder that your life may be hectic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a few minutes and help someone out.

Thirdly, I am a very outgoing person who can sometimes turn shy. This trip actually showed me it was okay to be a bit more bold. And to not be afraid to approach strangers and get to know them. You might never see them again, but you’ve now learned about someone else’s life story and that, of course, affects your life even in the smallest of ways.

Fourth, why are we in a rush to get married? The lifestyle over there should serve as an example for us in the US. One of the confusing things we saw was that on a Wednesday pubs were filled. I mean, it’s Wednesday. But here’s the difference, over there people meet up with their friends after work to have a pint, unwind and just have a laugh. They’re not out there to get hammered or pick up someone to take home. They’re just there to meet new people and cultivate their friendships. And in turn that means opportunities to actually meet someone you might want to date. But most importantly people in their 20s aren’t even thinking about marriage, they’re enjoying life. They’re celebrating themselves and enjoying being young before you do make the decision to settle down. And honestly, I think that is so important. No one is in a rush, therefore you don’t feel the pressure to find your significant other.

Fifth. laugh. A LOT. Even if you look crazy or ridiculous, laugh! Liz and I would seriously have at least one laughing fit a day. And now, I miss that a lot. It lightened the mood, it made things more fun and honestly it just felt good.

Sixth, patience. I think I tend to not be happy or freak out when things don’t go as planned, especially in trips. I usually get anxiety if I miss a flight or something of that nature. This trip, as expected, didn’t go as planned. Things happened, we were late, we missed things, we got lost, but in turn we got new adventures and I learned to be okay with that. I don’t think at any point we truly freaked out over something. If something happened we accepted and tried to make the best of the situation. And that made the trip much more pleasant.

And lastly, perhaps the most important lesson of all: work is just work. Some people focus so much on their jobs they forget  they even have a life outside of it. Or some people live on their phones because of work. What it comes down to, however, is work is just a job. It’s a way to make money. If you do something you love, that is great! But that is only a part of your life. That isn’t your WHOLE life. Life is about much more than that. It’s about friends, family, traveling, learning, exploring, eating, laughing, and much more. Let work be a portion of your life, but don’t let it become your entire world. Don’t forget that you were put on this Earth to grow as a person, and that can’t happen unless you enjoy and live through every facet of your life.

Those are just some of the changes I’ve noticed. I truly feel like a new person. Someone who’s excited about life, who can’t wait to explore the world, and who wants to be brave enough to travel on her own and enjoy it. Europe, you were so good to me that I cannot wait to go back! Liz, you were the best companion I could ask for. I would go anywhere with you because you’ve got my back and I’ve got yours. Plus you make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. (hahahaha) Life, thank you for being so wonderful to me. I’m sure I’ll notice more things, and if you guys are okay with it I’ll post about those later.

One last thing, today I went to my Facebook because I wanted to change the name on there from Vicky to Victoria. It’s funny how small of a thing it seems, but I couldn’t do it. Victoria is my birth name, but it was also the girl I was on this trip. And Vicky, is that girl that moved to America and has grown up learning about herself within the American culture. I couldn’t let go of Vicky just yet. Maybe soon I can make the transition from Vicky to Victoria.

Much love always

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Day 2- You’re a Wizard Harry!

Waking up in London in itself was a dream come true. This was real, it wasn’t a dream, I was really in London. After more than 10 years of dreaming of this, it was truly happening. At the hostel, we get up excitedly and get ready for our very long day ahead of us. At the breakfast table, who do we find other than some of my people! We had breakfast with 3 Brazilians, two were leaving that day and one was trying to move to London. (Dude, same.)

Our first stop was the Sherlock Holmes House. And as silly as it is, I was just pumped to be getting on the “tube” to head over there. It really is the little things that make the trip memorable and exciting. Once we arrive, it’s no surprise we start with a photo shoot right outside 221B Baker St.

Then, we go inside and the first thing we are met with is the souvenir shop. I didn’t know where to look or what to do with myself. They had stuff from the book version of Sherlock, which is what Liz loves, and they had from the show, which I love. Needless to say, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING! But rationale (aka Liz) kicked in and I held myself back from buying everything from sweaters to a pipe. I settled for a deck of cards with Benedict Cumberbatch’s face and a card holder with again Benedict Cumberbatch on them, the later of which I of course used for the rest of my days in London!

After we had spent quite a bit of time at the store, we headed into the actual museum. And boy, was it awesome! We took tons of pictures in every corner of that house. What made it even more awesome was meeting Kait, a Canadian friend, who we spent the rest of the house touring with. Sherlock’s living room was basically our studio. They had hats, pipes, and a magnifying glass which of course called for an entire photo shoot. The funny part about this bit is as soon as we walked in Liz went for Sherlock’s stuff only telling me “You can be Watson.” And I of course followed her instruction only to remark how Watson of me to do it. And we ended our tour with a bathroom selfie in Sherlock’s bathroom.  But on the way back down, our first shoot wasn’t enough, we go back for more and find other props to use including the violin!  But when it was my turn with the violin I, of course, get caught and yelled at.

We, then. headed to the tube and carefully got on, as we had learned the day before that the doors did NOT open up again if you got stuck in them. (Liz’s leg got stuck and she pulled it out before the train started moving again.)

It was time to start our Harry Potter adventures and we were absolutely ecstatic. We had a rough start as we arrived at Leicester Square a bit confused as to where to go first. The great thing, is because we looked incredibly lost, we were immediately offered help by a passer by. But we soon got the hang of our walking tour map & papers. We hit a few different locations but mostly we were just happy to take in London. We saw our first red phone booth which called for pictures.

Next, came what ended up being one of my favorite spots on the tour, Hardys candy shop. It wasn’t my favorite because the walls were lined with candy from the ceiling to the floor. Or the fact that we were able to buy HP candies including chocolate frogs. No, all that was awesome but isn’t the reason I loved this place. I don’t think I have ever had this much fun at a candy store, and all thanks to Laurie. Laurie, happened to be the guy working behind the counter who provided me with all this sugary goodness. But Laurie was more than just a candy store sales man, he was a crumping genius, model extraordinaire, and fun loving man. As I took pictures with him, his poses blew me away, then we had a full blown dance party right there in the middle of this small candy store and it was epic. As we left this store, we promised Laurie we would tell his tale to all we knew so they would go visit him and have dance parties with him.

On our journey we encountered more Hogwarts students like us, Gringotts money, and an Aussie street performer. When we arrived at Trafalgar (a place we had to ask 3 different cute locals how to pronounce) Square, I was almost moved to tears. It’s true it’s a beautiful place, but that is not the reason I almost cried. I felt overwhelmed with emotion on the sheer fact that I was here. I wasn’t sitting at the office, I wasn’t at my house watching a movie, I was present in London and appreciating all it’s glory. When you dream about something for so long, it’s hard to explain how incredible it feels that this place not only measures up to your expectations but exceeds it. It was also strange to me how I didn’t feel like I was a tourist. I felt like I belonged, that I had finally found the city I was meant to live in. After moving around so many times, I had never felt so at home as I did in London. (Trust me, I don’t say this lightly.)

At Trafalgar they had these lion statues and I saw so many kids on them that I was like “I WANT TO CLIMB TOO!” I should’ve definitely thought more carefully about my wish. Getting up there was such a struggle that Liz had to push my butt up, literally. The issue? We began laughing hysterically at the situation, which only made getting up that much harder. Oh did I mention I was in a dress and tights? Yeahhhhhh. You’re welcome Trafalgar Square visitors.

I would like to take a moment and dispel a common conception of Londoners. Most of the world has been told that Londoners are cold, rude and just unpleasant people. Within being there a day (and later on 4 more days) I can tell you with full confidence that, that statement is grossly untrue. Any local we stopped to ask for directions, help, information, to take a picture, guidance, opinion, or ask any question was incredibly graceful, kind and helpful. Even if they were in a rush they were never rude or talked down to us as if we were dumb tourists. So to anyone planning on visiting, I tell you the people were incredibly wonderful, and if you’ve had a bad experience I’m sorry.

Okay, back to the story. For lunch we headed to Sherlock Holmes Restaurant & Pub. Our goal this trip was to eat local and traditional plates and only drink local (or national) beers. The bar man’s sass was on point when he said

V:”Can we sit anywhere?”

Bar Man: “Oh you two? No I don’t think so.” With a straight face.

Liz began laughing and then the bar man couldn’t help but smile and reply “yeah, sit anywhere, but up here is where you order.”

Food wise we had bangers and mash (sausage and potatoes) and Liz had an English Ale called Old Speckled Hen while I had the Sherlock Holmes Ale (duh). Also the awesome thing was Liz taste tested a few of the beers before picking hers. And funny enough according to her “The Watson Wallop was Sherlock but less.” A fun fact about pubs in London, they’re all gorgeous! Most of them are black with gold lettering and have flowers all around the top and sometimes on the side. They look incredibly inviting and just beautiful.

After lunch came more walking and more filming locations. It was awesome to see first hand different locations and how they transformed those places into what we see in the movies. Then we were walking by the Thames river when our legs just couldn’t handle all the walking. It felt like we had walked all of London, which we pretty much had. And we sat on a bench, which was elevated (GENIUS) so that you get to see the actual Thames and not the barrier. Liz looked at me and asked me how I was feeling. The only word that came to my mind was Blessed. And not in the #blessed way people use it jokingly. It was real. I was blessed to be able to not only afford but be able to do this. So many people go through life unable to explore other parts of the world, or accomplishing life long dreams, and here I was doing one of mine. I was incredibly grateful to be able to do it. And regardless of how much I wanted to chop off my legs in pain, or how my shoulders hurt from my bag, or how cold I felt or anything else, I felt happy and calm. And that in itself was amazing to be able to feel that way. In that moment, nothing else mattered other than the happiness and peace I felt. (I’m getting sappy, I know, but just preaching the truth, that’s all.)

The cool thing about this self-guided tour was that in it they had these awesome historical artifacts and locations that were off the beaten path and we were able to see those. As the sun began to set and the rain began to drizzle, we approached Borough Market. I had a change in hairstyle thanks to Liz and we looked around this awesome place. A place that definitely had the possibility of being the Leaky Cauldron location, but more importantly was filled with hoards of men spewing from the pubs. We looked at each other confused, it was only Wednesday after all. Why were all these men drinking at pubs on a Wednesday?

Well with that question still in our minds we headed to our last stop, Leadenhall. We had to ask for directions, of course, and this is where our lovely Liz becomes a heroine. This guy was actually walking us over to show us where to turn and he wasn’t paying attention to the traffic, so Liz had to pull him back so he wouldn’t get hit by a car. And Liz saves a life. No biggie. At this point exhaustion and hunger had gotten the best of us and we just couldn’t go on any longer. It was also 8pm, and we had started our day at 8am. 12 hours of walking is bound to make anyone quit. So we found Pizza Express and had a lovely pizza for dinner. Side note: this location also had pubs full of men.

After dinner Liz approached a group of guys our age to take a picture of us. We actually ended up pulling up a seat with them. Now, I don’t quite remember if they invited us to join or we invited ourselves, but regardless what I do remember is a lot of laughs. They asked us about our Americanness while we asked questions on their Britishness. It was a nice trade off. Liz and I got made fun of for ordering British Ales, that apparently are considered old men drinks, while we poked fun at their Gin & Tonics, an american older man’s drink of choice. After a few drinks and many jokes (that remained with Liz and I the rest of the trip) , one of our new friends had to leave so we wanted to capture this lovely group and took a picture with them. The other two stayed with us and we actually ended up hanging out for the rest of the evening. We headed to a martini bar after the pub where I learned that British boys are much more unafraid to dance than American boys, and that they were unafraid to order martinis, typically considered a girly drink in America! What we also learned from our new friends is the reason we saw hoards of men at pubs at 5pm is that it is very common for people after work to get together with their friends at pubs to socialize any day of the week. I absolutely loved that idea. It just fostered a more social environment that allows you to make new friends and create quality time with your friends that doesn’t have to mean you are all getting so hammered you don’t remember the previous night. All of this actually also meant that people are not in a rush to get married and that it allows them to actually enjoy their 20s and let things happen naturally.

All in all this very long day, was so incredibly fun and full with adventure. And also just full of appreciation for London, Londoners, my life and Liz. It was truly a wonderful day.

Much love always!

# of Miles Walked According to My Phone Step Counter: 12 miles

I Got This Sir!

Hello Hello,

This is where our story starts. It starts with a very impatient flight attendant who just didn’t want us to forget to move into the aisle. After being told this a few times, a sassy Liz finally responded with a “I got this sir!” You know right there this trip is off to a brilliant start. Most of the flight was spent tossing and turning trying to get some sleep, with not much luck. The lack of sleep only added to our giddyness making us laugh hysterically at jokes only we would understand.

Once we finally arrived in Iceland we were tired but thrilled about our day ahead. It was a very cold morning, and with my poor planning I did not have a heavy coat. I attributed it more to denial of not wanting to actually bring a winter coat. After picking up our car we headed off for Reykjavik. We had no idea it was even possible to hit this much traffic in Iceland but we got the morning rush hour. We were now an hour behind on our whole schedule, but that didn’t stop us from looking for a cute place for breakfast. And boy did we find a cute little place. The name is Gray Cat and it’s a small cafe with maybe 6 tables very adorably decorated. While there we made friends. Our goal this trip is to talk to as many different new people as possible. Today was the start. We met James and Amy, two americans traveling individually who were now on the end of their trips. We chatted about our trips and gathered some reccomendations of either something to eat or drink in Iceland. I will say this place had the best bacon I have ever had the pleasure of eating. It was amazing.

After breakfast, we walked to the church and also taking in how adorable this city was. And to prove how awesome this city is, the entrance to the church was based on an honor system that you were actually going to pay. After taking in the beautiful scenes from the top of the church we head back down to the main street to get back to the car. Liz went on to get a rye bread ice cream , per Amy’s reccomendation, while i went to a small convenience store. This was possibly one of my favorite parts of my day. Walking into a store that you don’t speak the language of, and asking them to share with you what they think is the candy & chocolate that best represents their culture was awesome. There is nothing like reccomendations from locals.

We then headed to the Blue Lagoon only to have the wrong address, which then led to me stumbling, literally I tripped, into a pizza place to ask directions to quite possibly the sassiest pizza man I have ever met. Look, sir, I am fully aware my destination is the most touristy location here but I just wanted some directions! But he was incredibly helpful, sass and all. Even though at this point we were an hour and a half late from our appointment , they were incredibly accomodating and helpded us out. I attribute it to our awesome lady who happened to share names with me. Once we were all changed we stepped out onto the cold air only to be greated by a beautiful site. The steam was strong and the water was hot. Of course, we immediately take care of business and grab our free drinks. Liz grabs a slushie purely based on the fact the brand name was Krap. Me, being the classy lady that I am, went for Fresita a strawberry bubbly wine. It was delicious! The Blue Lagoon is quite possibly the only place you can look ridiculous with a silica mask on out in public and be okay with it, because everyone else is doing it too.

Then came a lovely lunch where Liz and I strolled in, in our super fabulous bath robes. It was a fancy place and there we were in robes and cheering our complimentary champagne glass, it was fantastic. The food was delicious. We then really wanted 5 more minutes in the water, so we ran back and sat in silence for 5 minutes simply soaking everything in.

Then that’s when my limits got tested. In the bathrooms women didn’t care that they were all completely naked. I had to face my fear of being naked in public because even the iced glasses dividers and doors were see through. But it made me appreciate how open some cultures really are.

Once arriving at the airport we found our gate and immediately went to find Boli, a beer reccomendation per Amy. After sharing one, our sleep depravation now mixed with relaxation & alcohol took us to new heights of laughter. Everything was absolutely hysterical. But it is no surprise within 5 minutes of sitting on the plane we were both out cold. Only to wake up an hour later completely disoriented.

It was then the excitement that we’d soon be in London hit! I was making my dreams come true with one of my best friends. No sooner could I imagine, we were now in London! After taking the Underground, we got to our adorable hostel. We went scoungering for food at midnight only to find an awesome kebab place. So there we sat in the cafeteria of our hostel, while some German boys played pool while we ate and let it sink in the reality of our lives.

And as I sit on this tiny bunk bed looking at Liz I know this has been a wild 36 hours but this trip is just starting! And it’s only getting better from here!

With Love From London,


Dreams Do Come True!

Hello Hello,

Dreams. What are dreams? The dreams we’re talking about today are those things you would like to do in your life and you work hard for them to become a reality. Some people have more realistic ones like a dream job or traveling to a specific place. If you’re anything like me, one of your dreams is probably to become a student at Hogwarts School of Magic. Still waiting on that letter McGonagall….

But today I am here to talk about a few dreams that will start coming true tonight. For more than 10 years, I have been in love with everything and anything British and have been dreaming about the day I would get to go to London. Well, tonight will be the night, because I will be departing on a flight to LONDON! Guys, I’m going to London!!!! To most people they will be like, “oh that’s really cool.” But I don’t think anyone, except maybe a few of my friends who are as obsessed as me, will understand what a huge deal this is for me. While in LONDON (I will never get tired of saying that), I will get the closest I will ever be to going to Hogwarts, as we have our Harry Potter themed day! And that’s just one of the days we have planned.

Another dream I’ve always had is go on an Euro trip with a best friend, a road trip, and to go on a trip with my bestie Liz. On this trip I will get ALL THREE! And it will be beyond epic. Karaoke sessions in the car, driving through beautiful country sides, reflective moments of silence, making new friends, and cheeks hurting from smiling so much. Those are all things I fully expect from this trip. And knowing us, these will all definitely happen!

So here’s to two weeks of nothing but fun, of laughs til we cry and of memories captured both on camera and in our minds. Here’s to a trip of a lifetime and a meticulously calculated schedule that no one understands but us. Here’s to two best friends taking on Iceland, England, and Ireland. Here’s to leaving our mark on this beautiful world simply by being us and living our lives full of joy, experiences and dancing. Liz, here’s to us and our amazing adventure!

Much love always,


PS- If you would like to follow our adventures you will be able to do so! Another dream becoming a reality: blogging this whole trip! So, hopefully, every day I will be posting on here a blog post about our day and some of the adventures we get up to. You can also find our adventures on Instagram with the hashtag #crumpnhags (oh there’s a story behind this one).

How To: Be A Bridesmaid


So if you’re like me you’re starting to enter the age where everyone around you seems to be getting married. And with any luck, you will be bestowed the great honor of being part of the wedding party. Now I’m not saying it’s a great honor, because you  now have a title of bridesmaid/groomsmen which guarantees you a lot of free passes. BUT also because it’s like you’re part of this super elite organization that knows all the behind the scenes stuff, plus all the gossip. Needless to say, it’s a lot of fun. But with the fun comes a lot of responsibility, at least for the bridesmaids. Not to worry, I am here to help.

Weddings are unique to the couple. Some have bridezillas, some have groomzillas, some are simple, some are complex, some have the wedding party extremely involved, and some have the wedding party just showing up. Whatever style of wedding you are now a part of, these few tips should hopefully help you navigate the world of weddings. Keep in mind, most of these apply to being a bridesmaid, but it certainly can be applied to groomsmens (although you guys have A LOT less work.)

1. The Wedding Party 

So you have just been asked to be a bridesmaid. That means you are someone very special to the bride. Be happy about that! I will tell you from this point on, that bridesmaid group will become some of your closest friends for the next few months, this will become especially true the closer you get to the wedding. Please keep in mind you are part of the bride’s life for one reason or another. You will all probably have very different personality and taste. (how else do you keep life interesting, if it’s not for having different friends who apply to different areas of your life and personality.) I can tell you right now, there is always a crazy one in the group, and if you can’t figure out who it is, it’s probably you! But it is of extreme importance to put your differences aside and work together, the wedding after all is about the couple NOT YOU! Also, you will probably not meet the groomsmen (unless you previously know them) until the Wedding Rehearsal.

2. NO Stress

This one is true for before and during the wedding. Always remember the couple already has A LOT on their plate, do not add more with petty things. If you are having issues with your bridesmaid, the bride may be your best friend but that is the last thing she needs right now. You have been given the responsibility to stand by her during her day, but that also means all of you are there to take the first punches before it gets to the couple. Think of it as you are her knights of the round table and what wants to hurt the couple is stress. You have to do everything in your power to make sure their stress is the least amount possible. That means taking on a few more things other than your basic duties. This one is ESPECIALLY true for the day of the wedding. When things go wrong, and they will, you are there to take control and not let any stress reach the bride. Whether someone gets a flat tire, vendors are late, the decor isn’t perfect, (god forbid) something happens to the dresses, or someone forgot something, you are her saviors for the day. You need to make sure she stays calm, and happy because this is her special day, one she has been dreaming of all her life, and has been working hard towards for at least a year.

3. Budget

Whatever type of wedding they are having you need to budget. Here are a few things that go into being a bridesmaid that you will need to budget for: dress, shoes, hair, makeup, accessories, bachelorette party, traveling expenses if they are far away or are having a destination wedding, bridal shower, gifts, and any other things they decide to add on like after party or hotel. Typically, a good base to start off should be $1,000, but again it depends on your couple and the wedding. Also, as a bonus sometimes the bride will provide you with a few things as your gift for being her bridesmaid. But I say, budget for all of it anyways.

4. Dresses

This is fun and potentially stressful part of your duty. Finding the perfect dress. Some brides know exactly what they want and all you have to do is go to the store try it on and you’re done. While other leave it up to you to figure out what you want collectively as a group. Be prepared to disagree a lot and give yourselves enough time to figure out what exactly you’re all comfortable with. However, again I stress that this day is not about you. While it is totally acceptable to want to look good, you all have to find a way to compromise on a dress that makes everyone happy. This section also applies to shoes.

5. Events

So you’re now asking besides the wedding, what else do you have to attend. Well I am here to say, there’s a few more events. The two obvious ones are the Bridal Shower and the Bachelorette Party. Let me break these down for you guys. The Bridal Shower is the more tame, family oriented one. This one has more to do with eating and giving gifts. There can absolutely be dancing involved and there is definitely games involved. But this is the party where both moms are there and probably grandmothers and aunts, so no swearing or bad behaviors. And then there’s the Bachelorette party, which is always A LOT of fun and kind of hazy. There will probably be a lot of drinking and dancing involved. This is the party you are allowed to let the freak flag fly. While you might hesitate a little due to not knowing most of the other girls in attendance, if all goes well they’ll be joining you in your crazy antics. So be sure to give the bride memories she should remember the next day and if she doesn’t, you can retell her the next morning. A few other events that might happen are get togethers to organize the wedding, buy dresses or help with any DIY decorations. Also the day before the wedding there is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. This is where you meet the groomsmen and where you have to pay attention to remember the simple instructions you’re given for the next day.

6. Fun

Yes there is drama, yes there are disagreements, yes there is a lot of attendance required and yes by this point your wallet is hurting. But everyone is there for a specific reason, TO HAVE FUN! You must always remember to have fun, in whatever part of the wedding you are working on. That allows you to make the process happier and stress free, and when you look back you can be like “WOW THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!” So even if you feel like pulling out your hair, always remember to have fun because that’s what this really is all about. This is an incredibly fun experience and at the end of the day you will have such a good time with the girls that you’ll forget about all the stress and drama, enough to accept the next invitation to be a bridesmaid.

Well I hope this was a good overview of what it’s like to be a bridesmaid. I hope it made you laugh and I hope it actually does help when you accept the incredible life changing experience of being a bridesmaid.

As always much love,


Post- First Date Stages

Hello Hello,

I think everyone reading this post is either going through many firsts, has experienced some firsts or is living vicariously through some firsts. Either way, you will be able to relate to this post in some capacity, and if not just lay back and laugh.

First dates can be incredibly exciting. Good first dates are even better. So people always talk about the dates themselves, but no one dares talk about the Post- First Date experience. Now, of course I write this from observing a friend and not from personal experience. :D

So I thought it would be fun to write a blog post on the different stages one goes through after the first date. Here we go!

  1. Bliss: Your date just ended. Things went amazingly well. You keep replaying the date in your head. How could it have possibly gone any better? You are on cloud 9. You smile from ear to ear. Everything is perfect in this moment.
  2. Calm Before the Storm: Everything is still good. You are happy, but not dopey happy.  You are just chill.
  3. Crazy Storm: WHY HASN’T HE TEXTED ME?? Omg, what if he has a girlfriend and I’m just a booty call? Ugh, what is going on with me? Just one text! That’s all I need. It’s been 2 hours, that’s long enough for a text. JUST TEXT ME DAMN IT! He must not like me! I should text him! No I shouldn’t! I should! No!
  4. Self Doubt: What’s wrong with me? Am I not good enough? Am I not smart enough? Ugh, I really shouldn’t have said that one thing. Why am I so stupid sometimes?
  5. Screw Him: Screw him! I am good enough! I am amazing! I am beautiful! I don’t need his stupid self. If he can’t realize how good and awesome I am, then he definitely doesn’t deserve me.
  6. Soft Anger: Ugh, why can’t he just text me? Pretty pleasee….
  7. Indifference: Fine, don’t text me. Whatever, I don’t care.

Then finally that text message arrives, and suddenly every emotion you just went through seems silly and over the top. A smile creeps on your face. Every friend you just ranted to, is now rolling their eyes because they are so used to your shenanigans. But the next day you go through everything all over again. It’s a never ending cycle until you get to the second & third dates, when you get a little more clarity as to where you stand. Ah to be young, and slightly unstable.

I hope you all handle yourselves better than my “friend” does. Anyone else go through the same things? If so, let me know and you and my “friend” can bond. If not, please send some advice so this craziness can stop. Or maybe, she’s just destined to live her love life in chaos and in this roller coaster of emotion. I guess at the end of the day, it does make life more entertaining. I mean, it definitely is entertaining for others who get to laugh at her ridiculousness. Either way, everyone deals with things differently, but I hope this made you laugh. And if you do this too, laugh at yourself because let’s be honest, it is a bit crazy and that’s okay!

Much love always,


Give Yourself Your Best Chance

Hello Hello,

So lately I’ve seen a few things that all had the message of “give yourself your best chance.” Most of them had to do with love and relationships and being true to yourself in your partner preference. But I think this message can be true in every aspect of your life.

Give yourself your best chance at choosing yourself. Always pick you first. When things aren’t going as you plan and you are hurting yourself, choose you. Choose to not hurt anymore and choose to give yourself true love. This could be true from a crush to a long-term relationship. Of course, relationships require work but when is too much work worth it? When the hurt and the bad outweighs the good, maybe that’s a good sign it’s time to let go. And this is true for small things such as crushes too. If the person doesn’t feel the same or if they don’t wish to pursue anything with you, choose you. Choose to not hurt anymore and to be happy. And choose to give someone who will treasure you the chance at winning your heart.

Give yourself your best chance at loving yourself. Choose to love yourself, and accept every part of you. You have flaws, we all do. Learn to live with those flaws and use them to your advantage. You are a pretty amazing person, and the first person who should know and own that is you. Someone can only love you, if you know how to love yourself.

Give yourself your best chance at love. Love is a scary thing. Many people are too scared of it to give it a shot. Actually, many people are too scared of being hurt to give it a try. But if you’re not even giving yourself a chance to find it, if you close yourself off to even the chance, then your closing yourself off to actually finding it. Be open to love. How did you learn to walk? By falling down a few times until you finally mastered it. Love is the same thing. You might have to fall down a few times, then you pick yourself up stronger and knowing more than before until you find the one you’re looking for. And you might actually love a few times until you find the one that fits you best. ( just like the perfect pair of shoes ;) )

Give yourself your best chance at adventures. You only get one life. So shouldn’t you live it the most that you can? Shouldn’t you be sitting on your deathbed thinking “Wow, that was a heck of a ride!” That’s how I hope I feel at the end of all of this. You have the opportunity to travel? Do it! You have the opportunity to try a new food? Do it! You have the opportunity to experience something new whether that be an event, a feeling or a place? DO IT! Allow yourself to go through these things because you will create memories and learn a whole lot about you, people and places. When you’re old, the stories you’ll be telling your grandchildren or your friends are the adventures and memories you made. So make some really good ones, so that you’ll be sure to have the best stories around! Also by living adventures of your own, you might inspire those around you to be a bit more adventurous themselves.

Give yourself your best chance at happiness. Things will make you sad in life. Let it. It’s okay to be sad, to be angry, to cry and to want to punch something. The beautiful thing about being human is having all these emotions and being able to express them fully. Take those emotions and feel every single one. Because when you do, you’ll make feeling happy that much sweeter.

Give yourself your best chance to be carefree. More often than not, we are so worried about what others think of us. What we wear, what we do, what we say, or how we act are always running around in our heads as what people are judging us on. Bottom line is this, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, people will judge you no matter what. It’s human nature to see something and evaluate it. We are taught from a young age that everything requires a “grade” or an evaluation. So what do we do about it? Breaking that habit will be very hard, not only because habits are hard to break but also because I believe part of it has to do with being human. So what can we truly do? We can ignore it. Let’s be honest, you’re not perfect either and you’ve done it too even if it’s just in your head. So just ignore it. Know that you are who are, and that no one is going to change that. Go ahead! Dance like no one is watching, even if tons of people are. Sing at the supermarket, because who cares. Laugh so hard you start crying. Dress exactly how you want to. You should just be you, and no one else. Be carefree.

Give yourself your best chance to be you. Be you unapologetically. Be the best you, you can be. Be so you, that no one else in the world is like you. Because that’s what makes you memorable and unique. And I don’t mean memorable in a celebrity way, I mean memorable to the people who matter, your loved ones. More often than not, we try to conform to what society wants us to be, or what we think others want us to be. This is especially true for women, but also true for men. So girls, be strong, be muscular, be sexually active, be loud, be unique, be creative, be independent if that’s what you want to be. Don’t let labels define you and shame you. Because the best thing you can do, and you can live your life is to be 100% you.

So, here’s to giving your best chance at life. Be brave.

Much love always,


I’m Not Going Out Like That

Here’s the truth ladies and gents, sorry to break it to you but you never really leave “high school.” In reality, it just takes different forms. Whether that’s college, work, friends or really anywhere. For a time you may even be tricked into thinking that people matured and that pettiness and gossip were left behind. But, the truth is some people take longer or never really mature at all.

But you can! You can rise above the pettiness and drama and gossip and be a strong, intelligent and overall good person. We can always work on ourselves and improve something about us. Whether that’s how you perceive someone, or how you react to situations, whatever it may be you can always work a little more today to be better than yesterday. I know that is something I work at every day. To be less judgmental about people’s choices, to not put people into labels and to stand up for what is right. These are just some of the things I work at every day to make myself a better person.

So when the day comes where you feel like you’re back in high school, you can smile and know that you won’t fall to their level but instead treat them well because that’s what good strong people do. In the face of adversity you can always rise above and be kind to others and teach them through example. Kindness is the strongest form of punishment, because you are showing them what they are lacking and that is a powerful thing. So make sure to always spread love. There’s a reason TV Shows, fairy tales and stories always make love such a powerful thing and there is no shortcut to love. (But that’s a post for another time)

Much love as always,


I Have Only Changed in Your Eyes

Hello Everyone,

So most recently the people around me have learned a new simple fact about me and somehow that has changed their perception of me. I write a lot about crushes on here, but never do I change myself for them. But my friends seem to think differently.

After they have learned that I have a crush, they have been making certain comments that actually just make me laugh. Some comment that I started wearing more make up. Others have said that I’ve been dressing better and asked if I’d been shopping lately. And some even think I am dressing more sexy.

Here’s the funny part about it all, I have changed absolutely nothing about myself. I still get up at the same time. The clothes I wear I have owned for a while and have worn it before. My makeup routine has stayed exactly the same, nothing new. And I have no idea where the sexy bit came from, because I really don’t consider myself as someone who dresses sexy.

I just wanted to write about how funny it is, that sometimes one simple fact changes how people perceive you. Even though I kept everything exactly the same, one small fact made everyone start to see me differently. That just goes to show, that ultimately you shouldn’t care what others think because they will think whatever they want to. So live a carefree life and be happy with yourself. Life is a wonderful big place full of adventure, don’t waste time trying to fit this image you want people to have of you. Because more than likely they see what they want, whether it’s the truth or not.

As always much love,