I Have Only Changed in Your Eyes

Hello Everyone,

So most recently the people around me have learned a new simple fact about me and somehow that has changed their perception of me. I write a lot about crushes on here, but never do I change myself for them. But my friends seem to think differently.

After they have learned that I have a crush, they have been making certain comments that actually just make me laugh. Some comment that I started wearing more make up. Others have said that I’ve been dressing better and asked if I’d been shopping lately. And some even think I am dressing more sexy.

Here’s the funny part about it all, I have changed absolutely nothing about myself. I still get up at the same time. The clothes I wear I have owned for a while and have worn it before. My makeup routine has stayed exactly the same, nothing new. And I have no idea where the sexy bit came from, because I really don’t consider myself as someone who dresses sexy.

I just wanted to write about how funny it is, that sometimes one simple fact changes how people perceive you. Even though I kept everything exactly the same, one small fact made everyone start to see me differently. That just goes to show, that ultimately you shouldn’t care what others think because they will think whatever they want to. So live a carefree life and be happy with yourself. Life is a wonderful big place full of adventure, don’t waste time trying to fit this image you want people to have of you. Because more than likely they see what they want, whether it’s the truth or not.

As always much love,


Your Eyes Tell More Than You Think

Hello Hello,

If you know me in person, there is one thing I do that you probably have noticed and it probably bothers you. When I talk to people I never really look into their eyes, especially not if I’m saying something personal. While some consider this rude, I do have an explanation for it.

To me, eyes are a very special thing. Yes they provide you with eyesight and the ability to appreciate the world around you, but that is not what I’m here to talk about today.

Eyes can say so much about a person. You’ve probably heard the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul.” While many of you might consider it a stupid saying with no credibility, I strongly believe in it. And I don’t believe it because I think I can know everything about you by looking into your eyes. But eyes do tell stories.

What I think that saying refers to is a series of components that tell you a story. For example, when someone looks at someone else you can see if they’re happy, or sad or angry with that other person. They don’t have to say anything else, and you don’t have to look at any other part in their face except their eyes. You can read emotions through their eyes. Sometimes the eyes themselves tell stories. The glimmer in their eye can tell you about what their personality is like.  I see more than just two eyeballs when I look at someone, I see who they are as a person.

For most of my life I’ve able to tell a lot about a story from the way people look at each other. I love to people watch mostly to try to read people and figure out their stories. Most recently I’ve joined the Game of Thrones cult and been watching the series. There are two characters who are madly in love, but I can tell so much about what the guy feels for the girl from simply the way he looks at her. There is obvious love, then there’s intrigue because he wants to get to know her better, there is respect, kindness and adoration. You may say I know all this from watching his interactions with her, but I can honestly say I concluded this from the first scene they had together on screen before I saw their story develop. And to be perfectly honest, the way they look at each other is my favorite part of their interactions, much more important than any word they could say. It is true that this is all acting, but for an actor to accomplish all of that from the way he looks at someone it’s a true talent.

Now going back to why I never like to look at people directly into their eye when they’re talking to me, it’s because I’m such a strong believer in the saying that I feel stripped of any barriers. When someone looks at me in the eyes, I feel naked. I feel like they can know everything about me by just looking into my eyes. They can see every thought, every feeling and every truth. Not that I lie to people or pretend to be someone I’m not, but there’s a certain level of openness allowed for every day interaction.  So know that if I look at you straight into your eyes when you talk to me it’s because I trust you and I want you to truly know me.

I encourage you to look around you. Try to look at how someone is looking at that other person and try to read what is happening. Know that how you look at someone, says a lot about you. Use your eyes to show kindness and happiness. And the next time you see someone look away don’t automatically assume they’re lying to you, but instead try to make them feel comfortable enough to look you dead in the eyes.

As always much love,


The Things We Own



In our lives when we see something we like we buy it (for the most part). But have you ever thought that that item might reflect who you were at that time. The strangest thing happened to me the other day. I saw two items I had bought in the same city but at two different times in my life and began to compare them.

You see the picture above,  Well I bought those masks in New Orleans. The first time around I couldn’t wait to buy myself a mask. And the second time I knew I wanted to add to my collection. What ended up happening, was I got two entirely different types of masks.

The blue and gold one I bought when I was in high school. It is so beautiful and in it I see a young and sweet naivety. It reflects a simplistic beauty. And also it is very bright and lively. It reflects the kind of person i was back then. A girl who knew enough about the world to know it was beautiful and happy. A girl who as much as she would never admit it, had a certain naive nature. But yet she was strong and bold. She knew how she wanted to represent herself. She didn’t pick the mask with feathers, or with anything else that stuck out of it. She kept things within the limits, yet with a simple beauty to it. She believed in the magical nature of life. It is a mystical and beautiful mask. And it represented well the person I was as a young high school teenager.

The other I bought a few months ago when I went with my cousin. To me it’s even more beautiful. Its mature, sophisticated with a hint of darkness and mysteriousness. It is intricate with a magical feel for the girl that despite everything still believes in the magic of the world, love. I think it reflects me now. A mature young woman, who still finds beauty in life. Who knows that life is in the details. It has been tainted with a hint of darkness because she now knows the world isn’t made of only unicorns and happiness but instead that there is destruction and darkness in the world. Yet, she strives to be beautiful. The boldness still shows that she wants to stand out, but she prefers to do it in a sophisticated and demure way. The metallic color represents how she is still strong and unyielding on her principles. Even the shapes in the mask, shows a different style of beauty. This mask represents me and who I am.

I think both masks are beautiful, but in the place I am at in my life the one I most recently bought is a bit more beautiful than the other. This representation in what we own can be showcased in anything you own: artifacts, clothes, shoes, purses, even your throw pillows on your couch. Buying different things at different times in our lives are a great way to have tangible objects that we can later reflect upon and remember a certain period of our lives. The objects tell the story, and that’s truly a beautiful thing.

As always much love,


We Live in a World of Choices

Hello Hello,

When I reflect on the weekend and the week I had last week, one common topic was reflected throughout: choices. From the religious school I help out at, to movies I’ve seen, to conversations I’ve had, choices was the reoccurring theme in my life last week. I think it’s something we don’t talk about enough. And it’s a topic I feel is not talked about enough between parents and kids.

What are choices? Choices are the decisions we make every single day. Big or small, every choice shapes your life. Some choices you think about, some you don’t. Some take calculated rationalizing and some are made with a gut feeling. However big or small and however you make your choice, you do it. You choose every day. And if you stop and think about that concept for a bit, it will blow your mind.

So now that you have realized that every single thing in your life is a choice, you now know how important those are. Your choices define your life. So right off the bat, I want to say try and make the good choices, the choices that will make you happy. It might not be the easiest choice to make, but it might be the most worth it in the end. And it’s not wrong to make decisions on a limb based on a gut feeling, I do it all the time. Because my rule of guide is this, if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.

Also know the choices you make don’t just affect you, but also the people around you. Choices affect others, whether you know them or not. So when you’re making choices you are not just making them for yourself, but also for those that could be affected. Which is why people always reiterate making good choices not just for yourself, which is important, but also for those around you.

So the next time you are presented with a choice, which could be in 5 minutes, an hour or a day, think about it. Or don’t and act with your gut. Either way, know you are making a choice. And even when you feel like you don’t have a choice, remember you ALWAYS have a choice, sometimes it takes a little more thinking to find an alternate solution.

As always much love,


Caitlyn Jenner is Also Just a Fellow Human Being

Hello Hello,

So I sat here debating for a while whether to say anything about the whole Caitlyn Jenner situation. I don’t have much to say, because I’ve never been in her shoes. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in the body I was born in and I’m extremely grateful for that. But I can say a few things on how people are reacting to her change.

Bottom line is this, she wasn’t happy with who she was. I’ve read articles calling it disgusting and not natural and that women should be offended that Caitlyn calls herself a woman. And I’m in awe that in the society we live in today, we can’t be more accepting. First off it was a man who said us women should feel offended. Let me enlighten him a little, being a woman is not based on your physical attributes, it goes deeper then the skin. While yes having certain body parts does qualify you as being female, being a woman is really about how you feel inside. And I’m not referring to feminine attributes, because I believe men can have those as well. But really it comes down to how you see yourself in your own eyes.

Secondly I’ve seen women criticize the attire she chose to make her debut in. And to that I say, it has nothing to do with sexualizing women but instead it’s just a stylistic preference. Some women like the pin up looks, while others like to keep everything covered, we shouldn’t criticize women on what they prefer to wear. So why are we criticizing Caitlyn’s choice?

And thirdly, there has been immense contradictions on Caitlyn’s status. I don’t think she wants to be seen as a hero or anything grand like that. She just happened to already live in the public’s eye and wanted to share her true self, who happens to be another gender. And I think, if she happens to be a role model to those not comfortable in their own skin or any transgender person out there, great! I don’t think she’s a hero or an angel, I think she’s human and making her own choices. That choice happened to be a sex change.

So I say let’s not blow this up more than it should be, but let’s give it the respect it deserves. The respect of making your own choices. The respect of being human.

So like I said I don’t know much on the topic of transgender, but I do know a little something on the topic of being a good human being. So let’s respect a fellow human being’s choices. And let’s try to live our lives a little kinder and with a little less criticism.

Much love always,


Inspiration from the Unlikeliest Places

Good Morning Everyone,

As many of you know, last week I was in the sin city, Las Vegas! What an epic trip that was. I even caught myself just standing there thinking “am I really here? Wow!” I am lucky enough to be able to go on trips and have these life experiences and create these lifetime memories, and that is simply incredible.

But one thing that no one expects you to feel in Vegas, I was lucky enough to feel. No I’m not talking about love, haha. I’m referring to this burning desire to fight for my life and my dreams. Over the weekend there I attended Rock in Rio. While at the festival many of the artists performing encouraged us to follow our dreams and to truly never give up on ourselves. You have to fight for what you want, no matter what anyone says. Your dreams can come true with hard work. With all of these speeches and their beautiful songs that followed, the overwhelming feeling I got was enough to make me cry on several occasions.

Some of the songs that were enough to make me emotional was Taylor Swift’s Clean, Big Sean’s One Man Can Change the World, Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith, and basically every song by Ed Sheeran. The concert in itself was epic but the emotions and drive I got from watching these people do what they love.

It’s just a reminder that you sometimes get inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. And I really needed the motivation to get me back on track. So if you’re in need of inspirations and/or motivation take a look around you and just realize how lucky you are. And then something might unexpectedly inspire you to follow your heart and fight for your dreams.

As always, much love,


My Ode to Tiffany

Hello Everyone,

In honor of spending most of this week in LAS VEGAS, I figured I’d dedicate this post to the person going with me.

Dear Tiff,

Thank you for being the best partner in crime. Thank you for not laughing at my crazy ideas but instead agree to go with me. You never reject a trip idea, and I love you for that. You have given me the opportunity to know what it’s like to go through these major experiences with someone by my side. No matter how crazy or hard it may seem, you make it happen! Vegas has no idea what’s in store for them! Let’s go paint that town red, purple, blue and whatever other color we want because this trip will be our amazing adventure!

Love you always and see you on the other side,


Dadbods Really?

Hello Hello,

So I just read an article that is talking about how the new craze is girls loving “dadbods.”

Listen I am all for the whole man body empowerment too. I think it’s great that we’re talking about something that for the most part is not talked about enough. The talk of body shaming women is all over the place and it’s a constant topic of debate. But male body shaming isn’t talked about as much. So I fully support this girl writing this article all about supporting dadbods.

While I support this topic and think it’s great, it should not be generalized as the preference for all girls. The same way it is unrealistic to expect these perfect bodies on women, it’s also unrealistic to expect washboard abs on men. But that does not mean that we don’t want a fit man. Personally, I’d like a guy who goes the gym as often as I do (3 times a week) but isn’t going to be devastated if we go pick up some junk food or has to skip the gym a day. I by no means expect a perfect body, but I’d like a healthy and fit bodied man.

Her description was of a man who exercises regularly yet isn’t afraid to drink or eat. And I’m absolutely on board with that description, however the pictures they attached to her description, is not at all what I picture. A guy can be unafraid to eat and drink how much ever he wants, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have a gut or a belly. All I’m saying is a guy can be a regular looking guy without having a belly or a gut. Just like women, guys have a variety of body shapes and sizes that classify what normal looks like.

Bottom line is preference. My preference happens to be a toned and healthy man. He doesn’t need to have the perfect abs or veins popping out of the muscle, because honestly that is not only intimidating but unattractive. I would like a man to care about his appearance and put some effort into keeping himself healthy the same way I do. I am not a health freak or a gym freak, but I like feeling good about myself after a nice work out. And I would love to have my husband be a hottie and still fit after 20 years of marriage. It’s not completely unrealistic as I’ve seen plenty of dads with nice toned bodies. But if it happens that after 20 years he starts getting a dadbod that will make sense because he will be a dad and I’ll be sporting the mom body. So with the logic of “you already get a preview and no surprises” sorry to tell you it probably won’t stay the same. And wouldn’t you want the two of you to grow old together and grow into older bodies together? I know I do.

All in all, men love your bodies too because they are great. If you have the “dadbod” know that there are plenty of girls out there who want you exactly as you are. Guys who go to the gym every single day, there are girls out there for you too. And the guys in between who have a fit body but don’t feel the need to live at the gym, Hi! And guys who have a lot more of you to love, there are plenty of girls out there who would love to cuddle the heck out of you. Whatever your body type, be proud. Know that we don’t expect you to be a male model or be perfect, because your imperfections are exactly what make you relatable and approachable.

Much love always,


This Body Shaming Needs to STOP

Hello Hello,

Last week I saw a lot of articles on one specific topic that really bothered me and I feel the need to address it. Body shaming. We live in a society that thinks it’s okay to tell girls what they can or can’t wear. Meanwhile, boys get no such regulation. It is now prom season and we’re seeing all over the country girls being turned away for the most outrageous things.

On one case a girl got turned away for showing her shoulders. You read that right. HER SHOULDERS!  What is so sexy about shoulders? We all have them, and the last time I checked men and women’s shoulders look pretty much the same. On another instance a girl’s back was showing through a key hole back. Guys, this means there is a hole in the back of the dress that shows a small part of the middle of the back. Again, boys have that too and no one is stopping them from showing it. And another case was simply because she was plus size and showed a little bit of cleavage.

Now listen, I do agree that girls should not be attending a school function with what looks like a bikini strung together by a tiny piece of cloth. But I believe that because I think girls should look classy on an important night. They should look and feel as glamorous as if they were walking the red carpet. But schools seem to think that a little skin is automatically a reason to shut them out from their own proms.

Sadly, it doesn’t just stop at proms, it applies to school too. Again, I agree there should be some set of rules. For example, for boys it’s no hats, and no clothing that represents gangs. See the theme there, preventing a violence association and hats indoors can be seen as disrespectful. Now the girl’s list of requirements happens to be ten times as long. No girl should be wearing booty shorts and a bra to school, mostly out of respect to themselves. But at the same time, who are we to shut down that person’s fashion identity. And while the guy’s requirement reasoning is violence prevention, the girl’s requirement reasoning seems to be to not distract boys. And that reason infuriates me. Women were not put on Earth to serve men and be the object of their sexual desires, we are human beings too with our own lives. Yes we need one another to procreate and we are attracted to each other (or maybe not), but what women wear should not be judged by the “sexualization” factor.  The fact that our clothing is too distracting for boys at school and therefore we are told to change is absurd. How about instead of making girls change their clothes, we change boys’ minds? How about we teach boys from a young age that girls are not their servants and don’t wear their clothes for them? I know you’ve probably read this a million times, but I honestly can’t stress it enough. The problem is not with girls, but with boys. And to be honest, sometimes it’s not even the boys fault but society and the older generation’s fault.

To prove this point, I read an article that not only made me sick to my stomach but it made me so very mad. A little girl wore a beautiful rainbow dress to pre-school. She was told to put a t-shirt over her dress and jeans under. Mind you, the dress was a maxi dress with spaghetti straps. She is 5. FIVE. 5 YEARS OLD. That is an age where boys and girls physically look almost identical. And to be quite honest, that’s still a phase where boys think girls have cooties. Why are we teaching young girls, as young as 5, that it’s not okay to show your shoulders or wear a dress? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! I can’t stress enough that this girl is 5 YEARS OLD! And honestly, it doesn’t matter if the girl is 5, 15 or 50 we shouldn’t be dressed according to what men find sexy or not. That’s absolutely outrageous.

So school administrators and boys, I have one thing to say to you: what we wear is for us, it’s what makes us feel good about ourselves and expresses who truly are. I urge every girl to stand up for herself. I urge parents to stand up for your kids. Because in this day and age, we should not still have to worry about body shaming women. The media does that plenty with all the technology available. The last thing we need is schools body shaming girls and making them feel less than what they are, beautiful.

Much love always,


A Letter to a Funny Man

Dear Funny Man,

This letter might seem odd, but it reads only the truth. I first saw you while I stood in line waiting to get myself a drink. I looked in your direction and instantly thought you were attractive. My overprotective brain, however, immediately dismissed you for your height. (Which by the way I am totally okay with!) Little did I know I was walking into your show. Your lines and routines made me laugh. The music played in the breaks and you began dancing.  I was hooked. You danced like no one else was in the room and you were having the time of your life. I wanted to join your little world and dance carelessly with you. It was then that I realized I was smitten by you. At some point in the show, you happened to look in my direction. I believe we made eye contact because the electricity I felt within me was real. And that could have only happened if our eyes had truly met. I couldn’t stop gushing over how cute you were to the girls. Much too soon the show was over. But much to my delight you announced you’d be outside mingling. I thought this was my chance to meet you in person. And I was not disappointed. My girls brought you over to me and we said our first official hellos. Butterflies took over my insides as I felt as giddy as a little girl. I looked you straight in the eyes and saw not only a beautiful man, but a beautiful soul. I clung to every word you uttered and laughed at every joke. I found myself wishing the rest of the room would disappear and we could have a proper chat. I also got a little jealous when other girls were yelling that their friend found you attractive too. The saddest part of the night was having to leave. I hope we meet again Funny Man. And I hope this time we get to really talk. I’m intrigued by your humor, and by the little of your life you did share. I will patiently wait and hope that life will bring us together once more. Until then, take care Funny Man.

With much intrigue,

Lover Girl