We’re Never Truly Alone

Hello Everyone,

In my life I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some people that unfortunately are no longer with me. I know this is true for many people around us, whether we know it or not. It’s not until you lose someone that you start to notice just how beautifully strong people around us are, because they continue on with life and live happy lives. You would never even know they lost someone until they tell you. I know this, because that’s how I live my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it because I’m in denial or it didn’t phase me. Not at all, I’ve been devastated every time I lose someone I love. But living a sad life is not at all what they would want for me. So I live a happy life for me and for them. And even more importantly, I do it because I know I may not be able to see them but they never truly leave me. They’re always around guiding me, protecting me and letting me know how much I am loved.

To all my loved ones who have passed on, to all my loved ones here who hurt every day for the ones they’ve lost, to anyone who needs a little reminding that those who we love and lose never truly leave us, I dedicate to you this beautiful dance.

Bindi Irwin performed this for her late father but it is true for any of us who’ve lost someone. And she also reminds us to always be kind to everyone and to live positive meaningful lives.

Much love always,


America Land of the Free?


Okay, today’s post is going to be a bit more serious because I’ve been seeing things on the news that quite frankly are pissing me off.

If you ask any American where they’re from they will most likely say something like Irish, English, French, Italian, etc. More often than not they will state their heritage and not the state which they’re from. That always boggled my mind. Because when you ask me where I’m from, I’ll tell you where I was born, Brazil, or where I live, Boston. But for some reason, unknown to me, Americans rarely say America or the state from which they are from.

But now, we are facing a huge issue where we are forgetting to recognize something very important. Hundreds of years ago, people from all over Europe, and the world really, wanted to go to a place where they could be free from any kind of persecution and they all landed here. America was founded on immigrants. People came together from all over the world, took a land that was inhabited by the Native Americans and started their own country. None of the founding fathers were born in America, they were all immigrants.

Most came to America to find refuge from religious and political persecution. Since then, America has always been associated with freedom and a better life. Except it seems that in the last few years that’s exactly what we haven’t been doing. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful that as an immigrant myself I get to call this land home. And that they accepted me with open arms. But so many can’t say the same.

But even more importantly, the world truly needs us now more than ever and our political leaders refuse to see it. There are countries in the middle east truly suffering from terrorist attacks, and those people have been fleeing to save their families and their own lives. They have found refuge all over Europe. European countries have opened their arms to those people, offered them a home and a better life without a second thought. Why can’t we?

Why are we trying to get a “religious test” to approve who gets in? I say it again, weren’t we founded on freedom, from any kind of persecution? And if I’m not mistaken that covers religious persecution, something they’re all facing and we are trying to impose. Why are people refusing to give others what their ancestors received first?

Let’s stand with Obama and show the other political leaders that we won’t accept this. Let’s remind them what it truly means to be an American. Let’s open our arms and homes to the Syrian refugees and other refugees that need our help. I know there logistics to figure out and, as always, money issues to be considered, but don’t let that prevent us from saving lives. There are innocent children caught in the middle this as much as the adults just trying to live. Let our voices be heard and let our home become a safe house for them. Let’s remind the world that we are known as the land of the free for a reason

Much love always,



You Don’t Have To Grow Up

Hello Hello,

So a few months ago I was celebrating my little cousin’s birthday and I told him “Don’t Grow Up. I mean it. Stay a kid forever.” And at that time, that made me so sad. And then today I thought to myself “I don’t want to be an adult anymore.” And that’s when it hit me, I don’t have to be.

Now, don’t get me wrong for certain parts of your life you do have to be an adult. Being responsible, paying bills, being mature about situations and all that stuff requires a certain level of maturity that adults have. But inside, you can absolutely be a kid.

You can be carefree and happy about life. As a child life is simple, you don’t care about anything. And that is a mentality you can keep going. While life is a lot more complicated and messy as a grown up, the mentality of not sweating the small stuff can really help you be happier. And that is definitely something we could all use a little more in our life.

We also don’t really care what others think of us when we’re young. We haven’t yet let comments start affecting how we see ourselves and how we act. But I say, screw that! Be silly, dance in public, make stupid jokes and just don’t be afraid to be 100% you. People will always judge and make comments, so the more we realize that, the more okay we’ll be to do what we want.

The simple things used to make your day. Like having ice cream, or a nice word from someone. Let those things be enough today too. Let a smile from someone brighten your day. Or helping someone bring you joy. Sure, the big things are memorable and amazing. But those happen a lot less often than small simple things. And when you look back at your day, what you typically remember is how one small act of kindness made an impact on your day. Life is made of the small moments, so make sure you don’t miss them.

Growing up is overrated. Stay a kid at heart. Laugh til it hurts. Jump for joy in the middle of a candy store. Offer a nice word to a stranger. Stop caring what others have to say about you. Because the only opinion that matters is what you think of yourself, and if you’re happy with who you are, then the rest is irrelevant. Don’t grow up inside, because being a kid at heart might make you happier than you ever could be as an adult.

Much Love Always,


Dear One Direction,

My Dearest One Direction,

Today’s the day. Friday the 13th. The day of release of your last album, for now. I want to believe very much so that this is not the end. That we’ll get more CDs and more tours and more of your silly interviews. But the future is never sure, and that’s a little sad. So on this day I wanted to write this letter.

Finding out about you 5 years ago was one of the best things to happen to me. Liking a band a few years younger than me has taught me valuable lessons. Constantly being judged for it, taught me not to care what others said. It has taught me to be secure in the things I like, and even more so, be proud of it. We all like different things and I will stand with the ones I like.Most people don’t understand why I love you guys so much, and trying to explain it to them is just impossible because there is no right words to use to explain it.

Your concerts are some of the best I’ve ever attended and I remember each one so fondly. More than that, every concert was an adventure. Whether I saw you in Detroit as the opening act to BTR, or in Chicago or in Louisville at Madison Square Garden, every single concert has a story. I have made great friends through our mutual like of you.

Each of you staying true to who you are, has reminded me constantly to not be afraid to be 100% me. You’ve reminded me to have fun with my life and to seek out adventures. You also helped me figure out how much I would love to be a part of a team that puts together these events that bring people so much joy through music.

Writing every memory I have with you guys would take pages and pages. I think everything I’m thinking and feeling can be summed up with what you say every time you get on stage, Thank You!

Thank you for the music. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for the smiles. Thank you for the words of encouragement, when life got too much. Thank you for reminding me I am beautiful. Thank you for being true to yourselves and to us. Thank you for everything.

My friends who are also fans, understand what an emotional day today is for all of us. I will not be sobbing insanely like the really obsessive Directioners, but the feelings will be the same. I will not be “dying” today, but I will miss you. I will not be “I can’t even”, wait, actually I might be “can’t even.” I understand the feelings, but I will deal with today on my own terms.

I will always support the four of you and will be anxiously awaiting your return. Although I will understand if that doesn’t happen or only happens in 10 years. Thank you for everything and I wish you all nothing but the best, always.

Much love always.


PS- This album may just be your best one ever. And I can’t promise I won’t get really emotional hearing History.

Being Single Sucks Sometimes

Hello from the other side (sorry Adele is in my head),

Here are some of the things about relationships you miss most while being single. No one ever really wants to talk about, but I am here today to put it out in the open. And besties before you get defensive saying you can get these things from friendship, you and I know it’s not the same. Besties are great, but there are things that we all need from our partners.

1.The calming notion that you will always have someone there for you. Whether you want to call them at 4am, or whether you need someone in your corner you know that person will always be there for you. It doesn’t mean you’re actually going to call them at 4am but it’s nice to know you can. And while yes you have besties for that too, it’s different when it’s coming from someone who loves you in a romantic way, who wants to take care of you and who feels about you the same way you do them. I guess this ties into the basic instinct of security.

2.They’re the the first person you want to call with good news. And they’re also the first person you want to call with bad news. You want to share everything with that person, the good and the bad. When you’re excited about something you want to call them. When you’re sad, they know how to cheer you up or just comfort you. Sometimes they don’t even need to say anything, but a silent phone call can be the most comforting thing you need right now.

3.Embraces.  Being the touchy feely person that I am, this is definitely the one I struggle with the most. Just hugging your partner. Or them holding you or cuddling you or just embracing you, there is so much comfort in that. I like to be held, to feel like that from a person who really wants to be with me and cares for me is the best feeling.

4.Actually physical contact in general. Holding hands, hugging, dancing, kissing, play fighting, basically anything that allows two people who care about each other to touch. But it’s different when it’s coming from your partner. It’s almost electric and ecstatic. You feel the happiness coming from the butterflies in the pit of your stomach to the overwhelming feeling of warmth in your heart.

5.Being in a relationship. I know this is an obvious one and maybe a cop out, but it’s true. I love my singlehood but sometimes I miss being in a relationship for all the reasons listed above and beyond. Like the way they look at you, or say something to you. Or the way they know what makes you laugh, or your favorite ice cream. Or having that person to hold your hand when your scared of life. Or knowing that nothing can be so bad as long as they’re with you. Or feeling so lucky to have found that person and to be part of that person’s life.

There are so many things that go into being in a relationship. Some are not so fun, and some are the best moments in life. For me the thing I struggle the most with is not being able to share my life with anyone right now. I love to travel and go on adventures, and as much as I adore going with my girls part of me does wish I was able to take one of those trips with someone I love romantically, to share that experience with my boyfriend.

Okay so for now I am done with my wallowing in my being single. I hope you know that this is part of life. And while I am choosing to be single (at least that’s what I tell myself, haha) I truly am happy about it. I know I need this time to explore the world by myself. And that soon enough that time to find someone will come. But for now, I’m good on my own, even if sometimes the loneliness kicks in and reminds me of all the things above.

Much love always,


Eldest Child, Be Selfish!

Hello Hello,

Hopefully the title of this post made you curious enough to click on it. Now, you might be thinking I’m a bad person for telling others to be selfish, instead of telling them to be more giving. But hear me out.

As a child/teen you are required to listen to your parents, your teachers and any other adult. You are taught to be kind, giving, and caring. All really great qualities to make you the best human being possible. If you are the oldest child, you are also taught responsibility and caring for others. So typically from a young age you are already responsible for another human being. While growing up you also realize your parents need to be cared for too. So you take it upon yourself to help them however you can.

When you find the right person you are now tending to their needs and to their wants. And soon enough you get married and have children. Raising children means you become the most selfless person you can be, because you do everything for you kids. It is true I have no experience, but what I do have is an example. You put your kids first no matter what. Then comes your partner. And you somehow come in last.

So here is my suggestion: be selfish in your 20s! Let yourself do whatever your heart desires. Travel, take a class, go to that party, visit that museum, whatever it is that you want to do, do it. You may feel a little guilty and bad for being selfish after spending your whole life being taught to be giving, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be a little selfish. This is the only time that all the money you make can be used for yourself only. It is the only time you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You have no commitments, hopefully no serious problem just yet, and probably when your health is best.

I’m just here to tell you it’s okay to be selfish for a decade of your life, when you’ll spend at least the other six decades being selfless. Take this time to be with yourself and to do whatever your little heart desires.

Much love always,


Dear Hair,

Dearest Hair,

We need to talk about this unhealthy relationship we have with you. Why is it so hard to cut you? Why do we have a harder time letting go of you than we do of going to the doctor or worse the dentist?

I think it stems from the fact that once you’re gone, for the majority of us non rich folk, you’re actually gone. It takes months and months to grow you back. Or maybe that’s just it. Because it takes so long and we take care of you constantly that we’ve grown attached to you, all of you. And you’re not like a piece of clothing we can just replace or wear when we feel like. We wear you every day, and we have to like you as you are.

So when it’s that fateful time to cut because you’ve become too much of a hassle, or because winter is coming and the last thing we want to deal with is staticky hair all over our faces. It’s just easier to deal with short hair. And in time you’ll grow back.

I’m sorry to have to do this, but it’s time to chop some of you off.

I will always love you,

Your human

The Real Hard Truth About Social Media

Hello Everyone,

As you guys know I love to write as a reaction to something, and that’s exactly what today’s post is about. I saw an article about this girl exposing the harsh truth about social media. While I don’t have nearly as many followers as she does, and I do understand some of her points, most of it simply came off as being extremely whiny.

Some of the points she references is how we use social media to feel liked, and how the numbers on it mean nothing. And shes asks someone to please make a social media platform that doesn’t involve likes, follows, etc. Well a bit of newsflash, that doesn’t exist and will likely never exist. Social media platforms are created for people to connect, and the success rates of those websites are measured with numbers. Also, most things in life are measured by a number. How successful of a business you are, how much money you make classifies your status in society, and many many more.

By now, I can hear some of you saying, but not everything in life should be measured by numbers. And you are absolutely right. Happiness cannot be measured by a number. Dreams can’t be deemed successful by a statistic. For those things there is no validation from an outside party. The only person who can say if you’ve been successful is you. Which is where this girl needs a reality check.

I understand how hard it is to grow up in a society where you constantly feel judged. ( I mean come on, nothing is more stressful than picking your top 8 on MySpace. And God forbid you don’t make your bestie’s top 8. Now THAT’S stress.) Where the number of likes dictates how much people actually like you. Where how many followers you have deems you popular or not. But what this young generation needs to understand is that, yes those numbers mean absolutely NOTHING. Because all of those things come from inside. So instead of asking for someone to create a platform where those things don’t exist, take a close look at yourself. You should feel proud of yourself. You should like yourself. And you should be okay with who you are as a person. Because you will never stop being judged. Unfortunately, it never stops. So, you need to know to not let those things affect you.

On the other hand, if you are putting yourself out there to the world, those numbers do mean something. To some people you may seem like a role model or an example. That is not something to take lightly. And I’m sure to any follower that respected you, hearing you saying that those numbers meant nothing, makes you look a bit ungrateful. It’s a hard line to balance, but it is one you need to understand before you commit to being a social media icon.

About half way through the video, she finally has a breakthrough. Something people have been saying for years. Something I have actually written about before. Disconnecting from social media. But what I think is important is to find a balance for your every day life. Social media can be as great as it can be detrimental. The real truth about it all, is that you control the hold it has over you. You have the power to dictate how it affects your life, don’t let social media tell you how to live.

For example, I use my Facebook and Instagram to share pictures and messages about my life. I use this blog to spread messages of positivity to others. I use Pinterest to be creative and plan. I manage how these websites affect my life, not the other way around.

And as I watched a little more she finally started to understand that social media’s real purpose. It’s not made for approval of others, that’s what society has turned it into. The name itself tells you what it was created for. It was made to start conversations. It was made to connect people. It was made for people to share what’s important to them. So young generation, listen up. Learn what social media is really about, and start using it as such.

Also, it is important to note that she removed herself from social medias, yet created a website and will be making videos three times a week. Then she offers to promote videos of people with important messages. Thus, contradicting her point in the first place. Sorry girl, but social media is a numbers game. Just don’t let it destroy who you are. Although, this post may be a bit critical of her, I am glad she finally broke free of the hold social media had on her and that is on to do bigger things. I do hope people hear her message of freedom from social media, a message several have been trying to preach, and follow it.

So while I agree that you should spread the message of people disconnecting from social media, remember it’s not all bad. It’s what you make of it.

Much Love Always,


The Stages of Writing a Personal Statement

Hello Everyone,

For all those prospective students, an explanation as to how you feel.

1. “I’m SO excited to do this!”

This is the start. You are so ready for this essay.  You are going to kick it’s butt. You are ready for this challenge. They have to know how awesome you are! This is going to be your ticket in!

2. “How do I even start this?”

At first you have no idea how to even start the dang thing. There are so many awesome things about you that you don’t know which one to lead it with. Should you start with a quote? Maybe a story? Maybe straight to the point? AHHHHHHHHHHHH! The best thing I can say here is to follow an advice I read online: Just start! Doesn’t matter how just start. If you keep trying to figure it out you will have writer’s block.

3. “I SO got this!”

Once the hard part of starting is initiated then you are rolling through. You have so many good examples and stories to tell. There is so much you need to put in one paper, how will it ever fit?

4. “I’m allowed HOW MANY words?”

This is after you’ve written your essay and look at the length requirement. You have probably written WAY more than what is allowed and you need to cut it back. So you work a few hours to cut it down.

5. “What do you think?”

Is a question you will often be thinking. If you are like me, at this point you’ve sent your essay to your parents and some of your closest friends. Pick ones that understand you, but also are familiar with the environment you will be going to. Feedback is critical. You may think your paper is amazing, but other people read it very differently. Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism, take all the feedback and work it into your paper.

6. “So, you’re telling me I need to rewrite this whole thing?”

If you’re situation was like mine, the essay was good but it didn’t fit the culture of where I was applying. My friend who had studied in that environment before gave me feedback and I am incredible grateful. While I appreciated the feedback, it was still a little discouraging. But you have to be objective, you have to accomplish your goal in the best way possible.

7. “I can’t do it. I’m not good enough.”

At one point or another we all reach this point of self-doubt. You think you are not good enough, or not smart enough. You know deep down you are, but the situation of rewriting is overwhelming and discouraging. You NEED this step. This step is the one that is the lowest point, which means after this you will soar up.

8. “What is wrong with me, OF COURSE I CAN DO THIS!”

This is the point where you realize that heck yes you are good enough. Heck yes, you can do this! This is your aha moment! The moment things start making sense and become even more of a fighter. This moment for me actually happened as I was walking my mile at the gym after an intense work out. I just realized if this lazy bum can get her butt in the gym 3 times a week and work so hard for that bikini ready bod, she can TOTALLY own this essay. I regained new strength and courage to this!

9. “Time to press submit.”

You’ve done it. You’ve written the best essay you could have possibly written. You feel confident with what you are submitting. It’s exciting and exhilarating. You are ready for this, so you press send.

10. “Let me check my e-mail.”

You are paranoid. You are not constantly checking your e-mail for a response. You are dying to know if you have been accepted or not. It is your only thought and you are staring at that screen until you get an answer.

And whether you get accepted or not, I hope you know that all that hard work you put in wasn’t for nothing. You learned a lot about yourself, and showed how much of a fighter you are. This is a stage most of us go through in life and it only makes us better for it. Good luck on all those college essays and happy writing!

Much love always,


Food For Thought: Books are the Reason for Our Generation’s Daring Nature?

Recently I read an article on how my generation isn’t afraid to break the mold and isn’t afraid to be broke in order to do what we love. The older generations don’t understand and we don’t know how to explain to them.

Today I realized why we might be more willing to break free and to be true to ourselves. It came to me as I was reading a Buzzfeed article about banned books that actually changed your life. As I read through the list there was one thing in common for a few of these. Some of these were books I had been required to read while in high school. A few examples are: Diary of Anne Frank, The Giver, Fahrenheit 451, The Catcher in the Rye, and Brave New World (1984 is not on the list but it is very similar to Brave New World). Most of these have the common theme, they reflected a society that scarily resembled what we were turning into. A big brother society with too much controlling us, where everything you do is being watched. The reality that our society was closer to this, than the time these books were written truly shocked us. Dare I say, that might have been our wake up call to break free from the mold and be bold? I obviously can’t attribute it only to that, but I do think it had some affect on us.

Others were book that we read for fun. For example The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Harry Potter. These taught us that it was okay to be different and to embrace it. They taught us that with the support of love and friendships you can fight evil, or in this case the challenges our lives would bring.

One way or another these books that we were exposed to growing up have affected us and made us realize that we do have the power to make a change. But it also showed us what we didn’t want to become. And i truly think that’s what motivated us to change. You won’t see anyone quoting these books while they break the mold, but books shape us, they affect how we see the world. That’s their magical power. And maybe that’s why Fahrenheit 451 was written? Because books have so much power that they can be dangerous for those afraid of change. And the adults who showed us these books, probably didn’t noticed just how much we would change because of these books. Hence creating this generation that is daring, bold and motivated to be true to ourselves.

Just a little food for thought.

Much love always,