I’m Back

I feel like this is a common post on this blog. Every so often I disappear but I always come back to this space. It’s my safe space, it’s where I can write freely and it’s where I go to explore my writing abilities and hopefully help at least one person that is reading this blog. There is no set schedule but I wanted to know, I want to write on here again. So be on the look out for that. For now, I hope you all are well.

Much love always,


Steps of Binge Watching A New Show

Hello Hello,

So I’m not sure how many of you know just how much I love television and movies. And when I’m convinced either by myself or others to start a new show, pacing myself is never an option. And I know many of you out there can relate to binge watching shows. The more I’ve done it, the more I have noticed there are a few steps that happen every time. Let’s review these steps shall we?

1. Excitement

When you decide to watch a new show there is a lot of excitement about what you’re about to start watching. You also can’t wait to finally see what all those trailers were about. And finally you’ll be able to talk to your friends who have been begging you to start watching that show.

2. Sole Focus on the Show

You’re a few episodes in and you’ve been completely sucked in. You can’t think or watch or read anything else. All of your thoughts are dedicated to that show. It’s all you can think about. When you’re not watching it, you are dying to watch it. When you’re out with friends all you want to talk or think about is the show. I have caught myself many a times just staring blankly into space thinking about the show while my friends try to figure out what’s wrong with me. Is it just me?

3. Depression

Every time without fail, I hit the half way point and I just get depressed. Whether it’s because the story isn’t actually true. Or there’s been a lot of tragedy in a short time span. Or maybe I just get overwhelmed with the story. Whatever it may be, I can guarantee that about half way through a show I get seriously down. This usually results in me not watching the show for a few days.

4. Regain excitement

After you hit that slump, you come out on the other end excited again about the show. You’ve officially hit your second wind and are ready to take on all the other episodes just waiting for you to watch them.

5. Post Show Depression

After the show is over, you just don’t know what to do with yourself. If you’re getting caught up on a show still on the air, you now have to be patient and watch every episode week by week. Sometimes you have to wait a few months for the new season (thanks a lot Game of Thrones), and sometimes even years (I’m talking to you Sherlock!).

Do you react the same way I do? Do you go through these phases? What shows have you binge watched? I have binge watched Merlin (one of my all time favorites!), Sherlock, Game of Thrones (highly recommended that you actually take your time, it’s a lot to deal with), and now iZombie. There’s probably a lot more shows that I binge watched, I just can’t remember. However you react when it comes to binge watching, I hope every new show brings something new to your life.


Much love always,


My Dream Smacked Me In The Face

Hello Hello,

I think I have already posted blogs on not knowing what I wanted to do with my life and being okay with that. Well, here I am on the other end ready to tell you why that is in fact okay.

It wasn’t until recently that a lot of things started falling together and making sense. So let’s review a few things.

1. I love writing.

Writing this blog is one thing that brings me a lot of joy. I enjoy every time I have to write and it never really feels like a drag. And when I’m not writing here, I write in a journal or work on works of fiction. So, bottom line is the girl who actually used to hate to write in high school, now absolutely loves it!

2. When it comes to traveling, I get a thrill out of planning it.

It is true, I may over plan sometimes, but I just can’t help it. Trying to organize everything, read up on everything, and just plan is a high for me. So I absolutely love doing it too, almost as much as the actual trip.

3. I like to think that I can help people with my advice.

I’ve always felt that I have something to say, that it is my duty to help people. It’s been something within me for a long time. And I genuinely believe the advice I have is helpful. I mean people keep coming to me for advice, I must be doing something right. It’s part of the reason I created this blog in the first place.

So why couldn’t I see what was right in my face? I had previously thought about a travel blog, but had always assumed it was frustrating and too much work. I always thought it wasn’t for me, that I just couldn’t do it. Well, I definitely proved myself different.

After I got this awesome opportunity at work to write articles related to traveling, I gained some confidence. People were complementing my article and encouraging me. That’s when I was basically slapped in the face with the reality that ‘umm YES YOU CAN DO IT!’

I never knew what one of my dreams could be, until now. I got enough confidence to make the decision that I was going to do this, I was going to create my very own travel blog and work so hard at it to in the future make it my full time job. And having that as a job would allow me to do something else I love, TRAVEL. I mean it’s a win-win, and I had never realized it until now.

But even more than realizing this, I learned something about myself. I’ve never been so eager and hungry to do something. The amount of time and money I have dedicated to starting this, I have shown myself just how much I love it. And every morning I wake up eager and excited to work on it, regardless of my set backs. I also never knew how eager I could be to learn. They give you costly options to have things done for you, but I am independent and really eager to learn to do things for myself. I was never the most eager student, I did it because I had to. But now, I WANT TO! And, honestly, I am so amazed and proud of myself. And that’s when I realized just how much I love this dream. I am eager to learn, work hard, and truly dedicate myself to it.

If you haven’t found that thing for you yet, don’t worry it will fall right on your face and you’re going to be like ‘DUH!” In the meantime, explore different things. Try out things you never thought you’d like doing. You might just surprise yourself.

Much love always,


A Letter to My High School English Teacher

Dearest English Honors Teacher,

Thank you.

Thank you for teaching me that English was much more than five paragraphs, a thesis statement and a conclusion. Thank you for teaching me to expand my mind. Thank you for letting me run wild on the pages of my notebook, writing whatever came to mind in no particular organized form. But most of all thank you for teaching me one of the greatest things I could have learned, that I can write. And not only that I can, in fact, write, but that I can write well.

Because of you, I’ve started this blog. I wrote for the website at work, and have aspirations within the writing world. You opened a whole new world that I didn’t even know was there for me. You showed me that I have a voice, a voice I can use through writing.

Also, thank you for teaching me to be open to life. For showing me that I can be many things at once. We didn’t talk much outside of class, so I’m not sure if you were aware of just how much you’ve impacted my life. People always talk about influential teachers in their life, and I thought that didn’t apply to me. That was, until I reflected on how I got to where I am and I realized how much of a stepping stone your class truly was. I hope others have a teacher as wonderful as you who not only teach them about the subject they are knowledgeable in, but also about themselves.

Thank you forever. Thank you for all the wonderful lessons you taught me.

Much love,

From the girl that mostly sat quiet in your class, but whose ears were always open. The girl who took more than just English in your class.

When Did We All Grow Up?

Hi Everyone,

After spending much needed vacation time with family, I came to one shocking realization: we all grew up. When did this happen? How is this possible? Are we no longer part of the “kids” table?

When you live surrounded by the same people every single day, you fail to realize that in that time we’re all growing a little older every day. But you never really stop and think about that. For example, to me my parents have frozen in time in their late 30s because that’s just how I see them. Also, my sister is the baby of the family, so no matter how old she gets she will always be the youngest.

It isn’t until you are reunited with those you don’t see often that you realize just how much everyone around you is growing up. But most shocking of all, is that time period when they stop going to school and join the workforce. As long as you are a student, you are considered young, but as soon as you become a professional suddenly nothing is the same anymore. The last time I saw all my cousins they were all either in high school or college, and actually so was I. So, in my head we were all still “kids.” We hadn’t really grown up just yet. And it certainly doesn’t help if we all act like kids around each other and are constantly surrounded by the “real adults”.

However, this year was very different. On Christmas Eve, we were all reunited for the first time in 4 years and I think I spent most of the night in my own head, which is very unlike me. Every once in a while, you get hit so hard with reality that you have to take a bit of time to yourself to process everything. The days before, I had been getting bits of information that kept being built up until one final realization. We had all grown up. One of my cousins was a professional, a speech therapist that had actual patients. Another works in law, like actually making real changes. Three are in a serious committed relationship with amazing women. And most shocking of all, another is a dad. Nothing brings reality closer until you see the first child of your generation of cousins. And then I realized, I’m a working professional with my own life too. Thankfully I still have a few students around so that it’s not a total shock.

But with all that new information, I realized that in those years we had all grown up. To the world, we were all “real adults.” Even my baby sister, by law, is now considered an adult. Truth be told, however, we would never really consider ourselves grown ups. We’re still young and have so much to accomplish. And that got me thinking, how do our parents see themselves? Do they see themselves as adults? Or do they look at the older generation and think they’re still young and trying to figure things out? Do any of us actually ever feel our actual age?

I don’t think we ever really reach an ‘aha’ moment, where we’re like “okay, now I’m an adult.” I think we just grow up feeling how we feel, and we never stop to think how old we’re actually getting. And we never really stop and think how others around us perceive us on this topic.  I mean, people will always judge us based on our looks, or how we’re dressed or our actions. But no one ever stops and says “that person is actually 35 and a real grown up.” The only people that ever think about those things are kids. Kids see anyone above 20 an adult, except at 20 we still see ourselves as kids figuring out this complicated world.

I guess, age truly is just a number and it doesn’t mean much.I don’t have all the answers right now. And this is a very complicated subject that probably takes a lot of thinking and explaining. I hope I was able to at least verbalize a few of these thoughts. So let’s keep growing old one day at a time, but never really growing up inside.

Much love always,


The Worst Part of Vacation

Hello Everyone,

Last night I was met with the sad reality that my vacation was nearly over. But the worst part about it is after 24 hours of traveling I was absolutely exhausted, yet I didn’t want to go to sleep. Because going to sleep meant that my vacation was officially over, and that once I woke up I was back to reality.

Now being awake the next day, it isn’t so bad going back to reality. But considering that I spent the last two weeks surrounded by family and eating delicious home cooked meals in warm weather, it is pretty rough waking up to negative degrees and having to wake up early for work. However, we all have to do it.

All in all, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that if you had vacations anywhere, I hope they were as fantastic as mine were.

Now, back to reality we go for now.

Much love always,


Happy New Year

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to stop in and wish you all a Happy New Year.
What are we really wishing for in a Happy New Year? Well, know that when I say that, I am wishing you a fresh start. A fresh start to do that thing you’ve been too scared to try. A fresh start from a life you’ve settled into and are not happy with. A fresh start for a new relationship, job or adventure. Whatever you may need a fresh start in your life, I wish that for you. And I wish it to be a good year for you. A year where your dreams come true and you achieve great things. A year where you will triumph over the tough times and end the year with a smile on your face. Life isn’t easy, but we just need to make the best of it!

Much love always,


Let a Little Magic into Your Life


Sometimes in this harsh world, we too often think of the horrible things happening and forget that there is also wonderful things happening in our lives. More often than not, we forget the things we are fortunate to have that others might not. Whether they are experiences, memories or material things we need to be grateful for each and every thing in our life. And when we feel discouraged, all we need is to bring a little magic into our lives. No, sadly not real wizard magic, even though that would be pretty awesome, I’m talking about kindness and happiness. In this muggle world we live in, kindness and happiness is our form of magic, good magic that is. It truly is magical because happiness and kindness is contagious. By carrying out those acts, you are likely to make someone smile even if it’s just for a second, that is if you don’t make their whole day. So I encourage you on the days you are feeling the lowest, do an act of kindness (word or action), and see how you feel afterwards. We may not have wands and a real life Hogwarts, even though I wish we did, we do have a form of magic at our disposal every single day. Use it often.

Much love always,


PS- The most powerful kind of magic in this world, or any world, is love. Whether you read it in fairy tales, Harry Potter, or any other book, you often see that love is the most powerful magic of all. And more often than not, no amount of magic created can make you truly love someone. Always remember that.



Merry Christmas To All

Hello Hello,

Christmas is a time to be with your family and share stories and gifts. Well my gift to you all is the only thing I can provide over the internet, words. Words of love, words of encouragement, words of lessons I’ve learned, words of kindness and sometimes words of relief (more for myself than anyone else.) In a way, all of you that read this blog you are part of my family, my internet family. This blog sometimes holds very personal insight and I let you in without any hesitation. When I end every post with
“much love always” know that it is never in vain, it is truly me sending you love. And honestly, we need more love in the world, there is never enough.

But I could not finish this post without wishing anyone and everyone who reads this blog a very Merry Christmas! Whether you celebrate it or not just know that what I wish with that is all the best. I wish you love, life and happiness. I wish you all the family time you can get. I wish you all the kindness and generosity that has been bestowed upon me. I wish you nothing but the very best life has to offer. If you have read one or all my blog posts, thank you. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful. I just write because I love to do it, but if you take anything away from it, then you are giving my writing purpose, and only you can do that. So thank you.

Much Love Always,


Family Time for the Holidays

Hello Hello,

As you read this post, I will probably be in a plane headed to Brazil for the holiday season. This year is particularly exciting for a few reasons. Firstly, this is the first time we will be spending the holidays in my homeland since we moved away from it fourteen years ago. Secondly, we will be with family throughout the whole thing. Thirdly, you tend to experience things differently as an adult. And fourth, we will also be celebrating my great aunt’s 80th Birthday!

The holidays is one of the biggest seasons we promote family, yet most of the time we can’t make it home or we just get too consumed in life and material things to actually appreciate what a gift family really is. Which is why, I am beyond excited to just be with them. I honestly don’t even care about what material things I will be receiving, just getting to be with them for the holidays is the best present I could ask for. And the day couldn’t arrive soon enough.

Also, all of the cousins are grown up, which means how we experience things are a little different. We can go partying without the parents, we can go off and do our own thing without parental supervision. Yet, let’s be honest we will all be acting like children around each other, it’s just what we do.

And 80th birthday is quite a feat. I only hope to grow up to be as wonderful and kind and lively as my great aunt. I mean the woman still goes out dancing every so often on a weekend! I mean age truly is just a number when you are young at heart.

So here is to two weeks of crazy shenanigans with family! To lots of memories and laughs. And most importantly to the abundance of food I will be consuming in the two weeks I will be there. (Y’all think I’m kidding…)

Much love always,