Hello world!

Hello everyone and anyone reading this!

Before I continue, I should warn you that I DO NOT have actual recipes for the real world! Let’s just clear that up right now, it was just a catchy name! 🙂 What I am actually doing is starting a blog with none other than my best friend. YAY!  But soon enough you will see that the title sort of does apply to us. OK so now let me explain the situation a little better.

My name is Vicky. (HI VICKY!) I am a recent, like very recent, like 2 months ago kind of recent, college graduate! Ta-dah! Currently unemployed (woot woot) living in a big city trying to find a job (so I don’t become homeless and poor 🙂 ). I apologize in advance if my sarcasm does not translate well on here, can’t really do much about that! I am a fun loving, dog loving, food loving, outgoing person. I was born in Brazil but have lived in the US for 10 years now (wow that’s a long time). Hopefully through out the blog you will get to know me a little better and will come to love me like everyone else (just kidding, but I do hope you like reading my posts). My best friend will hopefully introduce herself in the next blog post!

So here’s the sitch (call me, beep me, if you want to reach me…), also I apologize in advance for the side tracks that ( ) these will bring to our blog. I am in a big city on my own trying to figure out my life and get a job. My best friend, is back in our college town (she is 2 years younger than me) trying to survive through college. We kind of found each other and sort of clicked. We instantly became best friends and are almost inseperable (awww adorable I know, I know.) We both enjoy just having a good old time and trust me when I say  we are not afraid to be loud!

So this summer after a lot of self reflecting (gosh makes me sound so introverted or at least intellectual, none of which are too true) I realized it would be a fun and interesting project to start a blog together. So after a few weeks of delay, thanks to both of our laziness I decided to start the blog myself (*cheers*). Brilliant I know!

My goal with this blog is simply not only to be funny but hopefully tell the world out there that there is someone just like you, maybe going through a few of the same things as you. So join me in my “rough patch” and figuring out my life. Little piece of advice: don’t be afraid to go where life takes you! 🙂

Also I will try to end every post with a link to a song I either currently love, am listening to or just want to put out there. That should make things more fun!! 🙂 I should warn you I’m a sucker for sappy love stories, love songs, anything love related! 🙂


Much love,



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