Just Keep Swimming….

Hello Everyone or no one,

Okay, So after that beautiful win today for the men’s 4 x 100 medley relay I just had to dedicate this post to that! It brings tears to my eyes to think that the swimming portion is almost ov… (pull it together Vicky) sorry about that, I just don’t like thinking the swimming portion is almost done and that our televisions will no longer be graced with those deliciously cut abs and arm muscles and all that darn sexiness!

So today’s post is dedicated to the beautiful men that graced the Olympic Aquatic Center pool (gosh I can’t believe I wont be hearing my TV say “and now to the Aquatic Center…”) who proudly wore their USA caps:

We will start with my Personal Favorites:

Nathan Adrian

[That Body to look at]                     [That smile that just makes you smile]        [Those arms that could easily hold you close…]

Image             Image                     Image

The other thing I truly like about this lovely lad is his personality. He is like a big kid who just has a blast in interviews and laughs (which by the way cutest laughs ever!). And I genuinely would love to be best friends with him… and more if that happened 😉 By that I obviously mean girlfriend…gosh take your mind out of the gutter! OH and he’s great with children….

And of course the beautiful Ryan Lochte:

[That body with that smile]                                                          [Those piercing blue eyes]

Image                                   Image

[ And how can we forget the model with a sense of fashion]


That’s right ladies a man who dresses himself without our help who is straight. It’s like the gods have had a conference and basically made this demi-god of a man. Is he a bit conceited, of course! But wouldn’t you be if you looked like this, was an Olympic athlete, with a sense of fashion and an actor wannabe. Heck yes you would! But the great thing about him is his love of racing and laid back attitude when it comes to how he actually feels in the pool. He simply does what he loves, regardless of the outcome.

We often over look some other gorgeous men in the pool:

A few Underdogs in the US team that should not be overlooked:

[Connor Dwyer]                                                 [The insanely tall Matt Greevers (I swear this man is like 7 ft tall!]]

Image                                                       Image

[Some French Dude that won yesterday by surprise: Florent Manaudou]


And for your entertainment:

The Aussie team:


I’m sure my list could go on and on and on….

I don’t know about you but I could watch these men in Speedos all day everyday. It has suddenly become my all time favorite sport. I mean the sport itself is pretty great, the men are just an added bonus. Did I mention swimming is my favorite Olympic sport? Oh yea only about 100 times already. I mean it’s not like “boy-crazy” is my middle name or anything……

Sorry got a bit distracted with these pictures…


Just kidding but the puppy is cute but now back to the beautiful men of swimming.

I have a dream…. well it’s more of a goal (maybe a stalker goal) or just something I’ll make sure to happen. So as you may or may not know (if you don’t you seriously live under a rock) the next Olympics are back in my homeland of Brazil (bear with me I know I’m thinking like wayyyyy ahead but too much planning never hurt anyone), but basically I WILL MEET AT LEAST NATHAN and possibly RYAN! I’m not sure how (i’ll keep you updated on the plans) but I’m going to make it happen!

So go TEAM USA and TEAM BRAZIL! And don’t you dare make me choose!

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely pictures, I know I enjoyed finding them…. 😉

Much Love,


PS- I apologize for my incredibly lazy best friend who is yet to post here!

Okay….just one more…


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