Recipe #1 By Chef N

Hello Real World:

N here. Like V said, I am a college student, trying to survive. I’ve always believed in one mantra and life motto: Carpe Diem…or as the modern slang term, YOLO! I am fun loving, crazy, loud, outgoing, and energetic.  I’ve learned through the past 20 years (almost 21…woot woot!)  that I don’t want to live my life with regrets.  So yes, I have my bucket list of things to do: skydiving, traveling, skinny dipping, starting a blog…among other things. Now, I have a crazy best friend to complete this list with.

So, I somehow want to tie the title of this blog with what we want to say to the world. The real world out there is something like reading a cookbook. (This metaphor is going to a be a stretch, but bare with me.)  So, there are recipes that deal with every event in life.  Whether its love, friendships, hardship, happiness, or just life, there is some “recipe” to get you through it.  So here’s my invariable recipe and advice to the Real World:

Fear nothing.
Make mistakes and learn from them.
Most of all, have fun!



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