RW Recipe #2 for a Broken Heart

Hello Real World:

Here is an essential recipes to carry in your life pocket:

one pint of ice cream (additional amount may be required based on degree of said broken heart)
one stack of sappy movies (Women: can substitute with “Men suck, women rule” genre)
one comfy couch
and one best friend 🙂

To preface this rant, I would like to say that V and I are two of the most boy crazy girls in the world.  We have our radar on 24/7  to scope out every sexy attractive man ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.  With that being said, anyone who knows me will agree with me when I say, ironically I am probably one of the most cynical people when it comes to the idea of romance or love.  I can honestly say that I don’t know why I am so skeptical…some say that I’m scared, others say that I haven’t found the right guy to sweep my off my feet.  Whatever the reason may be, I have had my fair share of heart breaks (I can’t help it that my weakness is bad boys :P).  [This is where N and I differ, she is a cynic and I am a hopeless romantic waiting for my prince charming, and while I wait she is there to stand by my side and hold my hand every step of the way.-V] People cope with heartbreak differently:

finding that special rebound at the local bar
burning every picture with the two of you
throwing his things out a third floor window (always wanted to do that…)
stalking the new girlfriend
vandalizing some of the dbag’s personal property

…among countless other personal vendettas.  So this recipe can be modified to your situation.  Add a raid of the local supermarket’s junk food isle or a really long car ride rant with your best friend. Modify the recipe to your liking…and don’t forget to pig out real world


PS- Quick note from Vicky here, I could not agree more with N’s recipe!! I would highlight the key element here is whatever the situation may be have someone with you, whether it’s a female or male best friend, your sister or even your mom (if that’s how you roll). In whatever situation I have found that having someone comforting you, even if its being quiet and just holding you, it’s the best medicine in the world. It makes you realize you are never alone! And as far as the additional things N mentioned I have also always wanted to throw something out a window….let’s hope I don’t actually do that…. but definitely adjust the recipe to your liking. And remember crying is OKAY! 🙂 Stay strong my friends prince charming/princess ideal will come!!


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