Those Days…

Hello Reader,

So I told you I’d keep you updated on the job search end. 
Well I worked yesterday at Starbucks for about 5 hours straight in the afternoon hoping that something good would come out of it. It was a lot of network research hoping to find someone that knew someone else that could get me, well, an interview to say the least. And at the end of the day I was pretty content with my research and was to continue today. I sent my resume out to some marketing recruits and was really hopeful that they could at least get me an interview, you know? They do say on the website “we place any level” (so in my mind, entry level was just as good). But today I woke up to a different story. One that was an e-mail saying “sorry but we don’t place people with your background.” What is that supposed to mean? Someone who had 3 different jobs during college and 2 more summer internships? Someone who did an international project at a conference with mayors from around the world? Someone who did more event planning in their college career than anything else? Someone who is billingual? And is technologically savvy? Am I not good enough for you to find me a damn marketing job? Seriously??????? Well needless to say after reading that e-mail, discouragement is all I had for the rest of the day. True my day is only half over, but how did I choose to spend my first half? Sleeping that’s how. Because somehow, sometimes sleeping is better than facing reality. It’s easier. (Also it is no help that I now have coughing fits at night because my apt is too dry even with a humidifier). So then when I got some positive news that I could potentially even have an interview from somewhere I didn’t even expect…. I’m not even the slightest bit excited because I’m too harsh on myself sometimes. So it’s just one of those bad days that you seem to be in a funk and nothing can seem to get you out of it.

As sad and maybe even depressing as this post can be, I WANTED to post it. Because I want everyone out there to know that yes you will have your chipper happy days where you think anything is possible, but there are also the days where you are just so down you feel like nothing could ever go right again. And some days it’s neither, and some days it’s some where in the middle. But even though I feel down and helpless, I know for a fact the drive deep down in me to get a job isn’t dying anytime soon. And if I can keep that drive going, even on days like this, then I know that maybe just maybe I’ll get a job soon enough.

Much love and keep fighting,



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