Hello Fellow Readers,

So today I had planned to write something else but I decided that this was more important.

So recently I have put myself in the mentality I will be staying in this beautiful big city I currently am searching for a job in. Therefore leading me to do apartment search with my best friend E. It has been an okay experience until two days ago when I started planing…yep you guessed it… the decoration for it! O-M-G! I have gotten super into it!!! After countless hours on the Ikea website, pinterest and even thrift shop websites I have been planning to the detail what to do for every room of my new apartment. And let me tell you it’s going to look BEAUTIFUL! I have been talking to a friend of mine, T ,about it a lot and he is convinced I have found my true calling! Now if this is true or not I cannot guarantee…but I did get excited into incorporating this new found passion into my future plans. Who knows maybe sometime in the future I’ll open my own interior decorating/ event planning company. How awesome would that be?!?! 🙂 Well I just know for now I’m having a lot fun getting ideas and planning for this new apartment I will hopefully be moving into next month!! First I need to find the apartment though. But that is a minor detail that will be figured out soon enough.  But the great thing about finding this new passion it has allowed me to look at the world a little differently. I mean I have always loved planning in my head how a room should look like to me, but because I have had no control over budgets, or have had to deal with parents approval it has never really been executed. But now I will be having my own corner to do with it whatever I please!!

So with that I have a few pieces of advice and really this can be applied to anything:

1. If you need some inspiration, sit and watch your surroundings. (I have recently discovered looking out the window of the train/metro is a great way to do that. It’s something you have to, you might as well enjoy it!)

2. Keep a notepad and something to write with at all times. (Whether you need to write grocery list, things to do or an idea that came to you, writing it down will make sure you remember it later on.)

3. For decoration don’t be afraid to walk in stores like Crate & Barrel (i did today for like 30 mins) to get inspiration and find things you could possible add your own twist to it!) Also pick up their catalogs that way you can cut up or find things to give you ideas.

4. Ideally for decor the first thing you should do is come up with the color scheme for the room and work from there. A great recommendation also if you find a stand out piece and build a room around it.

So that is it from me today. If I come up with new advice or recommendations I’ll post a follow up to this one.

Much Love,


PS- Once we sort out the minor details like finding the apartment, getting a job and having a budget I will post pictures of how each room turned out. I think I might surprise myself at how creative I can get.


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