My letter to CN

This is my letter to a channel I USED to love but now I skip with when I just see the number. Please enjoy and feel free to share with your friends.

Dearest Cartoon Network,

When exactly did your channel start sucking so much?? I remember the glorious days of my childhood when your listings graced my television set with amazing shows like: Dexter’s Laboratory, Ed,Edd & Eddy, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, even Codename: Kids Next Door. Back when your shows were actually funny and enjoyable. No wonder our youth are so different they can’t experience the greatness of television like we did. Being able to turn on Cartoon Network any time of the day and seeing those cartoons was just wonderful. I propose that you bring back reruns now that we are older. Perhaps something similar to Nick at Nite where they play the wonderful show Friends’ seasons on re-runs constantly. Do NOT get me started on Adult Swim, that is something that personally I would remove immediately from television. I cannot say that one show in the slightest appeals to me. But I understand you have to appeal to all demographics (even if those people have incredibly poor taste in television, sorry I know I’m not one to say anything but COME ON!)  All I’m saying here is I want those shows back. Now I’m not sure if I’m asking because of how watching them will make me feel like I’m 10 again or because they were quality shows. I understand you must keep with today’s youth and plan shows accordingly but seriously, coming from someone who willing (maybe not so willingly and perhaps I will get a bit of hassling for this) but currently still watches Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, you can do better than that! We were the 90s babies, the generation that thought it was okay to wear one solid color for an entire outfit, and all jeans outfits were cool, the generation that had to carry around a cd case if you wanted to listen to different music. This new generation has everything on their finger tips and the fashion to go with it (well I guess most of the fashion is okay, there are just some things that still perplex me.) Now I agree those channels have modernized their channels to fit today’s teens who (lets face it) have no real good taste in television (but who am I to say I have any better, I watch those shows…) but at least their shows I don’t mind watching or keeping the tv on their channel. Now your channel I skip like it’s the black plague. It is not appealing to me since a few years back when I attempted to watch it and found the shows to be incredibly boring and a bit exaggerated, if you ask me. Shows like Ben 10 and My Gym Partner is a Monkey, really?? You used to be so creative! But anyways this letter is a simple request to have throwbacks every once in a while so us grown ups (ha that sounds funny) can enjoy childhood memories and maybe for a minute forget that we have jobs and bills to pay (actually let me go run and do that now…).

Thank you for your consideration and time,

Your Used to be Fan 


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