The Show Goes On….

Hello my lovelies,

So I apologize for not writing here over the weekend as you can imagine I actually have a life outside of my laptop (what?? No way….crazy!). As hard as that may be to believe I’m not a complete loser. 😀 So to make up for not having posts this weekend I will make this one a extra long and you should read it all because I have quite a bit to say! :p

So this weekend was very very busy. Friday I had an interview for a potential job (don’t get too excited yet) that E found for where she works! So after 1.5 hrs of public transportation, (that’s how much not having your car in a big city sucks) I went in for my interview and it seemed to go great! They told me that I was the kind of person they were looking for. So she gave me a packet to fill out (which only later i noticed it was a packet for people who had gotten an offer to which i got a bit excited…don’t worry I cleared things up today, she gave me the wrong packet :/ she is still interviewing more people so I’ll let you know if I get the job after all.)  So on the job search end it is still going. My little tip: Even when you are faced with bumps in the road, don’t give up keep going because that road might take you somewhere you’d never thought you’d be at. 

While feeling positive about the job search and to be a good friend, I accompanied E on her apartment search. We originally were going to share one but because my situation was so unknown I didn’t want to burden her with having a two bedroom apartment on her own in case things didn’t work out for me, we ended up deciding against it. So we agreed to each get a one bedroom in the same building. But this weekend everything changed, we found this apartment that was gorgeous and we both fell in love with it so after some serious discussions we agreed to share a two-bedroom once more. We are now just waiting for me to get a job so we can sign it. But the funny thing is when we were apartment searching I told her I wouldn’t sign it until I found an apartment that I said “I love it.” Before entering the model for this apartment she looked over at me gave me a hug and we entered the apartment. Immediately our faces lit up and we smiled. We knew this was our new apartment. The design and decorating differences, and the doubts of living together went out the door. This was our new apartment and we loved every bit of it from the tiles to the size to every cupboard and counter space. We both kind of squealed in excitement. So my little bit of advice on apartment hunting (because trust me we saw A LOT of them) : If you don’t love it or have some hesitation, it’s not the right place for you. If you are living with someone you know, express your concerns about living together, be honest and talk everything out. It is not worth losing a good friendship over a few hundred dollars. 

And a few more things I wanted to add for your enjoyment. There are two Youtube accounts and one 8track playlist that I am in love with and have watched/listened more than I want to admit to it. 

1st. If you love Jenna Marbles you will crack up with Daily Grace. She has a different theme for every day and I personally think she is hilarious! This is probably one of the funniest videos in my opinion. But you should all watch it!

2. If you just love listening to a British accent from a cute guy that just talks about random things in life then you’ll love DanIsNotOnFire. He’s cute, adorable, can be funny but most of all has the cutest British accent. And yea you may feel like you’re listening to your best friend talking so enjoy him..

3. If you are a hopeless romantic and just love sappy love songs then you will love this playlist. I listen to it on a constant loop. (Careful some of the songs *cough*Forever & Always *cough* might make you cry if you listen to the lyrics carefully.)

4. And just one last thing, I know it’s kind of a silly movie but I am SO excited to watch it! It looks hilarious! It comes out Oct. 5th so I’ll be seeing it then.

In the mean time I am going to enjoy this lovely rainy days (which I’m not going to lie I kind of love rainy days when I’m in bed under my covers like a bum) and go enjoy some more videos! Also if anyone knows how to watch the Olympics Closing Ceremony online please let me know. (oh the perks of not having cable or a working tv…)

Much Love,

Vicky 🙂

PS- I realize N hasn’t been writing in much but she is currently living in a place with no internet (shocking I know!!) and therefore with her summer job she rarely has time to go anywhere with internet. But I believe starting next week we shall be hearing more of her. Don’t feel neglected I haven’t talked to her all that much lately myself as we’ve both been busy and sometimes I just don’t feel like talking on the phone (I’m not a bad person for that…) and her phone doesn’t help the situation either…. it has a mind of its own. Alright so just wanted to keep you posted!! 🙂


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