The Tales of Prince Polo begin…


Hey Guys,

So contrary to the last post, today I’ve had an absolutely wonderful day. It was filled with a lot of bumming around, talking, food and movies. Sounds like the perfect day right?

Well because of my usual coughs due to allergies, I decided to sleep in more and get really well rested. When I decided to wake up, I wasn’t feeling too well so Chicken Noodle Soup was on the menu for lunch. (Yummy!) After that came a couple phone calls to my besties and a lot of girl talk. Followed by finally watching The Artist! Brilliant movie! I cried, I laughed and I genuinely connected with the movie, it was great! (Very Recommended). Then the little sister (yes I have one of those creatures) decided to Skype me and it was lovely. talked to her and the mom (dad is on vacation to the homeland [Brazil]) so again more girl talk and I decided to tell my mother about my newest crush.

For those of you who know me it comes to you as no surprise that I have a new boy in sight. For those who don’t, well I guess I can just admit to you that I have a problem and it’s called boy-crazy syndrome, I can’t help it *tears* it’s just something I was born with… I have tried seeking help for it but it is no use. *sniffles* There is no rehab strong enough to fight this disease… 😀 But anyways back to the point. As always due to the fact I like to keep things anonymous for my sake and for the sake of everyone involved we are going to call this lovely gentleman Prince Polo (i’d go with Charming but come on we don’t know who the heck I’m going to end up with, because who ever that is…god help him…is going to have to deal with me 🙂 and for those who know me that is no little feat, so we’re going with that). Why polo you ask? Well we can just say this boy knows how to dress himself very well and is very stylish. So here is all the information I will give you about Prince Polo: I have known him since my freshman year of college but never really talked to him much. I have recently stumbled across him again in my life, except this time it was different. (Girls let me tell you, he is so hot you’d think he was a male model!) So I decided to take matters into my own hands. (Piece of advice here: Girls DO NOT be afraid to approach a guy and make the first move to start communication. The worse that can happen is that he won’t reply or decides he doesn’t want to talk to you [Even though that rarely happens, because the fact you have made a bold move to talk to them will show them that you are interested and it makes it a lot easier for them, because most are really just afraid of rejection like you.] And if he decides to not respond [then he is just dumb and doesn’t deserve your time and attention] but the worse that happens is you’re back again to not speaking to him. So all in all you didn’t lose anything and trust me it helps your confidence to make that first move.) Anyways after that rant I will continue to tell you all about Prince Polo. I messaged him about something I saw on my Facebook news-feed relating to him (Find something that can be a conversation starter, either a common interest or a picture posted or a status.)  and he responded very well ( I wasn’t sure if he’d even remember me but he did, YAY). We chatted for a bit on Tuesday (he responded minutes after I messaged him), Wednesday and Thursday. He is back in our college town getting a very sexy graduate degree (as of now I don’t want to disclose what it is in fear of making it too obvious, in case somehow, someway he sees this and then knows of my crush on him…) Hey it never hurt anyone to be extra cautious. Don’t worry as time passes I’ll disclose a bit more about him! But anyways we’ve had lovely conversations and seem to hit it off really. I’m hoping when I go down to visit my friends, me and him can hang out and reconnect and possibly flourish to something new. I will say this, when I told my mother (who is a very judgmental and openly opinionated person on my love life) and showed her some pictures she was very much in approval (which is unheard of for most of my boyfriends) so I was happy. She was even trying to give me tips on what to say (soo embarrassing I will spare myself the humiliation, but picture you’re mother giving you lines to use on guys or girls you like, exactly!) But I am very excited and nervous to see where this will all lead to. If it’s anything like the previous crushes I’ve had it’ll probably lead to nothing, but I’m hoping this might be different. (Y’all better hope for the same thing here!) But I can honestly say the butterflies in my stomach don’t even begin to describe how excited and nervous I am about this whole new ordeal. And honestly it came out of nowhere and not just saying this but I was NOT looking for anything and this kind of happened. (Advice: So maybe everyone is right ,it’ll happen when you least expect it?) But anyways that is enough of Prince Polo for now. I will leave you with this he is so dreamy…. focus… Price Polo is not what I expected and way hotter than any guy I’ve ever crushed on but maybe this could be my chance. 🙂 *crosses fingers!* I will keep you all updated on Prince Polo because if any of you out there are anything like myself you’ll enjoy my sappy love story telling ways! 🙂 (Whenever I update you on Prince Polo the picture you see above will be included so every time you see this picture get excited!)

Tomorrow is an exciting day! I will be seeing T in his home town with a bunch of our other friends for some margaritas and a fun night out! I CANNOT WAIT!! Now back to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! (Yes today at 9pm I decided to start a Harry Potter Marathon! I forgot how good these are and how amazing scenery and if you’ve watched the end now you see the movie in an entirely different light.)

With a lot of love,


PS- If you are wondering, no I am not bi-polar to keep switching moods so drastically on you. I have two words that explains it all: WONDERFUL FRIENDS! If you have amazing friends like I do who listen and are supportive and honest (even if it’s not what you want to hear) they can make you realize that life is too short and some things are just not worth getting upset over it. They understand why you are upset and sympathize with you, but they do everything in their power to change that around and make you smile again and that is why they are such amazing friends! So if you don’t have some of those yet, I suggest you go to the nearest store and buy some…just kidding, I’m sure you have at least one amazing friend and if you don’t not to worry one is coming your way! 🙂

PS2- No this is not the sequel to P.S. I Love You (which is a great movie and makes me balls my eyes out every time i see it), but no news yet on the job hunt side. Currently waiting to hear back about a potential follow up interview and the other one is a final decision. So cross your fingers and wish me luck! 🙂


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