Hello Lovelies,

Today’s message is very short: If you smoke, STOP! You are slowly killing me…..

So as if just having allergies isn’t enough now I have a coughing fit if I am near someone who is smoking for an extensive period. It is awful I feel my air passages getting all sensitive, then I start coughing and start crying. Today this happened while in a meeting while I was trying to network. Not a pretty sight. (Also happened this weekend out at the bars, again super attractive)

So for the smokers out there please realize that not only is smoke slowly killing you but those around you are getting harmed just the same, and you never know their condition, so be considerate! 

That is all I have to say for now. There might be another post later depending on how I’m feeling.

Good night,


PS- This whole staying up til 4 am is really bad. Will do better to break this habit.


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