People in Your Life

Hello Lovelies,

So recently I’ve seen this quote quite a few times and I’m starting to think it is meant for me to see it right now.

There is a purpose for everyone you meet.
Some people will test you, some will use you, and some will teach you; but most importantly some will bring out the best in you. Learn to see and accept the differences between these people, and carry on accordingly.”

Recently I’ve dealt with a lot of drama, and a lot of different people in my life affect me in a different way. I have my “fan club”….just kidding but my cheerleaders the ones that often cheer me on and tell me how great we are and how important it is for me to keep trying and to keep going. Then there are those that act in a way that surprise you and those immediately upset or affect you but the truth is that in a way that is a test of your friendship and you’re actions and reactions. So if it’s something that you are not happy about, take a minute, step back and think things through. Life is way too short to be mad, sad, or any of those bad emotions. And some people are purely put in your life to test you in ways you may not understand. And I have had that this summer too, unfortunately. Til this day I cannot explain why they acted the way they did. But thankfully to the cheerleaders in my life they made me realize that I didn’t even think with that perspective. So just remember even the people who really hurt you were in your life for a reason. Would the world be a better place without hate and hurt, absolutely. But that would mean that all those lessons and strength you have gathered wouldn’t be a part of who you are today. And life would be easier that way but the truth is you are who you are today because of everything that has happened in your life. So good or bad be thankful for it.

I am, as you all know, going through a tough patch in my life trying to stay sane while trying to find a job. But in the end it’s going to make me more patient, hard working and I know something really worth it is waiting for me.

Also just another tip: You’re parents are your biggest cheerleaders. Now if you’re anything like me than sometime you argue with your parents or feel like they really just don’t get you. That is a big part of our life. But for example today after avoiding my mothers phone calls for about 3 days because I just didn’t feel like talking to her and feeling like a failure. I had to call her for a response on something (yes I still consult my parents on every aspect of my life) and as much as we can argue, she undoubtedly is my biggest fan/cheerleader. She started with her usual, you are so irresponsible but ended the conversation with you sound down? After explaining to her how stressed and feeling like a failure I am. She simply said: “I love you. You are a beautiful, smart, hardworking girl. I know you will find something amazing. I miss you calling me everyday and us working on this together. Keep calling me and we’ll work together to get you something. Just stay calm, get better and go out and have a bit of fun too to distract yourself. Just remember mommy loves you and is here for you.” (Yes the conversation took a 180 degree turn, but doesn’t it always) In the end your parents just want what’s best for you and there is no handbook on how to handle your kids. So (especially true for first borns) they are doing their best and sometimes they approach the situation the wrong way but in the end what matters is how much they love you and support you. 

So I know I rambled a bit but just felt like writting about this. Just remember, every single person in your life is important whether they are your worst enemy or your mom. So really take some time and analyze that.

Also updates: I will not be homeless! I was going to have to move out of my current apartment because my month lease was going to expire friday. But thankfully after talking to my landlord I signed another month! Woo to still having an apartment and a wonderful grandmother banking my crazy idea to stay in this town and keep trying.

ImageAlso Prince Polo is alive! Haha Well he was unresponsive for 5 days (he was super busy with orientation) to which I assumed he was ignoring me… it happens a lot with guys. Because I really like talking to people guys usually assume clingyness, crazyness, or simply annoying. But (for those who know me) know how hard I am working to NOT screw this one up. People I mean it, like restraint is on max here (no this does not mean I am not being myself) it means that I’m leaving him wanting more (haha putting a positive spin on it) or am simply not overwhelming him. So kiddies keep your fingers crossed that this all works out! I shall be going back to our college town in 3 weeks and hopefully then will be able to hang out with him! Woo!

Much love!



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