It always gets worse before it gets better…

Hello lovelies,

So I’ll try to keep today’s post relatively short since it is late and I should be going to bed school to follow my newly installed schedule. That’s right you heard it correctly even though I am unemployed I made myself a schedule. No joke. 

But anyways today’s post is all about how I woke up today feeling GREAT! (Remember how helpless, cranky, and depressed I was last week…) I have been telling all my friends this but it’s true. Last night I was sitting watching Friends (basically the greatest show EVER made) and I realized I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop being a baby and face the reality of the situation. So I grabbed my planner and my notebook and made a schedule for Monday and Tuesday. I knew right then and there I was changing my attitude. I had to do one more thing before I went to bed. I wrote myself a sign with 4 phrases on it and posted it on my mirror, somewhere I look at every day (it faces my bed). I had to be brutally honest and remind myself of what I needed to do. 

Image(This is hanging on my mirror)

Today instead of waking up at my usual 3 pm (which had been happening all of last week but I let it slide due to the fact that I was sick and all.) I managed to wake up at noon. (hey it’s a work in progress! plus woke up at 6 and had a hard time falling asleep again) I got up and deep cleaned my room. (guess what, my allergies and coughing have ceased for the time being. It’s wonderful!) Did all my laundry, cooked and even worked out (that’s right boys and girls, Vicky knows what exercise is!). I figured if I am going to see Prince Polo in 3 weeks I WANT to look toned and sexy. (Not saying I’m losing weight for a guy, I’m just trimming a few areas to look good and feel good) And on top of it all I did some job hunt stuff and even had some down time to relax. I think for me the key was having settled on where to live for the next month, really calmed my nerves and relaxed me a bit. Got some exciting news that there will be a career fair back at our college town the same week I was planning on going down for N’s birthday anyways! So in 3 weeks I will be going to a career fair, celebrating N’s 21st and seeing Prince Polo. It will be quite the week!!! 🙂 

As far as updates go still nothing from the jobs and no word from Prince Polo today but I feel optimistic and good. And I have been truly working hard to not screw this up (with the boy I mean!). 

A revelation came to me this weekend as well:  The whole taking it slow thing. I’ve always taken that advice and never really followed or believed in it, because I always felt that I would have to be changing myself for someone else, which I’m not okay with! But what i realized is that it’s not a matter of changing myself. I’ve been told I have an intense personality and I’ve always taken that as an insult. But the truth of the matter is for someone who doesn’t know me or understand me, my personality and craziness can be completely overwhelming. Therefore it’s not a matter of changing who I am, it’s a matter of giving it to the guy in doses so that I don’t scare him off and by showing him little by little of my personality he’ll come to love me for exactly who i am! (So girls if you are anything like me, take this rationality and go with it.)

I really feel like I have a good handle on things now. As far as my professional life goes: I feel refreshed and ready once again to take on the battle of the job hunt. For my love life; I have finally understood a advice I often get and have really taken the opportunity to take it slow with Prince Polo ( I REALLY want this to work out, he’s so great and definitely long term material 🙂 so cross your fingers for me)

Also for any girl I recommend the blog: Girls Guide To ( or follow them on Facebook! They have really great articles and advice and you can even post your own comments, questions or articles! 

Alrighty wayy past the bed time (we all see how well I’m sticking to this schedule…) 

Nighty night and Much love,



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