Shopping! Girl Time!

Hello lovelies,

Happy Labor Day! So in celebration of this well deserved holiday I did not do any work related to the interview! ūüôā I think it’s a break well deserved, as you may have noticed there hasn’t been too many posts this week as I have been seriously focusing on finding common interview questions and writing up my responses. Last night when I finished I sent it out to some friends and family who I trust to give me honest feedback that will help me get that job. I am very serious about this interview. (Tip:¬†It is helpful to get feedback from others who have gone through interviews or are naturally really good at interview. To you, your responses might be awesome, but from someone else’s perspective it could use more work or an example. People I generally trust are my parents, and a few friends of mine. [ N is really good at giving feedback on this stuff. Then I have 2 guy friends who are natural born interviewers, i know I hate them too for being so good, but they are incredibly honest with me which only helps me]. So do not be afraid to get some perspective.)

But today’s post is NOT about work it’s about what I did from 10:30 this morning until 6:30pm….SHOPPING with E!! What girl doesn’t love shopping when she is in a good mood. I totally understand not wanting to go shopping on those days you feel fat or just have no patience to look through clothes, I am right there with you sister. But today is one of those awesome days that really lifts your spirit. Also it is one of the few days I have gotten to spend with E since she started working, so after being home for a week straight it was nice having friendly interactions haha. So because I have been working SUPER hard I gave myself a well deserved break and a few presents. I did spend about $90 on everything (which might not actually be that bad….): 3 dresses, 1 shirt, 2 camis, a belt, and a necklace. Okay today I have a nice surprise for you guys…. I took pictures of the outfits on me and you can tell me if my purchases were a good investment or not. ūüôā

Outfit #1


This dress can be used like this with heels, with a belt (small or big), with stockings and heels. Mostly though I see this one as being a going out more formal dress. It might be a bit short to wear to a work event but we shall see. I was very excited to buy this one because before today I only owned 1 print item. The dress was $12.99 at TJ Maxx (LOVE that place!)


Image         Image

Okay the minute I put this one on I feel in love. It is super cute and I felt really girly. The great thing about this one is I can dress it up or dress it down. As you can see to dress it down I put it with the belt I bought today to give it a bit of pop. If you are wondering yes there are ruffles in the front (hey give me a break I was having to self timer these pictures and take it, I guess i could have used my good camera but still I’m okay with the pics and so should you.) This was also a TJ Maxx dress priced at about $14.99.

OUTFIT #3 (the one I plan to wear when I hang out with Prince Polo!)


Ok so this outfit in my mind is perfect to go see Prince Polo. As mentioned before I have been working out more than I am used to, to get a fit and toned body. In another two weeks, I will hopefully get rid of these annoying love handles (I know I’m banking for a lot here). I think this dress is just the right mix of sexy with sophisticated. It doesn’t have a plunging neckline and doesn’t keep ridding up threatening to expose more than it should. And I sincerely feel it is a grown up dress as well, it’s okay to wear something on the shorter side as long as it is sophisticated. Do you guys think this will impress Prince Polo? I sure hope so! The middle picture is what the sleeves look like part of the reason I loved it. The first picture shows the necklace I bought. ¬†The dress is also from TJ Maxx (it was my gold mine today) for about $16.99. The necklace surprisingly was from Old Navy and at about $9.95.

OUTFIT #4 (This honestly is by far my favorite purchase!!)


OK! So I LOVE this shirt for a few reasons. It has a very scandalous back where you can play into it or tame it down. As you can see in the first 3 pics (from all the different angles), I put it with the same necklace as before, a bandeau bra and with jeggings. The 4th picture I put the black cami I also purchased today. So I think that tamed it down and gave it almost a classier look to the shirt in general. The last picture I really sexified (don’t care that’s not a word) the shirt up. I have that red skirt (purchased earlier in the summer at Forever 21) and I have the necklace so I put it all with the bandeau bra and there is a girl’s night out outfit to get all the attention! Also with the red skirt you can put the cami to tame it a bit. Either way I love this shirt and really think the $24.95 I paid is worth every cent. (Sure it’s a bit pricier but everything is at Nordstrom Rack.)

So there you have it all my outfits purchased today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. After a long day of clothes shopping we did my favorite kind of shopping ever, GROCERY shopping. Gosh I really love food! Bought A LOT of veggies and fruits! Really trying to be healthy here people. The funny part was having E with me just shoving me along so I wouldn’t get anything unhealthy haha. Quite the experience, but I love healthy anyways so it wasn’t¬†torturous! Actually it was very helpful.

I don’t know how many of you noticed but there is my sign on the mirror that I talked about in a previous post. I wasn’t lying totally have it up and look at it every day and even though I may not read it every day it is a constant reminder.

Also instant update: Prince Polo responded! Okay so it seems to be good news from what I gather from my guy friends. The difference with this guy is I am doing my very best to not read into things he says or¬†over analyze¬†every word he says. If you know me, you know how I love to do that, so this has been a challenge. But in the middle of the week I sent him a fb chat message (we still haven’t exchanged numbers, that’s how slow I’m taking things) just saying good luck on his first week of grad school! Which to a guy does not merit a response. (Trust me, I have analyzed a lot of guy perspective, having more ¬†guy friends than girl friends. And to a lot of them something that doesn’t ask a question usually doesn’t need a response. Which personally really frustrates me because I am the type of person that even responds just Ok so the other person knows I got the text and saw it. But for guys they think differently and I’ve learned to deal with it [if any of you saw me right now you’d be laughing hysterically as I am¬†writing¬†this, I pause every so often and do hand¬†gestures to convey my message, haha] So this statement is coming from quite a bit of guy analysis.) Therefore when I sent him that I did not expect a response at all, and didn’t get one until 2 hours ago! He not only responded but said things to continue the conversation. Which it seems to me and a few of my guy friends he wants to continue the conversation because there is potential interest! So guys, I AM SO EXCITED! It was the icing on my day! Just couldn’t have had a better Labor Day!

I truly hope you all had an amazing day! If you had to work today, I hope you still tried to have fun at work! ūüôā I apologize for the length of this post but it does include pictures and I am just happy and chatty today!

So to enjoy the mood I am in here is a song I’m not sure how many of you know but I think it’s a super cute song!¬†

Mucho mucho love,



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