Rock Climbing…

Hey Guys,

This is it! Night before the big interview! Prep questions are done and have been reviewed by peers. Clothes is hanging ready to go.Bag is ready to go. And alarm has been set. It really hit me about 3 hours ago that this is real and it’s happening! I am very very excited for it but SUPER nervous! This is my chance to prove to them that this job is mine. Here is a metaphor to help you understand my feelings right now: 

I’m on a rock climbing wall. Through all the sweat and hardships I’m at the top. I got one rock left to grab on to, to reach the top and ring the bell. (That last rock is my interview tomorrow.) If i grab it successfully then I will be ringing the bells of employment but if I don’t, because I am giving it everything I have and going on a leap of faith, I fall right back down and have to start all over again to reach that top. (it sounds more drastic than the reality of it all, but that’s how I feel. This is my chance to prove that this job is mine and I have worked hard to get to where I am today.)

So give me a little boost and help me reach that top rock. And then I will gladly ring the bell and be grateful to all of you! 🙂 This is it. I’ll let you all know how the interview goes!

Much love,



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