Forever Young

Hello my lovelies,

I apologize for the absence, but I do hope it made your heart grow fonder. 

Well about an hour ago I knew exactly what I wanted to write about today, but then I got lost on Pinterest and completely forgot. Man that place is amazing and you can lose track of time so easily on there. I have planned everything on there: dream house, (AH REMEMBERED! Oh no forgot it again! Okay got it again and wrote it down so won’t forget!), dream wedding, how to raise my kids, things to do with my family, recipes I want to make when friends come over for dinner, parties at my house, basically everything.

The reason for my absence was I made a new friend! Yes I am not lame…anymore! My roomie turned out to be super cool!! She is French so I’m helping her (while doing it for myself too) explore the city! We did loads of fun things this weekend. We walked all around downtown, went to the beach, went for a samba lesson in a park, watched movies, shopping and overall talked a lot! So now I am no longer lonely. And being busy for the past 4 days made me realize something (which is what I remembered this was post was going to be about), when you’re busy you don’t have time to be sad. Okay follow my train of thought here, when you’re busy you are so caught up on how you feel at that exact moment and how much fun you are having that you really don’t have time to process any other feelings or occurrences. And then if you keep busy you come home exhausted and fall asleep right away (and if you have a brain like mine this is wonderful because it won’t start wandering off). As opposed to a day like today where I have done nothing and have a lot more free time to let my mind wander and over analyze feelings and just not feel too happy. So I know now the trick is to keep busy, which I guess a lot of people always knew was one way to not deal with feelings. In the past though it has proven to not work for me because I’m an overly emotional person so when I feel bad that usually consumes all my thoughts. But from now on I will keep busy and enjoy each and every day.

Updates: The interview went well and should be hearing back soon, like in the next few days! Also have a potential first interview for another job in another big city. (Not too thrilled about it because I really want to stay where I am, but you never know where life will take you.) Did not write about the interview after it happened because I was so nervous for the interview i barely slept so i came home and took a 7 hour nap. (I will write a post on the interview tomorrow.)

Prince Polo has responded with a very assertive tone that he does want to see me while I am in town for N’s birthday! GOOD SIGN GUYS!!

I will be going back to my college town on Friday for N’s Birthday with the roomie, E and another friend! Should be a very good time!! 

 Now back to Pinterest.

Much love,



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