I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It!

Hey lovelies,

So today I got inspired to talk about something that may seem a bit weird…Girl Crushes!! So as boy crazy as I am I can’t help but to admit that I do have Celebrity Girl Crushes!! And so today I decided to share with you my top Celebrity Girl Crushes!

1. Emma Watson

Now most other girls I think will agree that this girl is just out of this world. We grew up with her on Harry Potter and now afterwards she not only has broken free from being simply Hermione but also is the epitome of classyness. So she is my top girl crush for several different reasons. She is incredibly poised, well spoken and just a classy lady. She can make jokes and be funny and not necessarily in a raunchy kind of way. I would absolutely define her as a Role Model, to myself even. (I could really keep talking about her for a while but I’ll try to make it short.) She is the kind of girl you want to be. She rebelled after the HP series was over with a drastic hair cut, she became a spokesperson for fashion labels like Lancome and Burberry, she went to college like a normal teenager, and come on she is BEAUTIFUL! And let’s not forget her amazing sense of style! Now if all that wasn’t enough reason to love her here are a few of my favorite quotes from her with her just looking beautiful:


She truly is an inspiration to us all.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Now here is a girl that is completely BAD ASS. She as we all know was the star in The Hunger Games and absolutely killed it. It was the first time I left the theater completely satisfied with the actors portrayal of a character from a book I fell in love with. Also in the movie she just looks so gorgeous! I will admit I probably love her more for the fact that she is Katniss than her being an actress. But once I started watching her interviews I basically just loved her for her! She is the type of person to just be her awkward, geeky weird self on camera and doesn’t care what anyone else has to say. And I just loved that about her! Watching her interviews I just sit there laughing. (So if you ever need a good laugh just look up her interviews especially ones with J Hutch). The other thing I admire about her is the fact that before XMen and The Hunger Games she never wanted to do big cinema, she wanted to do indie movies for the simple fact that she loved acting. Not the money, not the fame, no just simply for the art of acting. She has done more dark movies than anything else and that is pretty cool (even though I get scared easily.) I’m even trying to convince myself to see the new movie she is in: House at the End of the Street. (Hey who knows maybe if things with Prince Polo work out I can go with him so if I get scared I can just cuddle up to him 😉 ) So here are a few of my favorite Jennifer Lawrence pics:


Her and Nicholas make such an adorable couple (you know they met on the set of X-Men right?) Anyways I would totally love to be like Bffs with her and hang out with her all the time.

3. Emma Stone

Who DOESN’T love this girl? She’s funny, cute and a great actress! I mean I think one of my favorite lines from her of all time (yes I realize it’s scripted but the delivery was amazing):


And how can you not love her in: Crazy Stupid Love, House Bunny, Easy A, Spider Man (the new one is like 10x better than the old one mostly for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield), The Help (one of her best movies in my opinion), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and well you get the point. She is just great and I absolutely love her!

4. Kristen Wiig

This funny lady stole my heart basically on SNL and then Bridesmaid sealed the deal. She is absolutely HILLARIOUS!!!! Love love love her! I will miss her terribly when she leaves SNL! (Also love Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaid, them two are THE best characters in the movie!)

5. Elizabeth Banks

She is beautiful and hillarious! So I really started paying attention to this one also after The Hunger Games. Her portrayal of Effie was spot on! Also watched her on What to Expect When You’re Expecting and man was she funny in that movie! So great! Loved her on Scrubs too back in the day! I haven’t seen too much of her movies but seeing her at interviews is great she is quite funny in person. I feel like having drinks with her would be very fun. (In fact I think if you put Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Wiig, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and I together at a bar it would be a sight to be seen!

Also Shoutout to Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick! Two girls that I am starting to love for their hillariousness! Well that is all for my Celebrity Girl Crushes for now. You never know new ones might develop!

Much Love,



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