Oh What A Weekend!

Hello Lovelies,

Okay so I’m sure you are all curious as to my weekend in Champaign was. (Yes i am done keeping the city names in secret, too tired and lazy and it really doesn’t matter since most of you know me anyways.) All I can say is it was absolutely amazing. I know it’s sad and that I shouldn’t be saying this since I’m all grown up and stuff, but oh gosh do I miss that town! It was like coming home! So here is the details of how the weekend went. 

Friday: E, my roommate and myself get in the car ready to go on our road trip to Champaign. (Since we are no longer using code names for city I might as well tell you I live in Chicago, there I said it) The drive down wasn’t too bad and our timing was perfect because as soon as we got to Champaign we went straight to the restaurant for dinner with N and a few of her friends and the minute we get there and get out of the car, she is also getting out of the car. Haha crazy coincidence. So after a delicious dinner at Biaggis  (omg it was really really good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it) we headed back to go see my friend we were staying with. We got ready (yes all sexified to go out) and pregammed. Being called a million times to get my butt to N’s apartment for her pregame I finally arrived. When I arrived boy was I excited, and all you could hear were squeals, lots of them. A lot of happiness at seeing good friends and a lot of hugs. It was so good to be back with them hanging out, catching up and just having a good time. Right before leaving we all noticed N’s accomplishments as the birthday girl of 21 and I can honestly say, I couldn’t be prouder! We go out to the bars and dance all night and have laughs and just an overall good time. Except for the fact that N lost her phone battery and was now having to be reached through other people. (gosh N seriously???) But the good part about all this was that going back to Champaign felt different this time. (I discussed this in the car with E today while driving back.) It was almost like I felt more confident than ever. Don’t get me wrong usually I am pretty self-confident and don’t have any problems with loving myself. But for the first time in a long time I didn’t find myself comparing myself to other girls around. I just didn’t care. I was happy with how I looked and nothing could change that. I guess that was showing because for the first time ever, hot guys (yes guys I actually considered attractive) were coming and flirting with me. This to me felt new and exciting. Usually if I am talking to a hot guy its more than likely because I made the first move to approach them. So this very cute boy (we shall call him Blue Eyes, he had really pretty blue eyes!) comes over and starts dancing with our group. By the end of the night we are dancing with his friends (I actually mean dancing, like everyone in a circle dancing, no grinding or anything of the sorts, it was actually really nice). I was surprised that he made no passes to try and grind, make out or take me home immediately. He just asked for my number and to see me the following day. Blue eyes was very cute, sweet, and very flirty of course and not just with me but with my girls too. Which honestly I didn’t mind, it was not like I was trying to date him or anything, just enjoying the company of boys who were hitting on me. 🙂 (Oh yes I should note that at dinner there was a lot of talk about Prince Polo and there was texting between the two of us, YES I HAVE HIS NUMBER! :p but unfortunately we were not going to be seeing each other that night or for lunch the following day because he was going to the football game. He did however ask if for my plans the following night and said he was going to attempt to make it.) So like I said Blue Eyes was a fun distraction that I had no intention of it going anywhere. So I was like why not, I’m just going to enjoy having a fun distraction. (Later I was glad I did give him my number, you’ll learn why.) So the night ended there, the girls and I headed home and were enjoying some chit chat before hitting the hay. (I will note N left at around 1am to go home and sleep off that fun.) 

Saturday: Last minute decision was made to go see a game. My roommate was ecstatic as she was attending her first american football match. It was incredibly hot and I made the mistake of wearing jeggings. Awful decision. But the game was awesome we won 44-0 (not that it was a good team or anything) but it was a lot of fun. And awkward tan lines were made in the process. My roommate got hit on (as usual, because all you have to say is she is French and guys flock to her like I’ve never seen before. Honestly most of the time I’m the one announcing because it is quite fun to just watch her.) But that was followed by a nice sit down lunch with 2 of my boys (who I love and miss dearly!)! And it was great to just relax and talk to them. Soon after lunch my roommate wanted to buy some Illini gear (which made me super excited!) and of course because life loves to throw random events in my life who do I see at the store?? Prince Polo! But like the immature and nervous little girl I can turn into, things didn’t go as you imagine them. So I see him come in through the store door immediately I freak! I turn to the my roommate in a low voice and go “Omg! Omg! Omg! He’s here! He’s here!” (MInd you he is alone with a girl, which I am not too ecstatic about) But instead of a normal human being and going and saying hello what do I do, I hide. Of course! Good job Vicky! So of course he walks over to the section I am in. There were these rotating towers with tshirts on them (what my roomie was looking at) and I start to walk when he walks making sure I am hidden at all times. (In my defense 1. didn’t want to talk to him when he was alone with a girl, 2. I had just come from a football game and lunch I was stuffed, felt bloated and sweaty and looked terrible, obviously not the first impression I would like to give him.) So he was in the store for a total of 5 minutes and then gone. We later went home to get ready for an early night of festivities. We (every time I say we I refer to E, my roommate and myself as we seemed to be inseparable this weekend) began the night at 8, when we went to get $1 green beers to celebrate half way to Unofficial (U of I tradition- the Unofficial I mean) and let me tell you that beer was awful. But the more I drank the more it did it’s job so who I am to complain really? (and in the end we actually ended up getting a pitcher for $2.) But the place was completely dead and full of drunk frat boys who clearly have nothing better to do on a saturday afternoon rather than sit around and drink. But that meant since we were looking all very sexy and were drinking we kept being served free shots. So I am not one to complain about free drinks! After we had a nice buzz going we moved on to go find N and later found her at another friends apartment. (Searching for N is like finding Waldo because you have no direct cell to her so you have to talk to others until you find her.) But we met up (we also had a pizza :)) and hung out for a bit with those friends. Then I made plans with Blue Eyes to pregame at his apartment. (At this point I had decided I was about to just focus on having fun because Prince Polo had told me it was not possible to hang out as he had been studying all day and in study groups and that in fact he hadn’t even gone to the game. Which is funny because when I saw him he was wearing an illini jersey. People wear that for fun right? Or wear it even though they didn’t attend the game? Please tell me that is the case. But basically it had been decided he was too busy to see me and actually didn’t respond when I said I’d be in town until 2pm today in case his schedule opened up.) So we go to pregame at Blue Eyes place and it was so fun! He was there with all guys and one girl (and to be perfectly honest I love when that is the case. Because for some reason every time other girls are around they always feel the need to be center of attention, like it’s some sort of competition.). So it was fun playing beer pong and just chilling and having a few laughs with a bunch of fun guys. They then went with us to meet with N at another bar (different than the previous night or the earlier one). We all were dancing and drinking and having a really good time. And naturally as everyone expected Blue Eyes kissed me. I will not lie, I had been having quite a bit to drink and haven’t drank in a while so naturally my tolerance was low to begin with. (the funny thing was talking to the roomie today and hearing all the things I told her and did the previous night, small things that happened. Nothing too embarrassing.) So of course I paired up with Blue Eyes for the night and we all were having a good time. I like to think that I try very hard that even though I pair off with a guy I keep his friends included and mine, which is just how I see things as being fun and not awkward. So after the bars we ended up hanging out for a bit, his roommates were watching a scary movie. And let me just note this boy shirtless…WOW. Like he is just a very attractive guy in general. But seeing him shirtless was a very nice sight. And the nice thing is he was very respectful, sweet, considerate and thoughtful. I mean he made sure he introduced all of us to his friends individually. He bought me drinks and bought my roomie food. And in my eyes that’s a very sweet guy. (We did text a little today, so still think nothing will really happen but for now he is a fun boy toy ;)) I will spare you the really embarassing stories of my loud obnoxious self being too friendly to random strangers while walking, and the mistake I made with my roomie (I’m terrible and an awful wing woman drunk) Overall though incredibly fun and successful night. 

Sunday: Had brunch this morning with the lovely ladies and N and her high school friends. And it was so much fun! So many laughs and just a good time. Of course only making leaving tougher and dreaded. My roomie finally got her Illini gear today and is actually currently wearing it! After that it came time to say good bye to all my friends. Naturally at this point I am running around like crazy trying to see everyone before I left. Sadly I did NOT get to see everyone I wanted to! 😦 But I think they all are aware of the amount I miss them all already. Driving back was tough because I was exhausted and was the one at the steering wheel while the girlies were napping in the car. (ALSO Today is my parent’s wedding anniversary so that is exciting!) The drive was pretty uneventful with one specific moment standing out in my mind. I was driving in the silence just rethinking the weekend through and mostly actually thinking about Prince Polo and how disappointed I was that I didn’t get to see him. And the strangest thing happened I exhaled deeply and my roommate put her hand on my arm and said “Courage!” That is it. The funny thing about that is I’m not sure if she read my mind or what happened. But all I know is at that exact moment that word was all I needed to hear. I’m still not sure if she was referring to the drive and being tired or if somehow someway my roommate has already understood me so deeply that she knew that at that moment I was incredibly discouraged about the Prince Polo situation. I don’t know what happened but right then and there “things happen for a reason” couldn’t have been more true. Other than that we arrived home exhausted ready for bed at 8pm. 

It was an incredibly successful weekend with a lot of fun, laughs and overall good time. I am so happy I got to see everyone! Truth be told the Prince Polo situation is a bit discouraging and is now at a halt because I am not exactly sure what to do, think  about it. I will keep all of you lovely people updated on what else happens this week. I should be hearing back soon! *Fingers crossed*

Much Love,


PS- Sorry it is quite long. Also reading it over I realize my grammar is just awful on this one but I am way too exhausted to really fix things. 


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