Hey lovelies,


So today was an incredibly stressful day. Had to deal with crazy people, career fairs and to top it off I got my wallet stolen. That is right…my wallet got stolen out of my purse. I didn’t want to make today’s post about that because I have talked way too much about this. (I have also started a Vlog, i know totally becoming like a social media slut…haha… well I’ll post the link to my new youtube channel that has an entire vlog dedicated to the robbery, so you guys can watch it on there.) But what I really wanted to talk about was something I realized on the way home. 

Here I am sitting on a train on my way home surrounded by people who quietly sit next to each other. Not even 10 minutes before I had been talking to cops and dealing with a robbery that had occurred. And it made me realize how we don’t connect to people. Sitting in that train I was very distressed and still in shock from the whole thing. The thing is you have no idea what the people around you have been through in their life or in the past hour. I just thought it was crazy to realize that. It really makes you think how you can be so physically close to someone (because come on, you sure get cozy with some people on a crowded train.) and yet be so far away from them not knowing a single thing about them. (Idk just a thought I had…) 

Alright very tired from the day!

Laters and Much love,


Vlog: http://www.youtube.com/tvvickyd


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