Not Myself….


So today’s post is just me writting so I can say I posted something…

In the past few days I haven’t been exactly feeling myself or too happy. It’s incredibly tough being in a limbo waiting to hear back about jobs. These people don’t realize that my entire life plan is currently depending on their decision. I can’t commit to things because of the uncertainty on their part. I will, however. be signing a new apartment with my roommate that actually moved out on the same day as the robbing incident. She wasn’t getting along with our landlord and decided to move out. As my lease is expiring and he already has someone else lined up I need to find a place to stay. If I can’t find anything before Sunday I will be crashing at E’s place for a bit. But we are scheduled to see a beautiful apartment tomorrow that we can lease for the few months we are staying in Chicago (until December). I am a bit excited about the projects I will be taking on this upcoming week if we move into this apartment. We found a lot of free furniture or inexpensive furniture on craigslist that I will be sanding and repainting. So at least I got something to keep me busy and distracted for a bit. 

My life currently for those of you who haven’t seen my latest vlog has basically been filled with: Youtube, YouNow, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Constantly for hours and hours and hours. 

Life sucks. Oh well.



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