I think I just saw my future….

Hey guys,


So for the purpose of this getting complicated the girl that used to be my roomie will now be referred to as M. So last night M invited me to have dinner at her boss’ house for dinner but they are traveling so her boss’ mom is taking care of the house. Let me just say though that her boss basically has the life I want for my own. So her boss studied abroad in England for photography. While abroad she met a sexy French man with a British accent. She then finished her studies there and moved back to the US. She broke off with thesexy french/english man because of the long distance. They later were reunited because they both loved each other very much. He moved to the US for her to be together. Soon after they got married and have two kids now. I just have to say they are 2 of the most beautiful and adorable children I ever met. And she is traveling to beautiful places for her job which involves taking pictures. This woman has basically the life I want. A sexy English accented man, with a happy life, and beautiful loving children. I can only hope to one day go live in England for a short period and find a perfect man for me there. There’s my sappy life dream in real life.


In other news, today I am moving out of my current apartment. My lease is up and other reasons have cause me to have to move. I will be crashing with E for a few days until I find a new apt til the end of October.


For now that is all.


Much love,



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