And the music plays on…

Hello Lovelies, So continuing on the topic of music, there is another band I’d love to introduce to you. People who read this, I’d like you to meet Little Mix. (Standing: Perrie & Jade, Sitting: Leigh-Anne & Jessy) Much like One Direction they auditioned for X-Factor individually and were given the chance to move on […]


Okay so it’s that time again where I sit here, 30 mins before work is over and attempt to write something out. I’ve actually been trying to figure out what to write about all day, with no luck. But as I just wrote those two sentences I realized there is one thing I’d like to […]

A Gloomy Monday….brings reflection time

‘Ello,  While the weather somehow got warmer and wetter over night, my mood for mondays remains unchaged. I mean come on, who actually likes Mondays. It’s that day that just sits in a corner quietly sobbing because no one likes them. (Sorry Monday….) But aside from that I had a lovely weekend back in Champaign. […]

What is my life?

It’s Friday, friday, friday! Heck yes it’s Friday! You know it’s been a long week when you’re talking to your boss and she forgets there was a holiday this week, and you say it was Labor Day. Yeah, that happened just now. Aren’t fridays just the best though, when you’re brain is so fried from […]

Recipe #3 to Survive the Cold

Hello hello, I hope you are all doing splendid and not freezing your butts off like I am. So today I decided to talk about what seems to be the only thing on my mind right now. I’m not sure if you’ve stepped outsdie lately, but these past few days have been so cold that […]


Good Morning Peoples, So I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend, I know I did.  As I mentioned in my last blog, I was going to go visit my friend B for a One Direction-filled weekend. It was just what I needed. We made sweatshirts, a scrapbook, talked incessantly about 1D and listened to […]