Good Morning Peoples,

So I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend, I know I did. 

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was going to go visit my friend B for a One Direction-filled weekend. It was just what I needed. We made sweatshirts, a scrapbook, talked incessantly about 1D and listened to their music on constant loop. Anyone who is not as big of a fan as we are, would’ve probably thrown us out a window or something. We also got to Skype with the lovely F, and we got all caught up with all 1D related news. Like I said, if it wasn’t one of us, you would’ve jumped out the window. But we both needed this weekend off to completely distract ourselves. While talking to her and catching up, man my respect for doctors in school just like shot up. I always knew it was hard but, honestly, it’s INSANE. So that’s what I did this weekend. 

And most of you might say, I’m insane, okay maybe not, but after reading this next paragraph you might. I mentioned in my last post I have developed this like *cough*obsession*cough* with a certain british youtuber. Well yesterday, when I was starting to feel okay about him having a gf, lightning struck again and I felt like crap. So he went sledding with the gf and his brother, okay cool. It bothered me, but I could handle it. But then, things got real. He casually mentioned on their broadcast that he would be going to go Paris. That’s right he said HE, not they (usually he travels with his brother) which automatically made my stomach drop to the deepest pit of my body. Then the lovely Tumblr fueled my worriedness, and people were speculating on there the fact that he’d be going to Paris with HER. I pretended that I hadn’t read that, as any normal girl would. But then when I got home from my trip, I decided what better way to end my weekend than to torture myself. So I decided to do some research only to find confirming evidence she was in fact in Paris with him. It’s bad enough they are taking a romantic trip just the two of them, but the worst part is she’s living out my dream. I also mentioned before I began writing a story, well (spoiler alert) later in the story we’d be going to Paris….you see my annoyance. In fact, that isn’t the only similarity to the story… which is REALLY creepy. So basically this chick is living out how I wanted my life to be going with this boy. It scares me that I actually accurately portrayed how a realtionship with this boy, i don’t know personally, could go. I think I should go into the profession of fortune telling, for reals. But anyways, as ridiculous as it is to really care and like someone you’ve never met is, it’s real people. It happens, okay? And I was legitimately devastated, but I’m holding my head up high because who knows what life has to bring me.

On a completely different note, that will hopefully change your opinion of me from psycho to awesome, I have a few plans for the next couple of weekends. So I have a friend who is constantly telling me to just live my life, to stop worrying about the future and create adventures for my life. So if you know anything about me, you know I like things planned, and that can really interfere with spontaneously doing things. BUT, as of late the thrill of just doing things has gotten the best of me. So this past weekend I traveled to a town near St. Louis , which was 4.5 hours away, but still didn’t stop me. Next weekend I’m headed back to Champaign for a special party. Then today i discovered something and it is making it very hard to keep all this excitement bottled up at work. Ed Sheeran (if you don’t know who he is, please go to youtube RIGHT NOW), will be playing in St. Louis in two weekends. And guess what, I just decided I’m going. Because I need to see that ginger angel again. He was the opening act for One Direction at Madison Square Garden, and it was AMAZING. So why the hell not, go see him again. Another 5 hour drive to go see him, adventure time!! (THEY JUST SAID ED SHEERAN ON THE RADIO AND I SMILED! I loveee when they play his music on the radio) But yea basically all this rambling was meant to say is, if you want to do something, do it! (*cough*  F especially you *cough*) Don’t keep thinking “oh yea, i’ll do it eventually” because you know and I know that it’s never going to happen if you leave it in at sometime or eventually, it means never. So just go out and do it! 

My mood has changed from being sad to super excited and cannot wait til Feb. 2nd! 

Alright the ramble is done! 

Love you all!


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