What is my life?

It’s Friday, friday, friday!

Heck yes it’s Friday! You know it’s been a long week when you’re talking to your boss and she forgets there was a holiday this week, and you say it was Labor Day. Yeah, that happened just now. Aren’t fridays just the best though, when you’re brain is so fried from the week making coherent sentences is an incredibly difficult task. And let’s not even talk about spelling. Dear god, spelling is virtual impossible (especially at 4:30pm on a Friday). 

But anyways this weekend I am driving down to Champaign for a special weekend. it is the birthdays of one of my good friends, as well as a special party. My friend came out 4 years ago and since then around the same date that occurred he hosts a party and donates all the funds to charity. The best part? He gives lap dances for money. It’s always an incredibly fun party and I cannot wait for it! But other than that this week has been sooooo crazy I haven’t even had time to edit this week’s video and don’t even get me started on next week’s video. But I figured everything works out, as it always does (I’m not freaking out I promise…..maybe a little). (Okay 23 minutes until I’m free…….and then im stuck in a car for 2-3 hours… woo) 

Well anyways, not too much to update on. E came over yesterday for dinner and catching up on our shows. Work, as always, was incredibly crazy with a few frustrations.( Same old same old)

OH but I do want to share a funny story! So yesterday Z posted her latest chapter to the sequel and I was freaking out. I loved it!!! My favorite line of the entire sequel so far: “I can’t be back in it, if I never stopped.” This line is vital to the story and so perfect. But the best part is… I told F she must read it. She was out a bar and I convinced her to go to the bathroom to read it. She then stopped responding to which I got incredibly worried, becuase we tend to get very emotional with this story. And since I couldn’t see her reaction, it concerned me even more. Turns out my suspicions were right and she was crying in the bathroom of a bar because of a fan fiction. Ladies and gentlemen this is what makes up my life right now… (Not sure if I should be proud or scared) 

But either way I hope you all had a fantabulous week and will be having a wonderful weekend. I will have a drink for each of you this weekend. (Oh god help me…)

Love you all.



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