Okay so it’s that time again where I sit here, 30 mins before work is over and attempt to write something out. I’ve actually been trying to figure out what to write about all day, with no luck. But as I just wrote those two sentences I realized there is one thing I’d like to talk about.

So I’m not sure how many of you know who Ed Sheeran is, but if you don’t, go look him up. Right now! I’m serious. Go then come back! I guarantee you’ll like at least one of this songs. See the great thing about Ed is his music is versatile yet so deep. Ed Sheeran is on my mind for the simple fact that I am seeing him this weekend and I am absolutely ecstatic! Best part of the whole thing is that the venue is a small theater where the balcony has 4 rows and the floor is General Admission with no more than 30 rows.  Even better, with shipping and fees I am paying $52 for a ticket. (WHAT??????????????? That’s crazy!! i mean its ED SHEERAN! The same guy that opened for One Direction at MSG! The same guy that in the UK has a quintiple platinum album!aklsjdf;alsjdf;ajsflajs) My excitement is too much to contain. I am currently purchasing the tickets and writing this. (I’m switching back and forth between the pages so that I don’t scream at work. That would be very bad and strange.) 

But the point is I decided to some research on Ed before his concert. Boy, was I shocked at what I found. This guy has been recording music since 2005! (it only took me 7 years to find out about him) But he is the perfect example of how hard work pays off. I mean he did 312 gigs in ONE YEAR! Now that is incredible! And he writes the lyrics, music and performs it all himself. (look up the lyrics to You Need Me, I Don’t Need You; its basically his life story) His story is truly amazing and inspirational to any musician. He has now won two BRIT awards and is nominated for a Grammy. Most people in the US know him for A-Team (which is actually a very sad song dealing with something very real that he has actually fundraised for, which is something that surprised me in a good way.) but I know him as the ginger angel that gives me beautiful music to listen to. My favorite songs from him are Kiss Me, Give Me Love and Lego House. He writes beautifully about love, loss and being hurt. I cannot rave enough about him and I wish the radio stations played more of him. Seeing him this weekend on such an intimate setting (he often enjoys ignoring the mic and doing some songs acoustically) will be one fo the best experiences of my life. Guaranteed. 

But it goes beyond that, me and B (who i visited 2 weekends ago) have more plans. We want to be bff with this british boy. There is a bar next to the venue, I think we all know where we’re going to find me after the concert….that’s right I’m going to the bar in hopes our ginger british biscuit will stop by. (I don’t think he is hot at all but he is genuinely someone I’d love to be friends with becuase he seems like such an amazing person.) 

Also just a little excerpt he has written 3 songs for One Direction (Moments, Over Again, Little Things). And no I don’t want to be friends with him to get to 1D, what do you think I am,,, I know you were thinking it. (I have no alterior motives I swear!) 

I am so freaking excited!!! I will let you all know how the concert goes and maybe I’ll even post some pictures!! 🙂 

Much Love! xx


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