And the music plays on…

Hello Lovelies,

So continuing on the topic of music, there is another band I’d love to introduce to you. People who read this, I’d like you to meet Little Mix.


(Standing: Perrie & Jade, Sitting: Leigh-Anne & Jessy)

Much like One Direction they auditioned for X-Factor individually and were given the chance to move on as a girl group. They not only broke the curse of the girl group on the X-Factor (no girl group had advanced very far in any season) but they won the whole damn thing. That’s right first group to ever win, first girl group to ever win. (Although I’m not really sure why people make sure to emphasize that a GIRL group is different than a group. You wouldn’t distinguish it if it was a boy band would you? Like seriously? Anyways…) They are all incredibly talented and each one can belt out a note, in other words they are all lead singers. They are extremely quirky and adorable girls that had their lives changed (much like our 1D boys). I learned about them when there was talk about Zayn dating Perrie (The blonde one & they actually are dating) and how a group won the X-Factor. (They were on the season following the boys.)

I had heard some of their songs and really enjoyed them. Then i decided to watch their entire journey throughout the X-Factor. Watching the whole thing I was literally bawling my eyes out the entire time. I was so happy and proud of them. It was especially hard to hear Jessy (who happens to be a little bit bigger than the other girls, big deal) reading nasty comments online about herself. (Tears were rushing down watching that.) But needless to say after the two hours I spent watching all those videos I became a Mixer at heart. These are girls you want to be best friends with and who happen to have this amazing talent that they can sing. And what’s the best part is they each have their own unique voice and personality but come together to make amazing music and one amazing group. I think they are absolutely wonderful role models to younger girls. What they’re all about is also pretty awesome; Girl Power! Not just to love yourself and be independent, but (and I love this) always listen to your mama. Overall, they are just fantastic and make me smile. And theyre songs are such great jams to dance to!

So excited that today I discovered I can order their album!! (It’s not sold in the US 😦 ) But i can order it online to be shipped here and I’m pumped. Cannot wait to see the journey these girls will be going on, and count me in for their concert!!  ( like it seriously unfair how everything in the UK is better. like everything. I seriously need to go live there, i’d fit in so well.)

If you have no idea who I just rambled about look up Little Mix on YouTube. Their singles currently out are: Cannonball, Wings and DNA. I’d highly reccomend watching their performances on X-Factor too!

Much love!


PS- 2 days until ED SHEERAN (can you tell  how excited I am?)


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