One of the best nights of my life (Post 1 of today)

Hello Lovelies,

So i decided today deserved two different posts. The reasoning behind this is, if you read my post on Friday, you’d know I was meant to watch Ed Sheeran this weekend. And it was magnificent so I feel the need to share it with you all. Secondly, I read a post today on Disney love stories and I felt inspired to do a piece on it (that will be coming on later, as I’m still thinking it all out). 

But for this post it’s all about Ed. 

Okay, so as I mentioned before if you have no idea who this is, I beg of you YouTube him. You will not regret it, I promise. His music fits all ages. He has fun up-beat music, deep sad songs, and inspiring music. The bottom line is his lyrics are things we go through and can really connect. His lyrics move me so much, I literally feel overwhelmed with emotions whenever I listen ( I mean really listen) to his music. And basically his love songs are all things I want when I’m in love. He actually makes me miss being in love. Anyways, please please please go listen.

So, let me tell you about the concert.(There might be quite a few pictures) So me and B get to St. Louis and are standing outside the venue. There are huge lines on both sides of the building. It is freezing outside and we have assigned seats, we decide it’s not worth waiting in line. Then we go for some dinner since we hadn’t eaten yet, and we were planning on drinking. We then stand in line to get inside the venue. As soon as we get there, all the tweens are in the General Admission area. There was a lot of them (about 200-300 I’d say.) We immediately spot the bar area behind the sound table. “Found our spot.” We both the bar area there was a wooden counter facing the stage. We make our way to stand there, our view is absolutely clear to the stage. I cannot believe I will be about 20 ft from Ed Sheeran, it was mind boggling. 


We both get drinks (Rum & Cokes to be exact) and stand next to some moms that had brought their daughters to the concert. (One admitted to us she was actually here mostly for herself.) But they were awesome moms, dancing, super nice, and very drunk.


Image         Image

Once the first opening act starts we are all enjoying ourselves. He was Irish (which we immediately all loved) and was so good. He had nice chill music, which was a perfect opening.


The second opening act was a lot more pumped up. They got me off my feet (I was on my second drink at this point). We were all dancing and just having so much fun. They were also british, which made the girls scream, loudly. Apparently, what made them famous in the UK was a song called The Hump, soooo fun to dance to. So it was the perfect opening to get us pumped for Ed. Only a few minutes later, that ginger angel takes the stage. Opening the show with Give Me Love. (I was already dying at this point.) He then said a few words of hello and thanks for being here and the show is going to be great. He then went on to explain that there will be some pumped up songs and some that he wants everyone to be really quiet. I attempted to take pictures with my camera without flash with no luck. My hands were shaking so much from excitement they were all blurry. So I gave B the task of taking pics. I then discovered my phone was taking better pictures than expected, so I stuck wtih that. The set list was as follows (it’s not exactly in order so I’m sorry.) 

ImageGive Me Love






Gold Rush


Wake Me Up (He said it was a silly love song) 

ImageSmall Bump (Me and B cried…)



Grade 8 


Kiss Me (he brought out the first act to sing with him & said he wrote it for two best friends, I cried b/c it’s my favorite song)


Lego House (The backscreen is the audience with their phones in the air) 

Parted Glass (inspired by Irish Folk music) 




You Need Me, I Don’t Need You 

Those were the songs played not in that particular order but I did my best to try to put them in order. You know when I go to a show I don’t try to memorize the set list, I simply enjoy the performance and experience of it all. 

He was brilliant, amazing, phenomenal, emotional, fun, exceptional, fantastic, I literally do not have enough words to describe just how unbelievably amazingly talented he is. And basically after the first song, I fell in love with him. He also got oddly sexier as the show went on. (Not sure if it was the guitar, the singing, or the emotions he conveys)  His voice is beautiful, his lyrics are meaningful and his passion is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. I almost don’t ever want to go to another concert of his because this concert was so perfect, I don’t want my image affected. But who am I kidding, I probably will attend many many more. The amazing thing is because he’s not huge in America yet, the entire experience felt intimate. As if, it’s just the two of you in the room. It’s a beautiful experience. It makes me a little sad to know now that he will be going on tour with T-Swift and will explode and therefore will be unable to do small shows like this one. But he deserves all the recognition in the world. 

As if the concert wasn’t enough me and B decide to hit the bar attached to the venue. I was already 3 drinks in, while she steadied herself at simply two. She was the one driving us home and wanted to be sober. At the bar she had half a drink while I had another one and her half. We danced and hung out in hopes Ed would come hang out at the bar since it was fairly empty being that all the young ones were heading home now. I swear to you, our timing could not have been any more perfect. After hanging out at the bar for an hour, an hour and a half we decide to go home. (Don’t judge me for being more than tipsy at this point.) I also forgot to mention it was snowing A LOT outside. By the time we got outside there were about 3 inches on the floor. The snow stuck to our jackets, clothes and especially to our hair. On our way to the car I notice a line of girls standing by the back door. I immediately start running as I’m not sure what is going on, but I was all too familiar with groups of young girls standing outside a venue. I then ask one of the girls how long she’d been in line for and she said about an hour, clearly shivering from the cold. Needless to say I did not feel cold at all. B is screaming behind me “Where are you going? What are you doing? Come back here!” I ignore her entirely, as I know she will follow me. She then walked up to me to ask what was going on. I told her we were getting in line. I was determined that if there was a chance I’d be meeting this ginger angel, I’d be there waiting. I then walk up to security and ask how likely is it really for us to meet them, B was shivering from being cold (and even drunk I have a conscious). The security told us not likely at all, since Ed was still waiting on his food. I don’t know why, but this did not motivate me to leave at all, in fact it motivated me to stay. It sounds crazy I know, but i guess my logic was,  ‘he’s waiting on food, which means when it gets here he has to step outside (like another normal person, becuase he doesn’t have people working for him…) and if there is just a chance I can see him I’ll be happy’. No my darlings it got way better. I kid you not, 10 minutes after standing there almost giving up, the security said “I need you all to squeeze into a single file line and line up against the wall and he’s going to come outside and stand under the tent by the door and take pictures with all of you, one by one.” At this i squealed. I was SO excited I was about to meet ED FREAKING SHEERAN! I started dancing in line of excitement and B told me “Please stop. You need to calm down and act chill.” “Ok” I reply really doing my best to be calm. But this was the very first celebrity ever I was about to touch and take a picture with, and it couldn’t have been anyone better. I was on cloud 9, I was so excited. I did tell B “Please stop me if I say something stupid like ‘can I have your ginger babies?'” her response obviously was “um no! That would be hillarious and awesome!” So you can imagine I was on a great route to  embarass myself. But once we got up to him, I gave the guy taking the pictures for us my camera and this is how the interaction went. 

Ed: “Hi.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Ed: “Of course”

We pose for a pictureImage

I turn to him still holding his arm and him holding mine.

Me looking him straight in the eyes: “I also saw you at Madison Square Garden, you were amazing.” 

Ed: “Thank you.” Smiles and squeezes my arm. 

After we turn the corner after taking the pictures, I began galloping and twirling and saying “I can’t believe I just met Ed Sheeran.” My smile took over half of my face and I was literally on cloud 9. I strongly considered just laying on the snow to make sure it was real. I didn’t. 

Overall, it was absolutely amazing! One of the best nights of my life. He is going to go down in history as a legend (mark my words). He is probably my all time favorite artist and it is rare for me to like every single song from one artist, but with him I do!

Hope you enjoyed my overly excited post and pictures. (Sorry it’s not great quality.) 


Much love,


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