You’re Annoying….

Hello All,

So let’s swiftly change from the lovey dovey post of yesterday into a whiny complaining one today! Who doesn’t love to read about someone else complaining? All I know is misery loves company. (Amen sister!) Okay so I’m not really in that bad of a mood, but on the train today while stuck tightly in between two people I just started thinking of things that bother me. (Being squeezed two strangers being one of those things…)

So here is a list of things that bother me (feel free to comment, agreeing or disagreeing):

  1. Being squeezed in between strangers in the train. Who decided to make seats so tiny that a normal person like me has get squeezed when I sit.
  2. Relating to that, having people cram themselves in a train. There is a train BEHIND this one, is it really necessary for you to squeeze yourself where there are already 10 extra people that shouldn’t be there.
  3. Sale Signs: Thank you. I know you are having clothing with a good price on them. Can you please stop shoving it in my face that I cannot go buy you right now? I am trying to save money!
  4. Girls being judged for not eating enough or eating too much. (We going deep here) So I love food, and that is no secret, but I see the eyes judging when I buy myself a foot long sandwhich. WHAT? I’m hungry and I like food, leave me alone. (Although girls I hope you’re never afraid to eat whatever you want. Whoever decided skin and bones was okay, is a dumb butt. You are beautiful!) 
  5. Beauty (This one will ahve several sub-divisions);

                     a) Foundation, powder, etc…- did make up really have to be this complicated & EXPENSIVE (and you wonder why I hate wearing it)

                     b) when did taking off almost all of your eyebrows and using a pencil to make them dark become a beautiful thing. Thin eyebrows creep me out. What is wrong with naturally thick eye brows (thank you Lilly Collins for owning up to yours)

                    c) Channel perfume- I really really want to like you, I do. But I own two of them and both of them I feel that when I put them on I smell like my grandmother (who smells very nice) but I immediately feel older. Does anyone feel that way too?

6. 8ams- Ok I have a personal vendetta against the person that came up with this rule. Schools should never start this early. And work should definitely not start this early. Like it takes me at least an hour to begin functioning anyways why not just let me sleep longer and start working later. You’ll get more out of me and better quality, guaranteed. But yea to the guy who thought this up (it has to be a guy because girls dont like mornings and we take longer to get ready in the morning, so I know it couldn’t have been one of us.), I hate you.

But yea there are a lot more things on that list but I think those cover at least some of the major ones bothering me right now.  

To end this post on a good note. One of my favorite things in the world.

I love the smell when a guy comes out of the shower and smells like his shampoo and body wash. ummmm… they just smell so clean and fresh! 

Much love,



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