Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello Lovelies,

Keeping today’s post short. 

I am so overly excited about a few things.

1. F and I made a playlist to go along to Z’s amazing fan fiction, and today is the very first day that we are posting it! I am super pumped and a bit nervous to see what everyone will think, including Z. She has not seen the playlist yet, so I hope she likes it.

2. Little Mix is having a challenge to get one country to host a special event for them. USA just made in their top 10 list, announced today. So now we have 5 challenges to get us to win. This week’s challenge…make a video telling the Little Mix Story….I am soo excited for this. But this video will be the death of me. If you know anything about me, is my patience isn’t something I’m proud of. And I’ve decided to make sort of a stop-motion video. It’s going to take hours of labor, but it should end up fantastic. Oh, did I mention I’m using Barbies…that’s right I’m a grown woman playing with barbies…Hopefully though the video will turn out AMAZING! I’ll keep you all  posted on the progress and might even post it on here once it’s completed…

Wish me luck…I hope it won’t be a long night… Why am I rushing it? It’s due on Wednesday… yea awesome right??

3. Also my Valentine’s Day Video is going to be edited and released today! woot woot! 

Yea along with the huge amount of stuff at work I have to do, I also just gave myself a lot of work for home too. :/ it’ll all be worth it though once we get the USA that Little Mix event!! 


Much love,




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