Today is just not my day


So you know that video I was talking about? Well yea. I made it. Before even filming, I accidently cut my finger.It wouldn’t stop bleeding. Awesome start.


I began the whole process at 7pm. I finished at 5 am. That is 10 consecutive hours of hard word moving dolls, changing dolls, changing scenario, filming every aspect of the video and editing.


Then I went to sleep woke up at 6:15, because the video was done producing and I needed to upload it to YouTube. I was very proud of my work, especially with all the things that went wrong *cough*stupideditingsoftwarecrashing*cough*. It was a very very long night. I suffered through it with my back in pain from bending over too long (with my scoleosis), my finger now being a liability and an issue, the tiredness from working all day and of course why not let’s through a horrible headache to the mix, why don’t we?

Needless to say after all that hard work I am sitting at my desk running on less than 2 hours of sleep and 2 cups of caffeine (coffee and soda). And of course, I didn’t win. I am devastated to say the least. I have never put so much effort into a video and am so sad that it got no recognition.

To top my day off, my hormones are raging. And if all that wasn’t enough…my ex (who also happens to be my best friend) is now giving me judgement and a talk about me being so pessimistic of not being in a relationship. He is now dating a friend of his, and decided to advise me to take a look at the friends I have because you never know. I informed him I could never see me dating any of my current friends. He decided this judgement was pessimistic. I also told him I don’t want one, and that I plan on moving around a lot (to which apparent he says it’s sad that i feel this way.) This is the same guy less than a year ago i was trying to convince that one day he was going to get married and find love, when he had lost all hope in love. This same guy is now trying to give me love lessons. Me of all people. No. I’m done. And his judging nature is making the whole thing 10x worse.

So to say the least today has been an awful day, it’s 2pm and all I want to do is go home curl in my bed and go to sleep.

Oh wait, my day just got worse…got to turn a 135 pg document into an excel sheet… seriously? Wait, she just took it back becuase she realized how insane it was…



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