Happy Valentine’s!

Hello my lovelies,


So normally, today, i’d be cussing out every couple I see on the street. But today, i’ve oddly been okay with Valentine’s Day… I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been in doors facing a wall for most of the day, or if most of the tweets I’ve been getting to my phone involve other bitter single people all rejoicing together at being single. But strangely enough, the only thing I haven’t felt today is lonely. I’ve been text F all day (she’s ONE of my many valentines today), and constantly tweeting. And not to metion today I’ve actually been super busy and doing a bunch of stuff. I’ve decided instead of being bitter and frustrated I was just going to be spreading the love. And I’ve been doing wonderfully. That is with the exception that i woke up with a terrible cold. Sneezing, coughing, and stuffy noses are SO attractive for valentines… oooohhhh yeahhhh. Also me and F even matched today 🙂 (we’re both wearing red sweaters even though shes in NYC and Im in Chicago. That’s okay. We still love each other. 😀 

Also MAJOR credit to Cute Overload for making me smile all day long. I want all of those puppies for myself! 🙂 

E is coming over later for some Vampire Diaries and a nice dinner with sparkling grape juice..we going fancy. (it was going to be champagne but since little old me is sick and on meds to get better soon…alcohol is no good)

Much love!



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