BRIT Award Fashion

Hello Lovely People, 

Since I failed at posting yesterday because I was actually working a lot, when I wasn’t almost falling asleep from being exhausted, today’s post is going to be special. The long weekend messed up my sleeping schedule because genius Vicky stayed up til 4 am every day. Yep, I know, it’s my own fault, don’t blame the long weekend. Sorry long weekend, the fault is all mine. But back to the topic at hand, because very few americans will be doing this, today I am reviewing the fashion at THE BRIT AWARD!! Mostly because I want to talk about how sexy One Direction and Ed looked. So shall we get started? Okay here we go.

Well do ladies first…

Jessie J

Without the short hair and bangs I HONESTLY did not recognize her. She looks like a completely different person. But the plunging neckline, honey what? It’s taking quite the dip… but other than that the dress is beautiful. And I am loving you with this more natural look, you actually look gorgeous! Stick more to this, please! 

MA GIRLS… Little Mix

Ok. Perrie girl I love your dress it fits you and your hair perfectly. But can we talk about what is on your head? What is that? Did a flower girl loose her headband and you found it? The crazy thing about it all is that it actually works with the outfit. Jesy, Jesy, Jesy…that dress is FINE. I’m in love with that dress. It’s sexy without being too revealing, her hair helps cover up the girls. Leigh-Anne, is wearing just the right amount of plunge. And she is looking gorgeous doing so. Greek goddess much? Jade, sweetie you are a cutie and I love you, but I did not like that dress. Maybe I’d be okay if it wasn’t the feathers at the bottom. But as a unit, as always you guys look flawless.  

Rita Ora

I don’t know much about Rita Ora, but I know she’s friends with Harry. I love the color of this dress, but the cut is not for me. The bodacious area looks extremely weird. And she looks uncomfortable.


Okay, so currently I have lost all respect for this one here. I can write a whole post on that, trust me, but I won’t, at least not right now. And the thing is as much as I don’t like her as a person right now, I LOVE this dress. If I was famous, this is definitely a dress I would wear. It’s gorgeous. It’s black and sleek. I love that instead of being cut there’s a sheer material instead. It makes it risque but so classy. And the best part is this dress looks incredibly comfortable, I’m all about comfort. And the gold belt is just what the dress needed. It pains me to say this, but she looked stunning. Definitely my favorite outfit she’s ever worn. She’s definitely trying to catch  someone’s eye, and making him regret breaking up with her. Please go be a drama queen somewhere else. Thanks.

Emeli Sande 

I have no idea who you are, but you won 2 awards today. Which means guess who’s going on Youtube tonight and discovering new music? This girl! So, the bib part looks like a judge’s cloak but oddly enough the dress fits you, Emeli. Not saying I love it, but it looks very elegant on you. And you can never go wrong with simple, black dress. Ever. Okay maybe not ever. 

Jamie Winston

Again, I have no idea who this is. But girl….just NO! You cannot wear a jukebox dress to The BRITs…i LOVE your shoes… but the outfit as a whole is a big NO for me. It honestly looks like someone took her out of the 90s and put her on the runway. There’s a reason we left it in the 90s. 

Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack…GURL…. give me a second guys. What is air again? Girl, you look FLAWLESS.  For everyone that ever doubted why in the world Harry Styles was drooling over you like a lovesick puppy, just show them this picture. The blue dress, is GORGEOUS, the flowyness yet sexy appeal is just perfect. I love the shawl looking thing around your arms, makes you look like an angel. And I LOVE that you went with nude heels to give the lips a red POP. And I love you as a brunette, stunning. Needless to say, I think I’m partially in love with Caroline. 


No Idea who you are, but you look pregnant backwards. It looks like a balloon. Big No for me. BUT I do love your teal and orange shoes. Electrifying. I would love to see them with maybe something more subtle up top. The dress overpowers the shoes and there’s too much going on. 

Obviously I covered only a small part of the girls, there are many, many more, but I didn’t want this post to go on forever.  Okay for the girls I will have to say I’ll give it a 7/10. I absolutely ADORED some of the dresses but some of them, just no. 

Now the boys…

One Direction (obviously had to be first, they’re sheer perfection…)

(it’s also the biggest picture…hehehehe) 

Okay First of all, I don’t need words, I’ll use my drool to write all this out…Let’s break it down boy by boy shall we? Harry Styles. Girls already swoon at the sight of you, you dont need to add a delicate flower to the mix. Love the checkard shirt, different than the other boys, and the suit looking very dapper. Sexy. Niall, my special snowflake, babe… The simple elegant black and white looks fierce and then of course you add your own touch, with blue vans that bring out your eyes. Dreamy. Mr. Zayn Malik. Velvet blazer? string tie? black pants and shoes? White shirt? Babe… You can pull off this sexy cowboy, bad boy look. Damn you. Naughty. Louis freaking Tomlinson. Just stop with that stare. El already loves you, you don’t need thousands of girls ready to pounce you. But the look is very Louis. Strict black and white suit until you hit the shoes then BAMN. Beautiful brown oxford shoes with, of course, no socks. And that stance like you own the place. Fierce. I need a moment before we reach Liam (who we all know is my favvy). Okay, deep breath. Liam Darling Payne. First can we talk about how you have HAIR AGAIN! And it’s in a mohawk…alsjflajf…so bottom half is strictly business and then the top is just perfect, so Liam. Instead of going with the harsh blazer, no, you go with a black sweater with a dragon fly on it. What are you trying to do to me? What is perfection? Liam Payne is perfection that is what. I just love his look, because when I first saw it I didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing a blazer, but this fits him so well.  Gentle Perfection.  I will end this by telling you all that after they WON GLOBAL SUCCESS (aka Global Domination) Niall tweeted thanks and that he was headed to Micky D’s, Liam was a total sweetie thanking everyone and Louis was probably drunk because he swore, again. Congrats boys. Okay, I’m done with them I promise. 

Ed Sheeran

My ginger angel, I love the suit. Looks classy. Only thing is, it might be a bit too big? But I think it’s his style, wearing things a bit baggy. Still looked flawless. And I love the sneaker touch. I love that he wore it in black to realy go with the suit and let the suit shine. You looked fineeeeee….

Amy Winehouse’s Dad

I just wanted to add this because as creepy as it looked, it was a nice gesture. Amy, you will be remembered.


Most popular radio show host EVER. Like he is bffs with all the celebs. I  guess he’s the Ryan Seacrest of the UK, but 10x more awesome! Grimmy looking fine too. Love the colored checkard shirt with the vest. Looking very very dapper Mr. Grimmy. Maybe a bit hungover from last night but, we’ll forgive you.


Behind 1D, Muse was definitely the second best dressed group as a whole. I have a weakness for leather Jackets, so the fact the lead singer wore one made them a yes on my book. And it’s a jacket that worked! They look clean cut but so rock and roll, love it!

The Vaccines

Big NO NO NO. Guys, this is an award show. Jeans? NOT ACCEPTABLE. You honestly look like you’re headed to the mall or something. Put SOME effort into dressing up for an award show. Just saying.

Mumford & Sons

They’ve been winning a lot of awards lately, you’d think they would get the message. Clearly only Mumford got the message, the Sons are a bit left out. Again, Jeans= NO! Sweatshirts= NO. Now if the leather jacket wearing boys had paired it with black slack, boom. Comfy and dressy. Boys, you have no excuse…you’re not wearing dresses, heels, make up and hair-dos. Honestly, no excuse not to change pants…



No idea who these boys are either. (I feel so clueless to a lot of british musicians) The one on the right looks like a Nazi.If he had worn everything except the boot, that’d be fine. I love the jacket with the red button and that style of blazer is beautiful, but the boots kill the entire outfit for me. And the one on the left looks awesome, until you get to the gloves, then you look like a serial killer. So we got a Nazi and a Serial Killer int he same band, let me take a wild guess as to your genre….

Tom Odell

Sweetie, you won an award. A t-shirt, jean shirt and suede jacket is NOT making the cut. You also didn’t even bother brushing your hair. like honestly. Someone please explain to me why the boys put no effort into it. Someone please. 


JT, dayum! I’m a huge fan of gray suits. You look very very classy and the slick back hair goes well with the outfit. You are making a comeback in music big time. And looking great while you do it. Great job.

Boy George

Ah. Thought I’d end the pictures in a bright manner. Okay, forget the fact that is flamboyantly gay, I am LOVING that jacket color. It goes so well with his eye shadow… But genuinely I’m curious to see if anyone else, someone straight, could pull off this look. Becuase it’s not extravagant, just a bit loud. But Boy George (or I should say Man George) you are looking fabulous. Also your guest (who I’m assuming is a daughter or niece) is looking fab as well. Subtle and classy especially for her age. Some girls should take some notes from her ;).

Okay overall I give the boys a 8/10. The ones that dressed up, looked flawless. But boys you have NO excuse not to put on some slacks and a blazer, regardless of what you wear under the blazer. Boys just take notes from JT and One Direction…. just saying.

Alright lovelies, that is all from me today. If you all enjoyed this post, maybe I’ll do a part two tomorrow covering all the other acts I missed. There were quite a few. Lana Del Rey, I see you. 

Love you all, 



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