The Power of Tumblr

Hello Hello, 

I posted yesterday’s post on Tumblr, becuase it related to a lot of celebrities I follow and my followers admire. Needless to say I got 50-55 more views than I usually get. It is truly amazing the power of social media. The craziest thing about it all is most of the viewers, were BRITISH! I love British people and having them see my blog was just awesome. We are about to get even crazier…here’s the list of countries that tuned in: Australia (Goodday mate), New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Spain, Singapore (this one is a usual 😉 ), Poland, France(Bonjour!) , Ireland (Wey hey!) and Belgium. Guys, thats 11 new countries!!!!! That’s absolutely crazy! Thank you for take the time to even come to my blog! I am really happy though, and hope some of you come back. I enjoyed writing yesterdays post, and as always my blog is a variety of things…it should keep things interesting. 

So today was just a thank you post and a little wake up call to show you the power of Social Media, in case you already didn’t know. Well my day is almost over… thankfully. I’ve been really tired this week. 

But I will leave you this: Alarm clocks are from the devil. Don’t they ALWAYS just conviniently go off at the best part of the dream…because they do for me. And then I wake up in a bad mood. No wonder I’m always grumpy in the mornings, it’s not just my hate for mornings and getting out of my warm bed, but also the rude interruptions. Alarm clock…RUDE! 

Love you all,



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