Parents…You Gotta Love Them…

Hey Hey!

So I know I owe you all so many posts, for not writing all week, but you’ll have to content your little hearts with just this one (I’ll make it extra long). There are so many reasons for this occurrence. For starters, work has been crazy busy this week. Also, when I did have time to write I didn’t want to. So here I am, 11 am on a Friday morning (I actually wrote afternoon first, goes to show how off I am this week), writing for all you lovely people. A few things have occurred this weekend that I feel the need to share with you all.

First off, Monday night I decided to do something I had been dreading for about 5 months. As you all know I have a YouTube Channel that I absolutely love posting on. That hobby/project is my baby and I feel like it’s a part of me a lot of people haven’t seen. It’s also something I am incredibly proud of, and I feel totally myself doing it. It’s been a wonderful experience to have this channel, and it’s led me to discover some amazing people, and some inspirations.

But there was one key thing that, as I mentioned, I was dreading due to my channel. So let me explain something first. I love my parents to death, they are my best friends and role models. But as many similarities as I have to them, I have differences. They are logical thinkers while I’m a dreamer. That being said, they always tell me to be careful what I say on the internet because once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. And basically they always want me to make sure that I am my best self and that I don’t do anything stupid that could potentially haunt me. So I knew starting this channel would be something they would not approve of. Once before I had made a YouTube video, trying to start a channel, and my mom found it and told me to take it down because it was immature and stupid.

But Monday night I decided, I didn’t want to have to hide this from my parents. So I wrote them a very long e-mail explaining the channel and how much it meant to me. I went to bed a bit terrified of what the next morning was going to bring. As expected, when I woke up there was an e-mail from my dad in my inbox. The e-mail basically said thank you for sharing this with us, but I don’t think it is a very good idea to have this channel as it could hinder your potentials of getting a good job in a serious company. He also told me he didn’t watch the video and wasn’t sure if he wanted to. (Now if you’ve seen my videos you’d know I don’t swear, say anything bad about anyone or even act like an idiot. There are simply 3 videos of me randomly dancing at times, and I was too honest with my parents and told them about those.) So as you can imagine I was pretty upset that my own father wasn’t willing to watch my videos and didn’t exactly support my decision to have this channel. And if anyone knows anything about me is that I do evaluate consequences on what I do. Hence, I am a goody-too-shoes, and never do anything wrong in fear of getting in trouble. So, I was sad about this but not devastated, I expected this. I emailed him back saying I appreciated his concern, but I had thought about the consequences and was going to continue to make videos. (Sorry Dad.) He replied still stating he thought it’d be a bad idea.

To my incredible surprise my mom’s reaction was a bit different. If anything, my mom is always the tougher one between to two of them.But in this case, she supported my channel. (This was crazy! I was so excited. But I knew there was going to be a twist) And there was a twist. (See!) She had watched 1 video of mine. And of course the ONE she watched was my trip to New York City- One Direction Style. (My parents hate that I like One Direction as much as I do, they think it’s immature and that I need to grow up.) So of course she didn’t really get to see everything on my channel. She did say she thought my channel could take a different direction. (Typical mom, always trying to make her ideas mine. Her taste in things is completely different than mine, and ever since I was young she always tried to give me “ideas” which were really just things she wanted.) She wanted my channel to be more culturally educational. Use the fact I’m Brazilian to my advantage, or do restaurant critiques or anything similar to that. (Of course, because everyone wants to watch educational videos about Chicago. I wouldn’t even want to watch that, much less make it.) So I had to explain to her this channel was not about that, it was about figuring out life and sharing life experiences. I wanted to create a channel that would create dialogue between me and the viewer. Something that would bring them a person they could relate. So of course, as always, I disagreed with my mom. To my surprise she convinced my dad to be on board.

They both seem okay with the idea now. Not sure if they are 100% supportive of it, but I figured with time they will be. I was going to write about all this on Tuesday, but as you can imagine I wasn’t in my right mind, because I did get a bit flustered and frustrated. So I feel it’s okay to write this a few days after the fact.

On a happier note, I have discovered a new YouTube channel that I’m kind of in love with. So there’s a channel called OMFG It’s Jack and Dean. They are absolutely hillarious and I have cried, choked and rolled on the floor laughing. (All these things actually happened.) They do a lot of comedy sketches and they are absolutely brilliant, so funny. So even if you’re not into YouTube check them out. And of course Jack, caught my eye ;). And then I discovered he had his own channel where he vlogs. And he is just a naturally funny guy. Needless to say, I now have the biggest crush on this Youtuber. More than a certain beautiful youtuber twin. I am hoping he will be at VidCon, so I can meet him. Maybe have a drink with him? eh, eh *eyebrows moving up and down* But yea, I basicallly watched all his solo Channel video, all his movie reviews on another channel (he does movie reviews becuase he’s a movie junkie! Like me! perfect.), and basically all the ones on his Main Channel. What? I’m not obsessed. What are you talking about? It’s healthy to watch about 100 videos in 3 days…….. okay you can’t blame me for wanting to laugh, can you? (Maybe that’ll motivate you to go watch them…)

Besides that, a YouTube series I am a huge fan of, released a new video this week. Becoming YouTube is a documentary style series, that is incredibly done by Benjamin Cook. It is the perfect series if you are a Youtuber or just a viewer. It allows you to see the YouTubers opinions and perspective on things. It really is amazing and I have learned so much watching it. This weeks episode was my favorite one yet, Girls on YouTube. Basically the video goes on to say that there are not enough popular female YouTubers, and they investigate as to why that is. I loved this video so much, that I decided this next week’s video to be about that. It’s a great relevant topic that I have a strong opinion on.

But I think this post is now long enough. And if you have read up until now,  you deserve a medal. Thank you.


I love you all and I promise there will be a post on Monday. 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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