Ay ay ay,

Let’s skip the part where I feel terrible about not writing for so long, and you hating me for not writing for so long, and then me apologizing. We all know how that all goes, and we all know I’m too busy and too lazy (at the same time) to get this thing going every day. Glad we established that. I thought I’d take today to give you a little update on my life so you all had an idea of what has been happening.

1. My ticket and hotels for VidCon have been purchased and reserved. Yes you read that correctly, hotels in plural, we are staying at two hotels because the main one we are staying at during the conference does not have availability on Sunday and we’re not leaving until tuesday, so you see the problem there. This past weekend was Playlist Live and it looks like it was one of the FUNNEST things ever. There were vlogs galore and I was slowly having panic attacks and crying fests about not being there. Not to worry I am CERTAIN VidCon will be even better and I will party with all my favorite youtubers and life will be glorious. 

2. There is a new show on YouTube called YouGeneration. It is a talent show organized by Mr.Simon Cowell. It will allow anyone (anywhere in the world that is eligible) to participate. Now isn’t that absolutely AMAZING? Well there’s an even better part. Their first competition is to find a new host. Now if you know me at all, you know I would NEVER pass an opportunity like this. To have the chance to interview celebs, and host a talent show online? How cool is that? And have that be my job? Good God! So this past weekend with the help of E, I filmed my audition video. It is absolutely hillarious, mostly because of E, but it can only be 2 minutes long and the major part we filmed is 11 minutes. So you can imagine how stressed I am about the editing portion. But wish me luck tonight as I delve deep into the editing world. But wish me luck on getting this job!

3. Last week I discovered there is such a thing as Vampire Diares Convention. Since this show first aired, I have watched every single episode and own, for now, the first season. (I plan on buying seasons 2 and 3 this week.) It is the ONLY show I have watched non-stop every season (we’re on season 5). it is a show that has captured me and I seriously scream, cry and jump out of my couch watching this show. So of course, I’ve already bought my tickets and am ready to go. Unfortunately, I am going alone as the only person who watches this show with me who lives in Chicago cannot attend. But that’s okay because I will get to see most of the actors from the show so that’s pretty awesome!! 

4. I am so behind on my story and videos. And I get really anxious about being behind but it’s been a crazy past few weekends. 

5. N came to visit me with some friends for St. Patricks Day weekend. It was really fun to get to hang out with them. We had lots of laughs and froze our butts in the cold Chicago weather, as well as getting lost. Hey, what’s a weekend trip without getting lost? We saw the parade, the green river and the of age ones went on a bar crawl. Yes I was at a dance club at 1pm. It was THE strangest thing in the world, mostly becuase I was sober and on the other half of the club, the windows were bright from the daylight. The highlight of the weekend was after a long day of walking, and drinking and just being exhausted from the week, my friends came into my room while me and N were asleep and scared us. My natural reaction was to scream louder than them, and to curl up into a ball using a pillow as a shield. Then without much thought I turned on my stomach and began crying. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what I call self-defense right there. My friends felt SO bad for making me cry. I then had a laughing fit with N about how ridiculous my reaction had been and we then began laughing at each others laughs. This went on for about 10 mins consecutively.

6. This past weekend I had another two friends come to visit me. We went out to an 18 and over club (because one fo the two was only 20) and it was fun. We danced a lot and drank alot, so overall pretty successful.

7. I have discovered a new show that I am now obsessed with. So for some reason hispanic shows on Nick or Disney Channel always capture me. They are not your traditional american disney show where it mostly involves comedy. These shows have drama, plot twists, comedy and lots and lots of love. There is ALWAYS some sort of love triangle. Be it two girls going after the same guy or two guys after the same girl. But in all honesty it makes for an awesome captivating show. And there is so much drama and secrets that you become attached to the show really fast. At first I was in love with a show called Isa TKM (te quiero much), which had a second season called Isa TK+ (te quiero mas). Now what’s lucky for me is this show also aired in Brazil, which means I get to watch it in Portuguese. (Which actually helps me keep my Portuguese going). But of course as the internet is so reliable every so often I needed to watch the Spanish version because they didn’t have that episode in my language. Now I’ve found a show called Violetta. And mind you when I say season I mean 80 episodes or more (they usually air every day or at least more than once a week). I am only on episode 10 but boy am I captivated. I have dreams about it and can’t wait to go home and watch more. If you know spanish, it’s a great way to practice, although this one I’ve found its a lot more difficult to understand, their accent is different. Oh yes and both shows involve a girl who can sing. And they always have singing numbers but not in the cheesy way of a musical. It actually works into the plot. For example, she’ll be in her room alone thinking about the boy she likes and in her head she’s singing, but she doesn’t break out into a song. 

But anyways day is over and I’m not running home to go watch Violetta. 



PS- I’m going back to Boston for Easter! Who’s excited! This girl!  


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