Fangs, Blood, and Weak Knees

Hello Hello,

Let’s skip the formalities and go straight to this new post that is maybe a few weeks overdue. (And not because the information is old but becuase I suck at updating. Well excuse me if I actually have a lot of work.)

So if you’re thinking this post has something to do with me not feeling well due to the title, you are mistaken. This past weekend I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. And I thought I’d share it with all of you in great detail. If you are not a fan I apologize, but in a way I am doing this more for myself so I can have this amazing expereince documented somewhere. This past weekend I went to The Vampire Diaries Convention. I had learned about this only a few weeks ago, and as soon as I read about it, I knew i HAD to go. The one thing I was a bit hesitant about was the simple fact that, I was going alone. Ever since my trip to NYC and exploring the city alone, I’ve been less afraid to go places alone. But this wasn’t a matter of being scared, it was a matter of wanting to share this experience with someone, have someone to be excited with you. But regardless just because I was alone, I wasn’t going to let this keep me down. I knew I had to make this experience AH-MAZING!


So Friday, they opened up registration. I thought that even though I was General Admission I still had to go in and exchange my regular tickets for their tickets. So I drive out to the hotel (which was near the airport) at about 9pm. When i get there and wait in line I learn that I in fact did not need to do this. But it was okay because I had also been wanting to purchase a Meet & Greet that they had announced they still had some available for Paul Wesley (aka Stefan Salvatore on the show). These were going for $200 but I had reasoned with myself it would be worth it. I also needed to purchase a ticket to the dance, but had been told previously they were sold out. Once I was told I did not need to exchange my tickets, but i would check in tomorrow, I asked about the Meet & Greet. So to my luck/lack of luck the tickets were sold out. (Which in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t add another $200 to my credit card bill.) But I did get an urge to buy picture tickets. And the funny thing was looking at the list of actors 2 stood out to me, Stephen McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) and Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol Mikaelson). Not going to lie, I was mostly appealed because they are incredibly sexy, close to my age (Stephen is 24 and Nathaniel is 29), and because they are not married (aka I still have a shot). So I go ahead and buy the tickets ($50 for Stephen  and $40 for Nathaniel) and as I’m paying I ask about Dance tickets and to my luck they had some available. So of course I had to buy one. So after all that it was about 10:15pm and I was tired and headed home (it was a 30 minute drive, not counting the amount of time I got lost.) Somehow by simply asking the kind man at the hotel valet desk, I got free parking. (HECK YES! Parking was $10 for TVD [The Vampire Diaries] Convention attendees) After heading home I began beautifying myself for the next day. I decided it was a good idea to try and sleep in with rollers in my hair to get some nice big waves going.


Next morning I wake up after a very poorly slept 5 hours. I had also put in mousse so I think you can imagine what my hair looked like. If you can’t here’s a picture for visual effects:


So after getting ready to go I head out to the convention. I of course needed my caffeine to be fully awake, so Dunkin did the trick. Once arriving there the word excitement can’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. You saw a lot of faces smiling from ear to ear and a lot of heels. Girls really dress up for the occasion, i mean like dresses, heels make up the whole thing. I was proudly wearing my Vampire Diaries t-shirt I got in high school (yes it still fit me, P you know the one). I had a smile going from ear to ear myself. A bit intimidated I walk into the auditorium after I registered and just stared at the big room for a second.


I found an aisle seat down the middle to be able to photograph the event. (I will not be posting the actual pictures I took with my camera here, but they will be in my video so you guys can check it out there ( it will be up later today after I get home and edit). Not soon enough the lights begin to dim and the show starts. First the Hillywood Show girls come on stage. They are a youtube channel that makes parodies using music videos mostly, and they’re really good. One of the girls was dressed as Katherine and the other as Caroline. It was fun to watch them bring to life these characters. After showing their Vampire Diaries parody (Show Me Your Teeth, was catchy and really good) they begin the introduction. Then they show one of the winner music videos, and there it was, all my TVD emotions came rushing in. And I mean all of them; my love for Stefan, my heart wrenching sympathy for Damon, my love and longing for Jeremy, my reverence for Caroline, my confusion over Klaus, my sadness for Alaric and every other emotion this show has ever given me. It was surreal, I was gathered around at least 2,000 other people that were as big of a fan of the show as I was. I was sharing this experience with all of them and I couldn’t be happier. Then the Hillywood girls announce that Nathaniel Buzolic would now be taking the stage.

Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol Mikaelson)

My stomach immediately flled with butterflies because i mean this man is gorgeous, and he was the first of many celebrities I’d be seeing and meeting this weekend. He comes on stage and takes off his blazer. Obviously we all cheer and holler at him. Also as soon as he begins speaking you get to hear that beautiful Australian accent from Sydney that is not too strong but just right. If you’ve seen the show you would know he plays Kol, one of the original vampires who is basically pure evil. What I learned through watching Nathaniel’s panel is that, he is the complete opposite of that character, yet he plays evil so well. He begins the panel by answering questions people had previously submitted and everything is going great. He talked about how Kol was a loner and should really get some friends in the story. It was really funny. Then he decides this isn’t enough for him. He decides he wants to go into the crowd and actually get to talk to people. So he goes around and has people ask questions to him into the microphone and he’d answer them then and there. He was a bit of a goof ball too, by randomly sitting next to people and being like “hey, what’s up?” and giving you lots and lots and lots of hugs. He was incredibly humble, sweet and funny. I really really enjoyed watching him. He then told us a little about a project he works with called  End It Movement, which is all about ending modern day slavery. Which if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too aware this is still such a problem. After seeing how passionate he is about it and obviously it being a great cause, i am now going to get more involved with that. Then he asked us all to mark a red x on our hands and he had pins to give out. Obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join in.


This picture is from today. I still have the X on my hand.

His session was followed by one of the most memorable moments of my weekend there. It was time for my Photo Op with him. Now imagine I had just seen this man talk for the past 40 minutes and in that time fallen in love with how beautiful of a person he really is. So now I was ecstatic that I had the chance to meet him and give him a hug. (And I was mentally giving myself a high 5 for buying the photo op with him.) Once I got into the room I attempted to prep my mindset for what was about to happen. (Just thinking about it I’m getting the butterflies all over again).He was so beautiful and perfect. When I was standing directly in front of him while still in line, he looked directly at me.and said “I Should really start doing different faces, I keep doing the same one in every picture.” To which all I could come up with is “yeah.” and a smile. It was just so sudden I was starstruck. The line then kept moving and then it was my turn. So I go up to him and say “Okay, so I’m going to change things up a bit, can you pick me up.” Okay first of all let me say, I was a complete mess internally, I was so so nervous and just trying to keep all my emotions and fan griling to a minimum. I kept my voice normal and said it with a smile. I was trying SO hard to keep it cool. And he responded by saying “You mean like pick you up in my arms.” While doing the motion with his arms. And I respond “Yeah, just pick me up in your arms.” And he was like “okay.” and offered me a smile. He then picks me up and I look at the camera and smile. I could feel the strain in his arms a little tiny bit but I wasn’t scared. I had a gorgeous man picking me up and I had my arms around his neck. That is more touching than any other fan did. I wasn’t sure the face he made until I picked up the picture. After he set me down I said thank you and gave him a hug. I then proceeded to leave the room quickly and  started prancing outside to find my bag. I was so ecstatic at what had just happened. Girls were smiling at me because I had the balls to ask Nathaniel Buzolic to pick me up. And the entire weekend I only saw one other girl being picked up (and it wasn’t by Nate).


I then head back upstairs and find a corner so I can vlog without people staring. After vlogging I go back inside the auditorium and sit in the same seat waiting for the next appearance. After some waiting, some tweeting, and some instagramming they announce Charlie Bewley was taking on the stage.


Charlie Bewley as Vaughn & Demetri

Now when I had looked at the schedule before the convention I had no idea who he was. Charlie Bewley is none other than Vaughn the Vampire Hunter that tied up and tortured Damon on the island when the whole group was searching for Silas. But little did I know he was also on Twilight, as Demetri one of the Volturi. Cheeky, doesn’t even begin to describe this guy. He was very funny, and talked quite fast in his beautiful Briitsh accent (which I obviously understood due to my small British addiction), He was a goof ball, but so sweet. He was honest through and through. Much like Nathaniel, Charlie also went out into the crowd and was talking to people. His session was also a lot of fun, but strangely I was not completely fan girling over him like I was over Nathaniel.

After Charlie we had a Costume Competition which was honestly so cool. To see the amount of effort people put into their costumes was awesome. Obviously the most popular character portrayed was Katherine. There were at least 3 1800s gowns that were hand made. Now imagine those gorgeous big gowns that Katherine wears in the flashbacks, made from scratch. It was awesome. There were 2 sets of cheerleaders with hand made costumes, and 2 boys one as Tyler and one as Damon. There was also a very creative one of medieval Rebekah and her first victim (which someone dressed as an angel).

Following the costume contest there was another showing of a different winning music video. I was really enjoying these  music videos and they worked as a nice prep for the upcoming celeb. Well the next celeb to take the stage was none other than Mr. Stephen McQueen, who plays the loveable but deep Jeremy Gilbert.

Stephen McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert

I expected him to be shy but very sweet. Boy, was I in for an awakening. First off let’s talk about how much of a goof ball this one is. He kept getting distracted every 5 minutes by something someone in the audience, or by Hillywood girls rolling their eyes at him, or simply getting lost in his own train of thought. He was by far the most entertaining one to watch. He of course did not want this to be just your typical panel where he sits on stage and answers questions. With every question he brought down the person who wrote it and had them on stage. He would then start by giving them a hug, saying hi, and asking them how they were. He did mumble quite a bit, and often joked and would put the microphone up to the fan’s mouth and then pull it away as they start talking. So it was a bit difficult to hear things, since i was towards the back. But you got the general idea of what was happening. And he danced with some, he hit on some of the moms and daughters too. He was overall extremely flirty, but so hillarious. I laughed the entire time watching him. There was one girl in particular though who, as soon as her name was read she ran so fast to the stage, jumped up the stairs and basically jumped him. Her legs were around his legs and everything. It was one of the funniest sites I have ever seen! He then told her, she should really think about joining a track team. He then told her, her mom was hot, and the mom gave him a kiss on the cheek. All I’m going to say is the girl was PISSED and we could all see her face on the big screen. I laughed. A lot. But overall it was the most intimate one of them all. Even if you were sitting in the audience you could yell something out every so often and he would respond. It was great. He also mentioned him and Nate had written a song about the all the members of the cast, to which we all obviously screamed for him to sing it. We kept cheering in hopes it would happen. The organizer then announced that they would set it up to happen later so Stephen and Nate could practice it before performing it. (They never ended up doing it. 😦 )

That was followed by my photo op with him. Much like Nate’s I stood in line prepping for what I was about to face. Once I reached him I gave him a hug and said the same thing I said to nate. I asked  him to pick me up. He gave a little look behind me to check if he would be getting in trouble by doing this and turned to be and said “Yeah, I could do that.” In one quick motion he picks me up. I put my arms around his neck and look at the camera. All I can say is his beautiful strong warm torso was against my body. To that I say…my knees were a bit weak. After much mental pep talks in line, I decided to be a bit ballsy and turned to Stephen and said “I have a question.” I said this right after he set me down. “Yeah?” He responds “Are you going to the dance tonight?” I ask anxious, nervous and again trying to keep my voice steady. He looks dead into my eyes (what I could only describe as him looking deep into my soul) and with a smoulder he said: “I’ll Be There.” To which I quickly responded “Then I’ll see you there.” I had to get out of that room so fast because I honestly felt like I was going to melt and my knees were going to give out on me.  Had Stephen R McQueen just flirted and eye smouldered me? I was in cloud 9 at this point.


 It was now close to 3 in the afternoon and I was yet to eat lunch. I vlogged the experience of having Stephen smoulder me and meeting him. I then grabbed some lunch and went back to the main auditorium. Again they showed us a few more music videos preparing us for the next guests: Candice Accola and Michael Trevino (aka: Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood).

Candice and Michael as Caroline and Tyler

So their panel was very much a formal one. This was Candice’s first TVD Con (even though she’s been on the show for 4 seasons and is one of the main supporting actresses). They have great chemistry and joked with each other quite a bit along the way. We also got to hear the banana story, which Candice told us. It was a very intimate scene between Caroline and Tyler and she was in underwear and she thought it’d be funny to put a banana in her underwear, to which Michael said nothing the entire filming of the scene. It was pretty hillarious we were all cracking up and Candice was so embarassed. After a few questions on paper, the Hillywood girls came around with a mic having people asks questions directly. I thought I had a pretty good question for Candice, which I had given a lot of thought to, before the event. I got up and said ” I love you both, but sorry Michael this one is for Candice (she just looked at him with a glance of ‘take that’) What do you think was the defining moment where Caroline went from a ditzy high school cheerleader to a strong independent woman? And do you consider her to be a role model to young girls?” She responded (i am paraphrasing because she was very eloquent and sweet and gave a very wordy response) ” It would take me hours to pin point exactly the moment that Caroline made that transition but I’d say it definitely happened in season 2. She gained her humanity back when she became a vampire. But she’s been learning so much and really growing as a young woman. And if all that learning and growing up is empowering young girls then I’d be happy to hear that Caroline is a role model for them. But I definitely like how Caroline has grown and developed as a person.” I was pretty proud of myself and really enjoyed her response and the entire time she was looking directly at me and I thought that was just amazing because it felt like she was talking just to me and not to a group of over 2,000 people. The funniest part of the whole thing was definitely when Nate hid in the audience and put up his hand to ask a question. Candice immediately knew who it was but Trevino took a bit. Nate asked “If either of you were to get in a romantic relationship with Kol what would happen?” Trevino answered first by saying “He’d be okay with it as long as when they kissed there was no tongue involved.” Candice then answered simply “Can he handle a banana in my underwear?” Nate then replied “I think he’s better off dead.” They seem like lovely people though. So before I noticed time was up and that panel was over.

(Sorry this is such a long post, it was a very eventful long weekend. If you need a break, go grab some snacks. I’ll be here…Okay, you back? Awesome!)

 After this I stayed on the auditorium and watched the MC present on the relationships of the show. Firstly I am going to just mention that he mispronounced Stefan and Alaric’s name. We were not happy about that. But this was when I got to talking to Caroline. We kept talking about the show and different relationships. She was very sweet and I’m so glad I got to talk and hang out with her. After what felt like forever of the guy talking they announced that they were going to start Stephen’s, Candice’s, Charlie’s and Tyler’s autograph signing. Now this was the turning point for me. Nate had been signing for quite some time now and he was talking to everyone that got an autograph. So when they announced they were closing ticket sales in 30 minutes, I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t get the pictures I had just taken autographed. I run outside and buy autograph tickets. I then wait since they had been calling people up for autographs by rows: Gold first, then preferred, then general admission (and within general admission there was pdf file aka pre-purchase or ticket bought at the convention). I then get to talking to Caroline and she learns her friends had planned a night out and was now unable to get the 3 autographs she bought (Nate, Stephen and Charlie). Well her luck was I was also going to Stephen and Nate and so I offered to get her autographs for her. I figured I’d want someone to do it for me if I couldn’t be there instead of it going to waste. She was so happy with this she did the nicest thing anyone could have possibly ever done for me. She offered to let me be in her picture with Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore). I couldn’t believe this. It was so nice of her and I double checked like a million times if she was okay with this. She was. So she leaves to go out with her friends and I stay in the auditorium waiting to get the autographs. I then go check on Nate’s autograph line, since it had been so long and taking forever. He really was taking his time and he had been the only one of the celebs who had been going around all day talking to people. Luckily the line was incredibly short, so I get in line and I’m the second to last person in line. When it’s my turn he says “Hello, Vicky. Sorry for the wait” (we had put pieces of paper to personalize it.) “How’s your day been so far?” To which I said ” Not to worry. It’s been really great. Yours?” He said “really enjoying myself.” He had previously been asking the girl ahead of me if she was going to party and that it was a Saturday night. So of course when my turn came around and i manned up and said “So are you going to party tonight?” And he said “Well my definition of partying is very different than most people. I’m probably going to hang out with the guys from the cast and then probably stop by the dance.” And i quickly say “I’ll be at the dance.” and he says “that’s great. well have fun.” But my conversation got cut short due to the annoying tweens behind me. (And they wonder why they get such a bad rep.) But she was on the phone with her mom very loudly “Mom, I’m two feet away from him. Mom, hold on mom. Please wait, like he’s right here. Mom I’ll be right out.” And then she proceeds by giving him the phone as he’s signing my picture. See I was counting on a few extra minutes to talk to him since I had two pictures to be signed. But as he’s signing my picture he’s on the phone with the girls mom apologizing for taking so long and thanking her for her patience. He then ends the conversation and re-reads what he wrote on my picture. (Which I say he wrote what was on his subconscious) My picture says “Off To Get Married.” Which i smile everytime I think about it, because I was the only one who he picked up in his arms, and I’m pretty sure no one else got as sweet of an autograph as I did. It sincerely melts my heart every time I look at it (Which is why I put it as my phone background, DUH)


it truly is the most perfect photo. Then I get in line to get Charlie’s autograph for Caroline. He was very sweet too, but honestly nothing too memorable. He’s a nice guy and all but for some reason this time the Aussie totally won me over. And then began the anxiety issue. The party was going to start at 10:45. I still needed to get ready, eat dinner and get my autograph with Stephen. The line was huge and I wasn’t sure what to do. So I quickly went to the restaurant in the hotel and ordered the cheapest and quickest thing on the menu. I basically burn my tongue trying eat it fast. I then leave back to the auditorium to find the line almost gone and only 2 more people were in line behind me. To which Stephen yelled out “FREEDOM!” reenacting Braveheart. Girls there is one way to Stephen’s heart which I learned by being at the end of the line: Pizza & Donuts. Because as soon as 2 separate fans showed him they brought him Pizza and Donuts he bit his lower lips and opened his eyes, like he wanted it bad. So there you go. Stephen signed my picture in a very interesting location. He had room all over the picture and instead he decides to sign on my butt. (I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow).

After the autograph I run to get ready for the party. It does take my 40 minutes to get ready and I walk in a bit late to the party. I buy a drink, find a friend I had made earlier in the day and sit down. After we are told to come to the dance floor we begin dancing some. And while on the dance floor the boys walk in: Stephen, Nate, Charlie and Michael. Now we were not allowed to take pictures with them, but it was nice to see them. I was too nervous to go up to Nate because to be perfectly honest he was the only one out of all of them that I really wanted to talk to. He of course was surrounded by girls and these two girls were talking to him for the longest time, which I got a bit jealous. That’s when I met Kelli, who was giving me quick tips on how to win Nate over. All she said was “The way to Nate’s heart is by talking about Mali.” And I of course was like “Who’s Mali?” And she was like “Quick lesson time” She then shows me the most adorable pup EVER!

Also I wasn’t sure what to talk to him about. I just knew I wanted to talk to him. After he walked away and me not having the chance to talk to him, I say hi to another friend I had made, Myka. She then proceeds to ask me if I had said hi to Nate to which I reply “sadly no.” And she’s like “Come with me.” She taps Nate on the shoulder and he turns around. She then says “Nate, this is my friend Vicky. This is her first convention.” He looks at me and gives me a hug and says “Well Hello. You enjoying yourself?” And I say “Absolutely.” He said “good good.” I then lean in closer put my hand on his shoulder chest area and say “Well after today you became my favorite character of the show.” And he says “Aw, well thanks so much you’re really sweet.” And I reply. “You’re a really sweet and nice person.” He then gives me another hug and  moves on. I was above cloud 9 at this point. He really truly is an amazing person. I can’t wait to see what he does next, because he’s definitely got me as a fan for life. I then go to other side of the room, where I see Stephen. I notice that they are telling him to move so he can leave. I walk over to the general area he was going to walk by and as I am standing there he begins walking. He then looks in my direction and smiles. He starts to go forward to give me a hug and puts a hand on my waist. Somebody then gets his attention and so he turns, with his hand still on my waist. At this point I am a bit in shock at what’s happening. He then says something to answer the girl that catches me off guard and so my faces probably changed into the stupidest facial expression of happiness and shocked. He then comes back to face me and finishes the hug. After the hug I say “I just wanted to say hi.” And he’s like “Well hi.” He then keeps going forward, but at one point he turns back around to answer someone tapping him on the shoulder, and again we catch each others eyes for another 5 seconds and we both smile. It was nice. Then my friend Myka, finds me again and asks if I had met Charlie yet. So I say no. And she goes over and introduces me again but Charlie shakes my hand only. And then before he leaves I tap him on the shoulder and say “I want a proper hug.” And he gives me a tight bear hug. It was really very nice. Then right before all the boys leave Nate picks up the mic and starts talking. He thanks everyone for the amazing support and kindness we’ve all shown towards him. He then informs us that unfortunately he has to fly back tomorrow morning to Atlanta to work on the End It Movement and that he’s off to save the world, because that’s what he does. And he is just so humble and grateful to everyone who has been so supportive. So basically like I said before, the sweetest, most humble amazing guy (not even celebrity just guy) I’ve ever met.

The night then went on with me dancing with Kelli and meeting up with Katie (who I had met earlier) and meet Breanna and Ruby. We all hang out for the rest of the night until 1:30 am where I am exhausted and decide to head home.

So guys, it basically took me all day to write this entry. Therefore day 2 will be posted tomorrow. Keep an eye out and make sure you come back because Sunday was when I got to meet Paul and Ian. 🙂

Much Love ❤



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    • Well I’m glad you enjoyed it because I was hoping people would really feel like they were there.And at the end of the day I told myself: “you have one chance to do, it’s now or never.” so id rather do something stupid and embarrass myself then keep thinking i shouldve done this or I shouldve said that…

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