“OMG! They’re so TINY!”

Hello All,

Okay so I know I said I was posting yesterday but I couldn’t. I’m sorry! My boss is gone for the week so I’ve had a lot of work this week! Plus I’m trying to make up hours since I will be taking off Friday for a friend coming to town! Woo! Anyways, here is the long awaited day 2 of The Vampire Diaries Convention.

First though, I’d like to add a few memorable quotes from Nathaniel during his panel.

“Kol really needs some friends. He’s such a loner.”
“Yesterday I was on the plane flying here and I noticed I wasn’t too different from Kol. I was sitting ALONE on the plane reading.”
“Yes, Jeremy. Yes, Jeremy. I know you have a sister Jeremy.” (when someone mentioned he had Jeremy as a friend for a bit) 
“My definition of bravery is when you know both outcomes and you still choose to go ahead with it. And I think we’re all very brave here, and we live everyday in bravery.”
“Life’s about the journey not the destination.”

So I had previously met Rachel on twitter as she responded to my desperate tweet trying to make a friend. She told me she’d be going on Sunday, so I suggested we go together! I get ready very tiredly for the day ahead. And then it hits me: “OMG TODAY I AM MEETING PAUL AND IAN!” I am beyond ecstatic. (If you recall from the previous post, my lovely friend Caroline offered to let me be in her photo for getting her autographs for her.) I pick up Rachel, and again Dunkin gives me my caffeine kick.

The Sunday crowd was very different. There were tons of new people that hadn’t been there Saturday (boy they dont know what they missed) and there were just a lot more people. And the girls today were a lot more dressed up. The day starts off a bit slow as we just chill for a bit since there is nothing major until later. After enjoying my breakfast and talking with Rachel for a bit we head down to the photo op. (Just remembering it, my stomach is in knots.) I meet up with Caroline and the line is HUGE. We sit down waiting for it to start and we just talk for a bit. The line finally begins moving and I’m keeping it cool. Rachel leaves to get in line for her Ian photo op.

Once we reach the room and are in it, I can’t believe it. I am seeing Paul and Ian with my own two eyes, live. I, of course, begin jumping up and down because I am so excited. Caroline just laughs at me because I am fangirling hard. But funny enough the first thing I say about them is; “OMG! They’re so tiny!” I am not kidding when I say that Paul and Ian have the same waist size as me or smaller. Like those two are so slim it was ridiculous. Of course, Paul keeps posing the same in every picture: head forward, lips kind of pouting, and a brooding look (typical stefan). Also they are not that tall, they are maybe 3 inches taller than me at most (I’m 5’7″ and a half- its a very important half). But regardless I am still fangirling with excitement. Most of the girls in line that were taking pictures in pairs would have one girl in the middle and the other hugging Ian. But I told Caroline “Not uh! I’m standing by my man Stefan!” (Yes most of the weekend I kept switching all the names from their real names to the character names. It happened more often than I’d like to admit to.) And when I say most I mean like out of everyone I got see take a picture (about 10-12), I was the only one who posed with Paul.

So before I know it’s our turn. Somehow, I was in front of Caroline, so I quickly walk over and I just point to Paul, to let him, Ian and the photographer know I was going to that side. (I have no idea why I did this…I just did.) As soon as I reached Paul I put my arm around him and then he started talking. I froze. 
“Hey There.” Paul says (Okay now imagine his face is facing me, I’m looking forward, hearing Stefan’s voice in my ear. The sweet velvety deep Stefan voice. Dear god, it was a lot to handle.) 
My mentality was I did not want to ruin the photo right? So when he said this I was looking forward. But I reply. 
“HI!” And then I can tell he’s still kind of facing me and keeps talking,
“How are you?” Mind you I’m facing forward smiling already.
So, I say through my teeth “I”m great, how are you?” 
He is now facing forward too and replies through his teeth
“I’m good.” 
We smile pose and the photographer takes the picture.
After that I give him a hug and say “Thank you so much!” and he replies with “You’re very welcome.” And then before I leave I look back and look at Ian and wave “Thank you so much!” And he waves back “Your welcome” with that beautiful Damon smile. Now let me tell you his eyes are the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. They are piercing clear water blue, so beautiful. After we left Caroline tells me that Ian said to her “I’m hungry. Can I bite you?” to which she responded “absolutely.” (it was all her brain allowed her to say since she was also internally fan girling. ) I mean who wouldn’t Ian Freaking Somerhalder just said he wanted to bite you) 

Now let me explain something. As soon as Paul began talking I completely froze. It felt so unreal and crazy to me that I was touching and talking to Paul Wesley, who plays my favorite character on my favorite TV Show. I mean it’s surreal. I’ve been in love with him for 4 years! So naturally when I think back to it, I kick myself a bit because I could have looked at him when he talked to me. But I was so afraid because I had seen pictures of girls blinking in the pictures and I did not want to ruin Caroline’s picture. She was doing me a favor and I didnt want to mess it up. This was the result: 

ImageYes, there unfortunately is a gap between me and Paul, becuase like I said I froze and didn’t realize I was standing so far. 

After that Arielle Kebble (Lexi) and Charlie (again) took the stage! They were hillarious! Arielle is a really fun and funny chick that I’d love to be besties with. They answered questions and had a blast doing so. At the end they even reenacted the Dirty Dance move and then Charlie put Arielle over his shoulder. I mean the two were great, and I really enjoyed watching them. Also a common theme from this panel was how badly Charlie wanted to be in a boy band. When he came out he was dancing a little and then he was telling a story of how for one of the scenes in Twilight he had to throw someone against the wall and when he that his opposite leg went up too. (Making it look like a boy band move, think N’Sync.) And so we all laughed and just had a good time. (Also forgot to mention Charlie re-enacted his stunt from the previous day where he had the lights turned off and pretending he was responsible for the lights turning on. He would slowly lift his arms in a hillarious stance- it looked like he was pooping actually- and did that again referring to yesterday)

After they were done it was now time for Torrey DeVitto (Dr. Meredith Fell). Fun fact to you all, if you don’t know she’s married to Paul in real life. (WHAT? I had no idea before someone told me as she was getting on stage.) She cut her hair! Was the first thing I noticed. But as always she looked so cute. I didn’t know much about her, but apparently she was on One Tree Hill and is now in 2 other shows. (That girl keeps very very busy) But she was very sweet and I enjoyed watching her as well. Arielle jokingly also grabbed the mic and had a question for her asking what was Paul’s beauty routine. And she joked she had to help him with his hair because it was a whole process, then she had to give him a facial, and she also had to help him put in the fangs. We all laughed because it was pretty funny how serous she was saying all these things. I can definitely see why her and Paul are married because they are just the cutest things ever. (Apparently when Paul was doing autographs, she joined him and was like “Hi Honey, what are you doing?” to which Paul replies “Thinking of you honey.” Okay permission to melt. Isn’t that just so freaking adorable!! I mean they’ve been married for 2 years now, but they are clearly still in the honeymoon phase. I love it!) So hers kind flew by as well and before we knew it, we had 10 minutes before Ian and Paul were taking the stage.

After a lot of anxiety building up, they take over the stage. Now I was sitting at the very back, last row so that we could sit higher up or stand to see them better. (I will tell you this the next day my legs were so sore from all the kneeling up and down and sitting on my legs, but it was so worth it.) I can sum up what was discussed in the panel with one sentence: We were all picking on Ian. A lot happened in that hour. There were obviously lots of girls screaming “I love you.” They started by answering which scene was the funnest to film with the shower scene we did together that got cut. So they started the show with jokes of them being gay together. Brilliant. Throughout the whole thing some people screamed questions. Including one guy who screamed out “Where’s Nina?” And Ian explained she was filiming something else. To which someone replied with something (i have no idea what is was since they were in front and I was at the back.) to which all Ian heard was “Whore.” And he looked angry and confused. And of course Paul being the great guy he is just went “Awww Shitttt.” (like you know the high pitched voice, yeah like that) And we all “oooooohed” I mean you going to diss Ian’s girl like that. But that wasn’t the case it was just a misunderstanding. But another very memorable scene was Ian explaining how a fan in an airport sneaked a pair of underwear into his back pocket. Paul was very confused as the underwear did not consist of a phone number or name, so what was the point. To which Ian responded that he would send a smoke signal and she would come running up. He then proceeded to try to show Paul how this happened and Paul simply replied “Ian, get away from my ass.” Later in the show a girl got up to ask a question and added at the end “By the way, Ian I want my underwear back.” (Was it actually her who did it, I have no idea. But this lady is a legend for having the balls to stand up and say that.) The boys cracked up and so did the audience. It was all great fun and a memorable experience that I wish we could have recorded. (if anyone did, LET ME KNOW!) The hour finished much too soon. 

And then it was over, just like that. The convention only had an auction, and the autographs and photo op lefts. But since I hadn’t purchased the phot op or the autographs, I was done for the day. And all of a sudden it hit me, and I felt empty. Like you know when you are enjoying something so much and someone slaps you in the face and you get upset. That’s how it felt. I didn’t want the weekend to end. I didn’t want to come back to reality where I go to an office every day and work. I wanted to sit there enjoying myself watch celebrities I love talk. Have a good conversation with someone about my favorite show. I wasn’t ready for the day to be over. And so Rachel and I decide that it would be a good idea to go to the airport to go find them. But Caroline had to leave and I picked up our photo. I also needed to purchase the JPEGs of our images. So by the time we did all that, they were long gone and we imagined already through security. It’s alright we know better now for next time. 

So if you read everything on this post and the last, congratulations because you did some serious reading! I know these were long but I wanted to write every detail I remembered so that I have this as a way of looking back and remembering the amazing time I had. Also, it might make it easier for those who didn’t go to get a glimpse of what it’s like to go to one, and who knows maybe next year I’ll see you there! 🙂 

Hope you all enjoyed it and will see you soon! 🙂 

Much love,


PS- I will definitely be back next year! 



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    • Well I know i forget details like that, like what they said and stuff so i figured if i wrote it down somewhere online where i could never lose it then I could re-read it over and over again, wherever I want to.

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