Hold The Phones!

Hello Everyon!!! 🙂 

So while at TVD Con I learned about a little something called EyeCon which happens in Atlanta. But the catch is, it’s a lot more intimate, for example you get to have dinner for an hour with the celebs. Like what????? Crazy! And today I registered to be a part of a focus group that in the end will pay me $500 (no I am not selling my body, but in case you are interested I have seen sooo many ads to donate your eggs for $7,000, who knew I was so full of cash money!). So with that I decided I could go ahead and afford the Platinum Ticket which would give me so many privaleges. And take a wild guess who’s already confirmed as a guest at EyeCon. If you guessed Mr. Nathaniel Buzolic, you would 100% correct. Ian Somerhalder is also confirmed but funny enough I am more excited for Nate. 

It’ll be like TVD Con all over again but better! And I’m talking to my girls who I met to go too. It will be a grand old party! And its taking place 2 days after my 23rd birthday! So I think we all know what I’m asking for my birthday. ( If you thought Nate, that was my first thought too.) But I’ll be asking the parents for cash money! 

But yes, I needed to share with you all because I seriously feel like exploding with excitement. It really is a problem how intensely I feel things. Like I feel extreme happiness, extreme sadness, extreme excitement. Is this healthy? I guess I just like to really feel every emotion I have. Imagine if I were a vampire, it would be even worse for me.  But I am thrilled to even be considering going down to Atlanta to see my girls and celebrate EyeCon!! 🙂 It will be an awesome birthday. The events actually starts Thursday (10/31) with a movie where Nate will be at. So maybe Mystic Falls will be the place for things to happen. 😉 

I’ll keep you all posted on my adventures but so far VidCon in August with my biffle F and then Atlanta for EyeCon in November with my vampire girlies. Seriously, 2013 has been THE best year of my life. I am so thankful I am able to do all this and that my life is amazing. I truly am blessed!

Much love,



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