What Is Wrong With The World?

Hey Guys,

So today is not going to be your typical happy go-lucky post about how fantastic my weekend was (which it was) or how amazing it was to see my friend that I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years now.  No this post is going to talk about something I just experienced. 

About only an hour ago, I had one of the most surreal experiences. And not in a good way. I was sitting at my desk just doing my work, as usual. When my phone lights up from a text. Normal. I look at it and it’s a tweet from one of the youtubers I watch: “@Tyleroakley: sick to my stomach after seeing what happened today at the Boston Marathon. No words will suffice, but my thoughts are with you.” My brain: “boston. Boston. BOSTON! My family lives in Boston, what the hell happened in Boston??” I quickly search up the internet to find out what the hell happened. 2 Bombs exploded near Copley Square. (A place I know only because my family goes there so often.) “No, no no. Please tell me they’re okay.” is what my brain was yelling at me. I immediately text my mom, dad and sister. (My brother is often at home or with my mom.) Dad says he’s fine, and my sister responds saying she’s at her best friend’s house. I then call my mom since I had not gotten any response. She was also fine, thank god. Then my sister texts me letting me know an hour before it all happened, she was at Copley Square. SHE WAS AT COPLEY SQUARE. My 15 year old sister, was at the same place the bomb exploded an hour before it happened. I cannot begin to tell you all the emotions that emerged from inside of me. Thank God, she was okay and unharmed and long gone by the time it happened. I have not let my mind wander as to what if she had been there, because as an older sister that is way too much for me to handle. 

But the point of the story is, the world is becoming a much scarier place. No place is ever safe. No city, no event, no building is safe from possibly having an attack. I mean this was a marathon. And it got attacked. What’s next an ice cream store? I mean it is getting so scary to the point that, people now instead of enjoying life, live life in fear. 
I apologize for the very downer post, but I did need to let out somehow this plethora of emotions inside of me. 

Thank you for listening.

Much love and stay safe,



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