A Note to all Fangirls

Dear Fangirls,

So a few minutes ago I saw something that truly pissed me off, and I decided I needed to write about it. Because we write best when we’re pissed off right?? So this post is going to be mostly directed at Directioners, but in all honesty it applies to any fandom you’re a part of. 

So as you all know, I’m a pretty big Directioner. I’ve done the whole going around an entire city (NYC) to find them, I’ve stayed outside their hotel, I’ve gone to two concerts already and will be attending 3 more this year. I truly love those five idiots (we often call them that as a term of endearment). And most of the time, I really like our fandom too. I mean I’ve made some pretty great friends just by being in the fandom. But other times I truly HATE this fandom. Let me tell you why.

So today, here I am sitting at work, when I look on twitter. I start seeing tweets from my directioner friends saying “omg I can’t believe they did that.” “I am so disgusted with the fans right now.” “that is so not okay.” And I’m thinking what the hell just happened, that is making everyone lash out on Twitter. (If you don’t live under a rock, you’d know any news you need to find out about, you can go to Twitter for that. News travels REALLY fast on there.) So as I’m searching through I discover what everyone was talking about. 

Harry Styles was leaving his hotel in Paris, and the scene was dispicable. The video shows Harry trying to leave, and basically a sea of girls closing in around him and trying to get to him. I mean the security guards are all surrounding him and he’s ducked down to avoid being grabbed or hurt. He removes his beanie and holds his things in his hand tightly. The car door then slowly opens and he gets in rather slowly. All of this happened while girls are screaming and reaching out and trying to take pictures. It is one of the most appalling things I have ever seen. Did you all forget he’s a feaking human being? He is not a toy or a doll you can just grab and toss around. 

As a fangirl, I can understand it is exciting to see your idol. The man of you dream of. I get that.I can understand it is hard to control your emotions, especialy when you are an emotional tween. I get all that, but this is a whole new level of craziness. When i was outside the boys’ hoel in New York City, something similar happened. Niall got in a cab, and in a matter of seconds the cab was swarmed all around. I had never seen anything like it. Some girls got their foot run over by the cab and others got pushed to the ground. And the worst part about it is that poor Niall is claustrophobic. Now imagine you have a fear of small enclosed spaces, now imagine being in one. And then imagine about 100 girls surrounding that small space, banging on the windows, and yelling. Yeah, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be too happy about that. And the worst part is people got a picture of Niall frowning and pissed off, and yet fangirls who say they truly care for him still do this to the him and the other boys. In NYC I stood back in horror as I saw this, because I realized that was complete invasion of privacy and just down right rude. I’m a big fan but I would NEVER disrespect someone like that. Even if it was my ultimate dream to meet them, I just wouldn’t want to meet them in that circumstance. Can you just imagine ” Hey Niall, I love you so much! I’m totally invading your privacy and smashing my face against this window so you’ll notice me. I love you!” Yeah, of course, he’ll fall madly in love with you at first sight and you two will get married. Sorry to break it to you, but if anything this is how he’ll remember you “there was a psychotic girl pushing her face on my cab window. It was really freaky and a complete turn off. She clearly doesn’t know me or respect me.” That’s the truth. 

Now 5 months later the same thing happens, except instead of having the protection of a car Harry was being pushed in every which direction. I personally know, if I was in his spot I would’ve been so pissed off. I would then probably resent the Parisian fans and really never want to come back if this is what I had to deal with. But no he’s a complete gentleman and says nothing. Like do you girls forget he’s a human being, with emotions and needs. Everyone needs personal space and respect. As a child there is one rule everyone learns, keep your hands to yourself and respect each other. That’s basic life rules. So why does this go out the window as soon as you see a celebrity?

Now there are the people who say, well he’s a celebrity he shouldn’t complain. And you know what I say to you: you see that door behind you, open it, take a step forward and LEAVE. Yes they are a celebrity, and yes they are in the limelight, but NO ONE should have to deal with this. Even if you are the most famous person in the world. You are still a person who deserves to be respected. 

I know I keep ranting and saying the same things, but it’s just I am honestly just so angry. These “fangirls” truly ruin it for the rest of us. Because of your actions Parisian fans (and I recognize not ALL of you are like this, so I’m sorry if I’m upsetting or offending you, but maybe you should talk to those other girls and tell them to calm down), the boys will be a lot more reluctant to come to your country. And it’s only right if this is how you are going to treat them. And not only that, but now their management and security automatically assume all of us fan girls are the same and will basically harrass all the boys. THAT IS NOT TRUE! We will not treat them like the last toy in a Black Friday sale. That is ridiculous and some of us have some dignity and respect for them. 

What it basically boils down to is this: no matter how much of a fan you are, no matter the extent you will go for these boys, and no matter how right you think you are to do this: no one deserves to be engulfed in a sea of girls who if they could would basically rip them apart just to have a little piece of them. 

Parisian fans I am warning you in the words of the lovely Jenna Marbles; Pipe the eff down. Last time Liam lost a shoe, this time Harry was engulfed in a sea of girls. I swear if you don’t stop this madness, the next thing will be one of the boys will get hurt. Do you want that? Do you? Cause I can guarantee if that happens the rest of the world will truly HATE you. And no one wants to be hated. 

So I think my rant is over. But I leave you with this, PLEASE respect them. They are human beings like you and I, who need room to breathe . Just because they are you idol or the love of your life, you don’t want to literally smother them. Please just back off. I promise you if you act more civilized and more calm they will be 10x more likely to come take pictures and  autographs. But if you continue this, then we will start not even seeing them out and about anymore. They’ll be too terrified. Let’s prove to these boys that we truly do love and respect them. 

Much love,

A fellow fan girl 

PS- If you are a fangirl and you read this and thought I was wrong in what I said, and that you do have a right to harrass them and act like those girls did. Do us all a favor, and leave this fandom immediately. 


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