Concerts, concerts and oh yeah more concerts!

Hello Lovelies,

It has been a while and for that I apologize. It has been crazy busy here for the past two weeks. I’ve been so busy I’ve barely had time to even breath. (Just kidding I actually took deep long breaths to keep from going crazy!) But I have one thing in mind keeping me from going crazy and that is all the awesome concerts that await me this summer! Yay!! 🙂 Just so you have an idea this is what my summer schedule is looking like:

June 7- Good Morning America Emblem3 and Little Mix in NYC (also spending the weekend there! woo) — 23 Days
June 15- Pepsi Summer Bash (Ne-Yo, Avril Lavigne, Timeflies, Demi Lovato, Emblem3, Ariana Grande, Zedd, Cher Lloyd, Macklemore, Afrojack) — 31 Days
June 16- One Direction in Louiseville — 32 Days
July 7- WZPL Birthday Bash in Indianapolis (Emblem3, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd) — 53 Days
July 13- One Direction — 59 Days
July 20- Warped Tour (Allstar Weekend, The Summer Set) — 66 Days
July 21- Warped Tour in Minneapolis (Allstar Weekend, The Summer Set) — 67 Days 
August 04- One Direction in Chula Vista, CA (will also be in LA for VIDCON!) — 81 Days 
August 10- Big Time Rush in Minneapolis — 87 Days 

Woah that is a lot of concerts. Dear God after the summer is over I’m going to be incredibly miserable, won’t it? I’ll be suffering from PCD (post concert depression) from 9 Concerts!! Ahhhhh! But regardless I am going to have the best summer of my life. I will also be going broke but w.e it’ll be amazing!! 🙂 I’m so excited for every single concert! And I have at least one person to go with for every single concert! It’ll be unforgettable memories I’ll be sharing with some of my best friends! Sorry that is all I wanted to post a countdown for all my concerts! 🙂 

That is all for me,



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