Being Rude is NEVER an option.

Hello Hello! 

So it seems lately everytime I come write on here it usually ends up being a rant. Well I don’t like to disappoint so today is ANOTHER rant! Wooooooo! But don’t worry I’ll add some good stuff in here too.

So yesterday was the very first concert that kicked off my concert filled summer. And it was none other than The Wanted. The show itself was pretty epic. Icona Pop opened and honestly they are SO much fun! I cannot wait to get their album to just dance around to. The coolest thing about them is they are their own DJs and they sing too. And the cutest thing is most of their songs is about their friendship. I find it a rare occasion when people sing about their best friends who happen to be their bandmate. It was so cute and I loved them. Also I kind of want to be besties with them they seemed pretty awesome! 

Then after a very long 2.5 hours waiting indoors, and another 1.5 outside it was finally time for The Wanted to come on. They absolutely killed it! It was so much fun and I sang along so much that today my voice is a bit rough. But i regret nothing because I had an absolute blast. Surprisingly I actually knew all the songs they played and could sing along. They even did a pretty epic Coldplay medley which I kind of absolutely LOVED! Ah, it really was a great start to the summer! Even if I am a Directioner, The Wanted you did well my friends. After the concert we all stood outside and the boys came out the windows and said hi. They threw a lot of stuff at us, some hats, some shirts, some beer (i think) or mountain dew either one, and the lovely Jay was throwing deli meats at us. Thanks for that Jay! 

But you said this was a rant, where’s the rant part? Don’t worry darlings it’s about to come.

So for the most part I’ve kept to my Directioner buddies, and this was my first The Wanted fans encounter. (Sorry I have no idea what their called.) For the most part it was great, BUT even if you don’t mean to a lot of you look like you judge a lot. For example when I arrived and began walking towards the back of the line, I saw so many girls give me the up and down look. And worse then they whispered to their friends. I was like okay, at least dont be so obvious about it. I will say that the girls behind me in line were cool, and then the girls around me in the concert were pretty nice. So I am not by any means dissing The Wanted fans. (Trust me I have no room to speak, we have some idiot Directioners too) 

But here is where my problem lay. So there was this group of stupid pre-teens who were a few people to my left. (Can you sense the anger in my tone??) So let’s start with the beginning of the night. As we’re all waiting for the first act to start these girls all walk gently past us to hit the bar. Yes you heard correctly these annoying pre-teens were drinking. They were so proud of themselves coming through with alcohol. So that was my first problem. Then it started they came back three more times, except every time after they basically pushed everyone out of the way. And when I say pushing I mean, at one point I fell back into the girls behind me because they shoved me back. So when the last friend came through I turn to her while she’s pushing me and I’m like “Seriously?” Shes like “Yeah Seriously!” Very aggressively. After this lovely encounter they come back and push a girl in front of me very hard, so she pushes back. Needless to say the drunk stupid teens kept walking but seemed like they were ready to fight. Also conviniently the tallest girl in the group stood in front of my friend who was pretty short. So I switched with her. But my problem with them was that they were being obnoxiously rude and just overall complete idiots that were annoying everyone withing a five food radius of any of them. I was fuming at this point. And I then remembered why it was that took me SO long to drink in college. It was because I just could not stand the stupidity of young people when they drink. Peoples IQs go down, and their rudeness goes up by like 100%. And that pisses me off so much. Like if you want to go get drunk and act stupid that is your own decision, but do NOT act rudely towards teh people around you because you think you are entitled to it. No. Every time I heard any girl complain, all I kept saying was “I got your back.” I was so ready to fight these girls, like so badly. But a small voice in my head constantly reminded me that it wasn’t worth it. And that if you fought them you’d be acting as stupid and rude as they are. So instead I was really close to just calling security to get them out of the concert because they were ruining it for everyone else around them. But just as I was contemplating whether or not to call the securtiy the boys came on stage so I didn’t want to ruin it for the girls who were here to enjoy the concert. (Not the drunk ones.) I don’t understand the concept of drinking at a concert where you’re going to jump around and dance. LIke I’d feel SO sick if that was the case. (Oh yeah also a few of them had taken adderrall, that is just like a mix waiting for a disaster.) 

Anyways the moral of the story is if you are underage and you somehow get alcohol, please please don’t be rude and stupid. Even if you’re thinking you’re so cool, us older ones who can actually drink can completely tell you are underage and being stupid. Also just don’t drink at a concert, what’s the point? Don’t you want to remember the concert? 

Oh yeah and when we were outside and two of the boys came out, the drunk girls began banging on their fan window. I don’t get that either. 

Anyways I think I’m done. 

Hope you all are having a lovely week and I will write again soon! 🙂 

Much love, 



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