It’s Going to be A Good Day!

Guys guys guys,

Guess what?? I’m actually happy today!! (Wow way to sound like you’re depressed every day. )  🙂  But why are you so happy you might be asking. Well, aside from the fact that I may not have a job in a few weeks and some concerns in the love life department, I just feel good today. 
Let’s recap! I woke up at 7 (I’m pretty sure my body is used to only sleeping 7 hours now, because every day I wake up after I’ve been asleep for 7 hours.) and I realized I still had a whole other hour of sleep. And I swear that is the best feeling in the world when you see that you still have plenty of sleep left. 
Then I realized that all my stupid worries in the love life department are almost a bit ridiculous. I trust my gut feeling more than anything, and I really haven’t had any bad feelings regarding it. And honestly 9.5/10 times my gut is right. 
Plus having had actually 8 hours of sleep I feel awake and like I have all this energy. Kind of. I’m not about to start running or anything but I do feel 100x better than yesterday! 
Also a sunny weather always helps you feel positive about life. And you know what sometimes you just need a good cry to cleanse your system. I always feel so great after just letting it all out and crying. I know it sounds weird but promise me, you always feel better, you feel lighter. 
AND we can’t forget tomorrow night I am flying out to NYC!!! 🙂 Who isn’t excited when they go to NYC! And then Friday morning I will be seeing Emblem3 and Little Mix live on Central Park! Like omg! I am so excited! THEN E3 is doing a special acoustic performance if you have a Chloe pin, WHICH I DO! Ah it’s going to be so amazing!! I am so freaking excited! It’ll be just like their music video!! 
But yeah just wanted to share with you guys that I am having a good day, regardless of any other stress that is happening in my life. 

🙂 Much love,



ps- it also really helps when you open your bank account and find out you actually have a higher amount than you thought.

ps2- I’ve been buying  A LOT of really cute Betsey Johnson jewlery on Ebay!


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