A New Mentality

Hey Guys,

So I figured I’d let you all know what’s going on in my life right now. Let’s start with yesterday.

So yesterday I finally got the answer to a question I’ve been curious about for almost a month now. I did not get my contract renewed, which means at the end of June I am jobless again. And now the whole job search begins all over again. And the worst part about it is, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been told if I didn’t ask. And better yet, I’m training a new intern to do my job. It’s really really great.

And because nothing bad ever happens alone, on the way home my phone fell and broke. At that point I literally held back tears on the rest of the walk home. I was so emotionally destroyed by the end of the day that it was the last straw. 

And a reason I was so upset was because as much as I didn’t want to admit to this, my parents had been right all along. I was counting on my contract being renewed and they were the ones telling me, well you need to be finding something else. And you NEVER want to accept they are right, about anything! And you especially you don’t want them to be right about your life. But no worries I am not completely defeated yet. There is still something I know for a fact I’m right about. My parents have been really hard on me about saving my money and not enjoying things like concerts. And from a parents point of view that is simply so you can have money to fall back on in case things don’t work out. But as of late I have had an entirely new mentality.

You see as a child I thought it was cool to dress up in business attire and go to work every day in an office. I thought that that was what was going to make me happy. Like my parents, I thought having a secure job and income is what made someone happy. But you see after college I began realizing that’s not exactly the case. The world is SO big and there are so many things to do out there, that you honestly can do anything. But I was still terrified to stray too far from the norm. I knew there was a big world of opportunities but I thought that wasn’t for me. Especially after applying for so many jobs as a talent agent in LA, and nothing working out I thought I was destined for the 9-5 job. But as I began watching my Youtubers I began to have a bit more of encouragement. And as you all know, I then started my own Youtube Channel. I took a chance and loved it. Thinking people did this for a living made me realize that maybe I really could do anything I wanted to. But it wasn’t until one fateful day that my mentality completely changed. 

There I was on my normal walk home, exhausted as always listening to my IPod and a bit distracted. But for the most part when crossing the street I am always alert. My life is too precious not to be. So on this fateful day I was crossing the street, and all of a sudden I look up and there he was, a car coming at about 40 mph. He was turning in my direction. The driver was looking down texting, and didn’t look up or slow down for the turn. If I had not noticed and jumped back, he would’ve caught me. I would’ve been in a hospital bed with several broken bones, or worse possibly dead. It was a wake up call to say the least. I was in such a state of shock I froze in the middle of the street. And funny enough so did he. I looked over at him and he was looking back at me through his rearview mirror. It made me realize I can’t wait around for life to happen, and that life is way too short not to take advantage of it.  Since then I have been extremely keen on finding what I love to do in life. And it was at that point I started buying all these concert tickets because I realized that I need to enjoy my life and have as much fun as possible.

So if you’re ever wondering why I do go to so many concerts so soon, now you know. Life is too short and too special not to be enjoyed. 

SO even if I am probably going to be jobless in less than a month, I’m doing my best to remain positive! Everything happens for a reason right?




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