Rain Rain Wash it All Away

A few weeks ago, in a span of 8 days I had two entirely different experiences with rain. 

One was miserable, the other wondrous. 

The first one was in NYC. The day I lined up to see and meet Emblem 3. It rained the entire day. But not just rained, it was also quite cold. So from 3am to 7pm I was outside in the cold and wet from the rain that wouldn’t stop. I tried to not let it ruin the day and keep a positive attitude and it worked for the most part. But I was so miserable when I was outside in the cold. There really is nothing worse than being wet and cold. 

The second experience however was something I’d never felt before. For the most part I do enjoy listening to the rain and if the mood is right playing in it. This time I had been outside since 2pm in a scorching sun light and jumping like a maniac for every band that took the stage. I had been sweating all day and looked like a mess to say the least. During the second to last act (out of 10) it began raining. Not just raining it was pouring. The craziest part about it was that everyone in the stadium embraced the rain. It could not have been more perfectly timed. It happened during a DJ, which you don’t pay much attention to anyways. Everybody began dancing and jumping and just really enjoying the rain and the relief of being so hot. It was a huge party to say the least. But for me it was even more than just a party. I’ve always heard people talk about how sometimes a rain feels like it can just wash away feelings. I’ve never fully believed it because it had never happen to me. But on this Saturday evening as soon as that first drop of rain hit my shoulder, I instantly felt a tingling sensation. As it began pouring, I put my head back and embraced the rain with open arms. As it kept raining and I kept dancing, it was almost like I had an epiphany. No matter what was going on in my life, life was meant to be celebrated. My worries about not having a job and how am I going to pay the bills, were just washed away. All that mattered was that in that moment, I was living my life the way I wanted to live it. In that moment I was sharing with my best friend I was blissfully happy. There was nothing or no one that could bring me down. And i knew in that moment I was strong. That rain washed new hope into my life. It gave me the strength I had been needing to fight and it gave me a release from all my insecurities and my worries. At that exact moment, I don’t think I had ever been so happy, genuinely happy. (Except the next day but that is a story for another time. Let’s focus on this magic rainfall.) I remember looking at my bff Beth who was there with me, and the two of us just smiled. I know she felt it too. That feeling of just pure joy. I don’t think I could have shared it with anyone better, because we have been through so much. And I will definitely say our friendship has been replenished for years to come. We have memories no one can ever take away from us. That rain revitalized not only me, not only my bestie, but our friendship.  

The experience I had was undoubtedly one that changed my life. Ever since it’s happened I’ve been genuinely happy. Do I still have insecurities? Who doesn’t? But at least I know, I got a bit more of faith in myself and that life really can be lived to the fullest.

So my piece to you is, take a moment and evaluate your life. Is it what you want to be doing? Not for anyone else but for yourself? If it’s not CHANGE IT. It is your life and you are meant to live it how you want to. And no one has the authority to tell you how to live it. I know that even though professionally I am not doing what I want to be doing, at least I’m making my way into what I want to do. And in the mean time I am enjoying my very expensive hobby of going to concerts. 

Much love and remember to always stay positive.


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