Because Tonight I’m a Superhero, watch me fly…


So today I wanted to write about what happened yesterday since it’s fresh in my mind. So yesterday I had tickets to go see 5 Seconds of Summer’s acoustic set. I learned about 5SOS because they are 1D’s opening band. And i tried to avoid them as long as possible because they are so young, but when they’re standing in front of you on the stage it’s kind of really hard to do so. But nonetheless as soon as I heard their music, I was hooked. And now I quite possibly love them as much as One Direction. And if you know me that’s a big deal. So the ticket sale in itself was absolutely insane. They were sold out in less than 5 minutes. That’s how quick they all went, and I was lucky enough to get one. They cost $13 which was amazing, while the people that didn’t get it ended up paying $200 for their tickets on StubHub. So I get to the venue and get in line. It was actually a pretty short line considering the fact that I got there an hour and a half before they opened the doors. I made friends with the four girls in front of me, 2 were also there alone. Tiffany, my friend, unfortunately was in the group of people who wasn’t able to get a ticket. But in the end it worked out for the best, you’ll see why. So it was boiling hot outside and after 2 hours of standing outside they let us in. We get inside and wait another half hour before the show starts. Then they come on stage and I go crazy. I had made a poster earlier in the day and it was a pretty awesome poster if I may say so myself. (I’ll make a post with pictures later!)

Then they play a few songs the ones I do remember are: Out of My Limit, Beside You, Voodoo Girl (or Doll), Heartbreak Girl, Try Hard, Over and Over, Year 3000, and Teenage Dream. They were asked to do Unpredictable but this was Ashton’s response: “We tried to do it acoustically one time and it went horribly wrong, I swear everyone’s ears was bleeding.” He’s not one for the dramatics I swear… But as soon as the boys came out we all sang Luke Happy Birthday (because it’s today!) and he was like “that was so cute. Thank you. Ashton commented on how hot it was and then he said can i get a “F*** Yeah!” And of course we all replied really loudly. It was a little hard to see Ash because of the sound speakers but I know for sure Luke looked in my direction and that Calum read my sign because he did that cute little thing of sticking his tongue out as he was reading. During Heartbreak Girl some fan had brought several hearts saying Happy Birthday Luke on them and he was like “this is too cute. You guys are so cute.” Cute is probably his favorite word, becuase he used it a lot yesterday. And then he said now he wants hearts at every show. Aww he’s such a cutie. Also during Try Hard when Calum sang the line “I play guitar but she’s into drummers.” A lot of us cheered really loud, Ash got up and did some sort of like celebratory spin and somethig while Calum pouted and stopped singing. It was too cute for words. We were all sweating so much from singing and dancing. Obviously it would be my luck that my camera would fail to get ANY good pictures 😦 so I just filmed some of it. I guess that was good for Tiff to be able to see some of the performance. It really was so much fun though. Halfway through the set they were like “Question time! Luke how does it feel to be turning 17?” ANd he was like ‘I don’t know. Good I guess.” Then after some back and forth with that Luke turns to Michael and says “How did it feel to be 17?” And Michael sassily said “you’ll find out tomorrow.” It was so funny. Then during one of the songs they were doing really really deep voices and it was so funny. THen I think Michael said something like “we just went from boys to men.” Or maybe it was like “5 seconds of men.” I know he said something with men but im not sure what it was. Ash sang a couple times just him and we went crazy for him. ALso at one point Ash said it was so hot and of course we responded with “Take it off!” We all began chanting “Take it off! Take it off!” And he of course innocently said “Take off what? Wait what? Take off what?” But we just kept chanting. So he took off his shoe and put it in the air and said “There I took it off!” I laughed so hard! Then sweet innocent Luke said “well that escalated quickly.” It was great. For now those are allt he details I can remember.

Then it came time for the Meet & Greet. My new found friends and I really wanted to be towards the back so we wouldn’t be rushed out. So a lot of us kept playing the game of getting out of line and going to the back. But in the end we ended up being towards the back, even though we werent the very last ones. When the nerving time came to meet them, I had to give my poster to the guy to give it to the boys. And then it was my turn. I was a nervous wreck but I kept it very cool the entire time. When I walk up to the boys, I think (and I feeel really bad if it did happen this way) but I think Michael tried to  say hi, I’m not 100% sure . But I was facing Ash’s back, which by the way ughh to die for, and i put my hand on his shoulder and I’m like “But I want to stand next to you.” Because usually everyone was standing in between Lulke and Michael (standing wise it was Calum, Luke, Michael, and Ashton). And he turned around put both hands on my shoulders and I did the same and he looked deep in my eyes. “What?” he said. I took a second to just take in his beautiful face. “I want to stand next to you.” At this point inside my head I”m already like “OMG! I’m one of the girls getting a few extra seconds with the boys. And even though it’s just Ashton it’s still amazingly perfect.” And he responded with a “What?” I kid you not this back and forth actually happened. “I want to stand next to you.” I say with a smile. And then he smiles and is like “Oh okay!” And I sort of giggle. I then remember I’m supposed to give Luke a hug for Tiffany and so I awkwardly go around Michael but just putting my foot out to get closer to Luke. It probably looked so strange, I just didn’t want to miss my spot next to Ash. Luke is in the middle of conversation with Calum and I just throw my arms around him and bury my head in his chest and I was like “Happy Birthday!’ And he was like “Oh what? Thank you.” I caught him really off guard and it was so funny. I probably looked like an idiot. And then we all pose and take the picture. Right after the picture Ashton gets my attention by taking a step forward and saying “It was really lovely to meet you.”  I am then a bit disoriented at what just happened, I almost hugged their security guard which I laughed to myself about. TIffany missed the whole thing because she was looking at her phone. But then I left the line and went to sit next to her. While we sat there watching the boys the interactions between Luke and Calum (aka Cake) was to die for. They kept hugging each other and showing so much love towards one another. I cant even.. I then remember I forgot to give Ashton my cheeky little note. So as he’s taking pictures I am standing next to Tiff just watching the boys. At one point Luke looked in our direction, and I smile and wave. He sort of smiled back. So then In between some pictures, I look at Ashton and he looks at me and I show him the piece of paper. He looks at it and I signal that its for him and he nods understanding. That exchange of looks was also magical. Then the very last girl’s picture took forever to take because the lighting wasn’t working. So she stood there with them for forever. And all the boys were just getting so frustrated. Right after the first take of the picture he actually took a step in my direction to come get the note, which i was so happy but then he had to stay there to take the picture. And the girl at one point put her fingers on his face and pointed to the dimples, like she wanted them in the picture. And Ash smiled and she was like “that’s better.” And I was like “not uh, don’t you touch him like that and tell him what to do.” I obviously said this in my head. But he ended up sticking his tongue out so I was happy. The security then tried to kick us out. But Tiff was like we’re just at the restaurant. And he’s like “okay.” So we sat at the restaurant while all the other fangirls were outside waiting for them to come out. Ashton was the first to come out. Tiffany quickly goes up to him and is like “Ashton, can I have a hug?” And security was like “Keep it moving, Stay back.” But he ignored them and was like “Sure.” So he gives her a hug and I take the picture of that to which he is smiling. And then she’s like ‘Can I have a picture?” And he was like “Of course.” So I take the picture. I then walk up to him and I’m like ‘I didn’t get a chance to give you this.” And he’s like oh okay and looks me dead in the eye and smiled. He then turned to me and was like getting in place to take a picture with me too, but I just turned and said “Oh no I already got my picture at the meet and greet.” (Part of me is now kicking my own butt because I could’ve taken a pic with just Ash and have that.) But I could tell they were fed up with pictures so I wasn’t going to be greedy and get ANOTHER picture. And he surprised me with his reaction because he looked relieved and just smiled. And then the other girls there with us (There were maybe 8 of us at the bar.) took pictures with him. Then Luke comes out, who’s Tiff’s favorite and so I push her forward to take a picture with him and the other girls were taking pictures. Tiffany then asks him for a picture which I took and it was amazing! She also told him a happy early birthday. I then turn to him and say “Thank you for the show it truly was amazing.” He looked at me and was like “Thank you so much.” He looked SO exhausted. And then Tiff was like “You look so tired.” And he was like “I am.” And I was like “Well it was really hot inside so I’m sure that didn’t help,” And he was like “Well actually it wasn’t that bad. It was just meeting SO many people…” and then we got interrupted by someone so he went to take that picture and then he was walking out. Then right before Ashton leaves I turn to him and I’m like “Ash, can I get a proper hug?” He’s like “Sure.” So i put my arms tightly around him and say “thank you for an amazing show.” But he was really not in a good mood. The last people to get a picture (before they went in to get their stuff and come back out) was this Mom with her daughter who was our age, and they had a service dog. Someone from the boys team was jokingly kneeing Michael in the stomach and Michael was bending over pretending to be getting hit and so the dog got protective and jumped up. He must’ve hit Michael’s face cuz he had his hand on his eye and forehead. It was all so fast and the mood drastically changed in the room. So that mom was apologizing to Ash as I was hugging him. But his face was not happy. Which I felt really bad for him. Then Calum passes by but he wasn’t stopping for pictures, so I just said “Bye Calum” And just did a cute wave, and he gave me the biggest smile and wave. It was so adorable. That kid is so cute. Then I almost missed Michael but I looked around he was at a table talking to these girls and so right as he’s going towards the door I say “Bye Michael!” I thought he hadn’t heard me but then he turns around and looks straight at me and waves and smiiles. It was like literally the best thing ever. It was so perfect and amazing and fantastical. In hindsight I should’ve gotten another pic with Luke and Ash but I just didn’t want to bother them, they were SO tired and just not in the mood you know. So life has a really funny way of working out, because had Tiffany had a ticket, she would not have been at the bar, and we would’ve not been there when they left and we wouldn’t have been able to talk to them and get other pics with them. It literally was the most perfect thing ever.  Once we got outside, I got to see Ashton’s beautiful face once again as he appeared from the bus’s window. He told everyone to be quiet which it worked after a few tries. He then said “Hey guys, I’m so sorry we can’t meet all of you. But we love you all.” It was precious. Then fan girls went ahead and ruined it all with screaming at him to sign things and take selfies with their phones. I swear technology has ruined the whole being fangirls. There was so much yelling and I was pushed up against the bus because I was trying to leave. Not a fun experience. But I did enjoy seeing his face up close one last time before they left. 🙂 He then tweeted “I need a cuddle.” Wish I could be the one cuddling him. 😦

But in case that wasn’t enough life had to tease us a little more. So we decide to head to their hotel because I said “They haven’t had dinner, that’s probably what they’re doing right now.” So we hop on the train and head over to their hotel. We debated going back to my house to get my car, but we figured it was easier to just take the train and go on foot. So after getting lost for a little bit we decide to stop at McDonalds. I had been really nervous and anxious so the entire day all I had eaten was half a muffin and a miso soup and on top of that I was running on 2.5 hours of sleep. I was not very functional and I was very weak. So we go inside McDonalds and I picked a seat on a booth next to the window. From the window I could see Walgreens and behind me was Rainforest Cafe. We sat and ate until about 11 and at this point I was absolutely exhausted, So we decide I’m going to head home but we’re like let’s stop by their hotel just one last time. Right outside the McDonalds we were at, there were statues and I turn to Tiffany and I was like “I bet you they would totally stop and take pictures with them.” And so we decide to walk past their hotel and we get lost again and end up accidently walking past the hotel again. Right when we do Calum tweeted a picture of him and the gorilla that is right outside of Rainforest Cafe. Now you remember I said not even 20 minutes ago I was sitting NEXT to Rainforest Cafe. So you can only imagine how badly we freaked out knowing they probably walked past us when we were sitting at McDonalds. What are the odds? And how big of a tease is life for us not to have seen them. But later, a lot later, we figured out that he in fact had been going home. We thought they took that going out but it was on the way home. So we missed them by that much, which means that my intuitions are 100% right and they have been every time so far. I was the one who suggested going into the parking lot to go see if they were in the fun zone when they were in the driving range right next to it and we got to see them from afar. It still has not hit me yet that Ashton Irwin, that beautiful Australian boy touched me, and hugged me and talked to me and looked me deep in the eyes.

I cant even begin to describe all the feelings going through me right now. Because I am feeling like I’m going to explode. It was the best day of my life. This weekend has been incredibly fun and amazing. I’ve loved every second of it! 🙂

Fangirling over. 🙂




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