The Controversial Reporter

Okay so I just watched a video and I want to say my feelings are strongly towards disbelief and anger towards one person in particular. I was watching a video of 4 reporter debating what the reporter interviewing Bode Miller did. One particular reporter said “I think she did exactly what she was supposed to do. That’s what everyone wanted to see and that’s what everyone wanted to know. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what she did. And I really don’t understand the criticism.” (I may have paraphrased it a bit.) If you have no idea what this is referencing to, let me share.

On Sunday Bode Miller won Bronze in the Super-G competition. The reporter interviewed him after the race and after the results. But instead of asking about the race and about the medal, she instead asked about his brother. Bode’s little brother, who was trying to get to the Olympics, passed away just last year. Now she kept pushing with questions until he broke down crying.

Now, I may be a bit biased being that I also lost a younger brother this last year. And I understand as a reporter you are trying to get good stories. But just like anything else, there are limits. And she most definitely crossed one. Regardless of whether Bode went on to say that she was doing her job and there were no hard feelings involved, I don’t care. Reporters are there to get us stories and to be the people asking the questions we want to know. I get that. But still some things should be respected.

Right before his race I saw him look up at the sky and it looked like he was talking to the sky. Everyone who was watching saw this. And I’m pretty sure everyone knew exactly who he was talking to. So was the question necessary? No.
Personally when anyone asks about my brother, I feel rather uncomfortable mostly because of the way people are going to react to the news. Now if I had just competed my last race in the Olympics after losing the other 2 and won a medal, I would already be emotional. I’m not sure if you realize but the Olympics take a toll on everyone. Now you add on the fact of grief and wishing you could hug your brother after that win and knowing you can’t, makes it even harder. And then on top of that, you get a reporter (friend or not) asking you to talk about your brother on national television to the point where you break down entirely. That is just not okay. She had already asked 2 questions to which he had teared up, the 3rd was not necessary.

I guess the bottom line I’m trying to say is, the loss of someone is a touchy subject for all parties involved. I don’t care if you’re trying to get the best story possible, some topics can get too sensitive and should not be asked.
Funny thing is, the video I watched said the producer is in your ear telling you what to do, and telling you to keep going. And they were like what would you do? In my head I responded, take out the ear piece and ignore the person telling me to make someone break down on national television. Because you may be a reporter as a job, but you are a human being first and foremost so act like one.

Sorry for my ramble, that is all for me.

On other news, Bode Miller CONGRATULATIONS! Dealing with loss is hard and you just proved that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Congrats on the Bronze buddy!

Much love,



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