I’m Yelling Tinder

Hello Hello,

So for quite some time I’ve heard about the app called Tinder. I never really knew what it was about or what happened there. So three days ago, a very slow day at work, I decided why not download it. I thought about it for a bit because these things are not really my cup of tea. But i figured I had nothing to lose. So I got the app.

If you don’t know what Tinder is, let me explain. It automatically connects to your Facebook as soon as you click to sign it (don’t worry they ask your permission first). So from that it gathers your information like your first name (it does not give out your last name, a great thing if you ask me), age and a few pictures. The point of Tinder is to find people close to you. Even though I’m not 100% sure how it does it, I think it gets the location of your phone, because sometimes the distances change if I go to different places. Your home page shows you a picture of a guy and then you either like it or not. Simple as that. If you both like each other then its considered a match. If either of you doesn’t like the other then you are not put in touch. It seems simple right? And I immediately thought: “Man if only real life was actually like this.” But the funny thing is as soon as I began, I felt really bad rejecting people. Because you are basically judging someone by their looks and then the little information that is provided on their profile. Their profile shows you a few pictures, an about you of about 1000 characters I believe, your shared interests (based on what you have selected on FB), and if you have any FB friends in common. So there I was on my phone rejecting guy after guy. They simply didn’t appeal to me. Go ahead judge me for judging a book by its cover. I’m all about knowing a person on the inside, that is why I have friends of all different walks of life. But the bottom line is in order to start something you must be physically attracted to the other person. And that’s the whole point of this app, find people you want to connect with (for more than friends, I think). Because you can select what gender to find and age and how far away.

Now when I told my coworker about this, she said something I really listened to “take everything with a grain of salt”. And I did. So here I was, on an app that I wasn’t really all too comfortable with. And no I did not expect to find prince charming or love on it. Haha, not at all.  I was just a lonely girl, looking to talk to some cute boys. Nothing wrong with that. (Guys sometimes think they’re the only ones who can have innocent fun. And that we’re slutty if we do. I’m here to tell you that it is not slutty and that we are entitled to the same thing.)

And then a few cute guys began popping on my screen. But I did somewhat stick to my thumb rule of them being good people (as far as I could tell). Any hot or cute guy that seemed like a genuine jerk was a definite n-o (No matter how gorgeous they were). So as I began liking pictures, I began getting matches. And then came something I didn’t expect, a certain self-confidence. It has been a very long time since I have been approached by guys and been told I’m pretty or what not. Now, don’t get me wrong I like myself a lot and do think I am beautiful. But its very different when guys approach you and tell you so. And then it started that every single guy I like, had liked me too. I mean every single one. And then even though I was gaining a confidence boost, my skepticism also arose. And all I could think was “man if this reflected real life, I would never be single.” And so until now my record remains that every guy I’ve liked has liked me. (like I’m not exaggerating. Its been about 30 guys.) But I am not here to boast or talk about how I’m being liked. (That was just something I had to share because it does not seem real or accurate.)

From those likes, there have actually emerged some pretty nice guys. And of course some dirty boys who I ignore or block, but lets focus on the good. I do not plan on meeting any of them alone soon because I am very aware that bad things happen in the world. (I watch too much Law & Order) So if I was to ever meet any of these guys in person it would be with friends, and in public places. But it just made me think that, as crazy and as weird of an app that it is, it’s a great tool to meet people. You just have to be careful, don’t give out too much information about yourself. ( I swear I don’t watch that much Catfish….) But there’s nothing wrong with making new friends.

The hopeless romantic in me, is always hopeful as you never know what could happen. (I mean isn’t this relatively similar to all those dating sites?? Finding someone attractive and wanting to connect.) To my skeptical friends reading, don’t worry I am fully aware that the chances of that happening are extremely rare.

Another point I’d like to make is to the girls. I wanted to prove something to myself and to the other girls out there. All the pictures I picked are for a reason. I wanted them to reflect me in the best way possible. Do I drink? Yes I do. Do I go out dancing in skirts and tight dresses? Yes I do. Am I a modest girl who even when I do go out don’t reveal too much? Yes I am. Will boys not like me because I don’t dress slutty and tend to dress more conservatively? No, they will still like me. (Proven by the fact that every guy has liked my profile even with the pictures below as the only pictures of me. I have no pictures with alcohol or with anything tight or revealing.) So girls, be you. Don’t dress with more skin showing or tight dresses because you think that’s what boys want. The truth is, boys may like to look at the less or tight clothes, but they respect a girl who respects herself. So take this as a lesson or proof, if you’ve been needing it.

Displaying Screenshot_2014-03-04-16-17-33.png

So was this all a social experiment? I could classify it as that. But let’s be honest, this began from boredom and loneliness. And it evolved into more as it went along. It’s been an interesting journey on these apps. So many guys own dogs (which is definitely a weakness for me). But so far I’ve had pretty cool conversations with the guys.

I will keep you posted if anything does happen to work out. 😉 But for now, let’s all just have fun.

Much love.


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