Why is Job Searching Stressful?

Okay so let’s tackle a topic that unfortunately has been a reality for me way too many times in the short two years since graduation.

Why is job searching so darn stressful?

Well let’s review a few things.

1) I graduated from a top 30 college. (Worldwide). Even I forget how good it was.
2) I have only graduated 2 years ago. I should’ve graduated with a job and should probably still be at that job.

But unfortunately/ fortunately my life has not been like everyone else. The positive is that with all the different things I’ve done, I’ve met different people, gained different experiences and have been able to move around. (Also, as you may know I’m a strong believer in things happen the way they’re meant to.) Now the negative, It is really damn stressful, tiring and discouraging. While all your friends are happily in a secure job with a steady pay and living on their own, you’re sitting here working a temporary job living at home and definitely not making enough as you should.

So here’s a few reasons I believe it’s so stressful to go on a job search.

1) You’re having to do a lot of research over and over again.

2) When you get no response or get rejected, you always feel you’re not good enough. It’s an draining emotional experience, because you put your all into it. You want to feel validated and that’s not always the case when nothing is sticking.

3) If you’re like me and have no idea what you want to do its good and bad. The good is you have a large pool to fish from. The bad thing is, you have a large pool to fish from. It’s hard to focus on one thing when you’re not sure what you want. And nothing sounds entirely exciting or exactly what you want.

I guess in conclusion, it’s an incredibly draining process and hopefully it works out in your favor and you find something you’d love to be doing. So if you’re like me, reentering the job search process, lift your head up and be excited for the opportunities that might come with it. Don’t forget, you’re amazing and you will find something unique and incredible that other people will be jealous of. It might not be the first job, but you’re willingness to continue searching and not settling will be sure to take you to incredible places.

And here’s a little something my dad just said to me this weekend: “Stop watching other people’s lives, and start living your own life.”

Remember, you’re not the only one going through it!

Much love!


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